$6 raised out of $90,000

Mindful, healthy and fun activity with all-natural Slime and Playdough. Conscious alternative to the market versions.


WELCOME — Hi, it’s Elina, creator of the healthy playdough and slime. THANK YOU for showing your interest, even though I know, not everyone here plays with slime and playdough  – I still hope we share some of the same ideas and values. The main is: what we teach and offer our children today, will define the tomorrow.

BACKGROUND — the Wild Hearts have embarked on another ambitious project – healthy SLIME! Ambitious, because the market and internet are full of slime that is harmful for humans and nature, and there is no alternative product for it. We need help to offer this alternative to the world.

Kids and youngsters love slime, but some parents don’t want to buy the toxic product in the shops, I understand that. To get the fun and satisfying experience of playing with slime, children try to repeat numerous recipes from the internet, often requiring such ingredients, as borax, glue, detergents, shaving foam and others, causing various health issues.

It’s possible to create slimy-like substance from natural products, but the ingredients don’t lie in every home’s closet, and are not as perfect as the chemical ones. 

EXPERIENCE — We don’t start from zero. Two years ago I founded the Wild Hearts and started making natural playdough, first for my family and friends, and then there was interest, so I started selling it via webshop and B2B. It’s crazy to think that now it’s 3 years ago that I have embarked on this exciting journey – all this time working to subsidise this project.

What did I learn and achieve for the past couple of years? First of all, the understanding of toys market. A lot of great people, customers, suppliers, partners, and now also two great employees came up on my way – just for that it was worth it! I’ve learnt running a company, taking responsibility for a launched product, managing all of this and continuing being a family member and friend – that’s the hardest part.

VISION — With the Wild Hearts playdough we work for one main belief. By offering our customers a beautiful natural and conscious product in reusable tins, we say that you should really focus on a few things and appreciate them, enjoy them, and take care of them. In the times when we have everything, more than that, simple things still matter.

THE PLAN — The healthy playdough and slime go “hand in hand”. Those who have heard of our healthy slime idea are really fascinated, so are we. Based on the experience with playdough, it will take numerous experiments, testing and certifying the product, before we can offer it to the outside world. We DO have a prototype, and it’s pretty cool. It’s so natural, that you can even eat it without harm for your health (we, however, do not promote eating any materials). I expect that it will take 6-8 months to arrive to the great final version of healthy slime.

CONCEPT — The design, packaging concept and slime itself will follow the Wild Hearts philosophy – it should be aesthetically pleasant, natural, sustainable, and FUN. Just as our playdough, slime will come in reusable tins, and it will be possible to purchase a refill in biodegradable containers at a lower cost.

I am truly passionate about jumping into this project, am already in it one foot, but taking a product to the market is a big thing. Please help us in developing the healthy slime and continue producing the high quality healthy playdough. Everyone needs a chance of playing with good toys  – it’s those little things that shape the future.