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Apr 17, 2024
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Creating your clean air zone wherever you go.


The product

How is Hale different?

How does Hale work?

Hale is designed for targeted purification and engineered for optimal performance given its size and filter. With a CADR of 8.7 m³/h, it’s capable of purifying your personal spaces effectively and efficiently.

Hale isn’t built to rival stationary air purifiers but rather to complement them, similar to how portable speakers provide flexibility compared to a home audio system. Just as you enjoy your favorite music anywhere, Hale ensures you have clean air wherever you go.

When do you use Hale?

The partnership

Partnered with CabinAir – a Swedish industry-leading air purification company. 

We’ve partnered with CabinAir, an industry leader in air purification solutions and advanced air quality sensors for automotive, with clients like Volvo Cars, Polestar and other premium European and U.S. car manufacturers. CabinAir was established in 2016 as a subsidiary of Blueair, one of the world’s leading producers of air purification solutions for home and professional use. Based in Stockholm, they have grown into an international and rapidly expanding team, boasting a factory and R&D facilities in Shenzhen, along with sales offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles.

We are proud that CabinAir decided to be our trusted collaborator in developing Hale. Their expertise perfectly aligns with our commitment to delivering exceptional air purification products. Our years of experience have underscored the importance of partnering with the best, and CabinAir’s vision resonates closely with ours, making this partnership especially exciting.

The importance of clean air

Considering the significant amount of time the average person spends indoors, whether in front of a screen for work, engaging in leisure activities like gaming and social networking, or while sleeping, maintaining high-quality air in our immediate surroundings is a valuable aspect of creating a more comfortable and supportive indoor environment.

The problem

Why are we launching Hale?


Shipping and taxes

Taxes, customs and fees

Our logistics partners will work hard to minimize additional fees upon arrival in the delivery country, though this cannot be guaranteed. You will be responsible for the payment of any additional charges incurred after the initial dispatch, subject to your country’s local import customs fees, taxes, or policies.

Given the unpredictable nature and varying policies of each country and delivery region, we cannot cover these fees in advance or include them in our shipping fees. We encourage all backers to review their local policies regarding imports from other countries. Please note that changes or reductions in the product’s declared value, type, or country of manufacture cannot be made.

Shipping to remote locations

If your shipping address is considered a ‘remote location,’ additional delivery charges may be incurred upon dispatch, according to our shipping providers’ policies.

Why crowdfunding?

The decision to launch Hale through a crowdfunding campaign is based on previous learnings. It allows us to engage support from our existing community and genuine users, a crucial step when it comes to demand planning and the valuable opportunity to gather pre-launch feedback in bringing Hale to life. It also helps us identify key markets for obtaining necessary certifications, ensuring Hale meets global standards and is ready for international success. This strategy underscores our commitment to both community engagement and market preparation.

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