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Grand Feu Enamel | Transparent Sapphire Crystal Case | Tourbillon Movement | Calfskin Leather Strap


Modern watchmaking has flipped things around: enamel-dialed watches today are rare and expensive rather than the norm. That’s because they are complicated to make. It takes time and patience.

Most companies don’t bother, but we do: because we believe that making premium watches accessible to a larger audience is important.

Imagine a watch built with meticulous craftsmanship and refined elegance. Think of a timepiece offering a timeless design, all at a surprisingly attainable price.

Unlike others, MANILONE watches use true enamel that simply gives off a radiant sheen and creamy texture. Hand-made by our artisans using a technique carefully honed over the years, eath MANILONE represents a masterpiece with high-end uniqueness one has to experience in person to appreciate, highlighted with demanding and meticulous endeavor.

What is Grand Feu Enamel

Grand Feu Enamel, meaning “Great Fire” is a type of dial finishing where powdered silica and other compounds are heated on a metal base at very high temperatures in successive layers, requiring multiple reheats that ultimately create a deep, glassy surface.

It’s a difficult process with a high failure rate and each return to the kiln jeopardizes the previous layers. Layers are used for a desired thickness and also for multiple colors.

Why We Make Grand Feu Enamel Dial Watches

The market bears this cost for a simple reason: enamel dials are uniquely gorgeous. Nothing else renders color like enamel does, it’s essentially stained glass. The problem is that the enamel dial is fairly difficult to manufacture. Even things like weather changes can result in fractured, bubbled, or blemished dials that need to be scrapped and redone, causing a rejection rate that’s often over half.

After all, the dial makes up so much of a watch’s personality that it’s worth going to extremes to produce something so eye-catching. That’s especially true in the world of ultra-high-end watches, where so much of the appeal lies in doing it just because we MANILONE can.

How Do We Make a Grand Feu Enamel Dial Watch

Let’s look a little closer at how that fusion process works.

First, the artisan dusts the enamel powder onto the copper disk and then briefly fires it in an 800° C (1,472° F) oven, removes it, and allows it to cool, through successive layer firing and multiple reheats, setting the enamel. A beautiful burst of flame erupts from the powder burning off, giving rise to the name grand feu, or big fire.

After the firing, the skilled operator flattens the dial with a small hand tool and examines it for flaws. Flawed dials are rejected. Those who make it will be coated with another layer of enamel powder, and fired again. Then, draw the layers to achieve the desired thickness and multiple colors.

Each time, the spectacle of the grand feu occurs in the oven. The process is repeated until the required thickness is achieved. Up to 6 or sometimes 8 firings may be needed, generally with 3 being the minimum. The thicker the enamel dial (the more layers), the greater the depth of color and luster on the surface. After the continuous cooling and firing, the intricate and beautiful dial has been finished.

Sapphire crystal is a hallmark of luxury timepieces, renowned for their intricate manufacturing process and correspondingly expensive. Consequently, watches with entire cases made of sapphire are rare and highly coveted in the industry.

Yet, we want our fanatical attention to detail seen in our high-polish surfaces: MANILONE utilizes the same sapphire glass material used in top luxury products, bringing the watch a beautiful see-through look.

The essence of a watch lies in its movement. At the core of MANILONE lies the Calibre MT1 Tourbillon Movement Black (based on Hangzhou Model 36K0 Tourbillon Movement Manual), showcasing precision engineering and meticulous craftsmanship.

Fully Skeleton adds radiance and understated beauty to the Sapphire crystals case, catering to the operation of the exquisite tourbillon movement to show a mesmerizing posture.

MANILONE classic straps adopt premium calfskin leather, featuring a flat profile and a thickness of 2mm. The buckled side measures 22mm and is highlighted with a stainless-steel pin buckle.

MANILONE presents three unique dial colors with captivating designs. Drawing inspiration from a vibrant color palette, we would like to offer a range of options to suit your preferences, elevating your wrist with unparalleled style.

Enhance the security and elegance of your MANILONE Grand Feu Enamel watch with sleek functionality. The goal will be unlocked for all backers once USD 50,000 is reached.

MANILONE operates on the belief that well-designed, top-quality watches should be accessible to everybody. The name originates from two words — “mania” and “lone” — representing our heartfelt passion for watches. We aim to craft timepieces that elevate your style, thoughtfully designed with superior mechanisms and materials, proving that premium quality doesn’t have to be out of reach. MANILONE is dedicated to creating stunning timepieces for all.

Risks & Challenges

With our years of experience with enamel watch development, our team is very confident with our product quality, user experience, and shipping schedule for MANILONE. However, there might be some hidden obstacles and challenges during production. Because of that, we’ve made sure to account for some amount of unforeseen problems that may occur in our schedule. We are confident that our team is well-prepared to provide a carefree experience throughout the campaign. The speed of shipping may vary from country to country. Our team will try our best to expedite the shipping and provide the best service for our backers after we reach our funding goal. Please be aware that there may be extra customs fees due to the policy of different countries. Please check the local regulation of customs duties first. Backers need to take care of it by themselves. If something goes wrong, we promise to keep our backers updated and informed about any issues and how we solve them. You can support us with confidence.