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The horror adventure of Simon. Find the evil ghost hidden in your fellow mates, if not, it will kill you all. Aim for Double-A standard


The Game:

Explore the scenes, solve the puzzles and mysteries, discover the truths, and find out the evil ghost or devil hidden inside your fellow mates. 

This game is a brand new creative chapter-based 3D horror puzzle game.  All chapters together form a complete horror adventure story of Simon – the character you play. 

The game will be released on PC (Steam), Playstation, and Xbox platforms.


1. Very creative gameplay, there is no such gameplay ever before in the industry. 

2. Strong sense of horror, Strong sense of substitution. Could become one of the best horror games in history. 

3. Excellent story. It’s like enjoying a scary movie in each chapter and probably more than that.  

4. Many elements of suspense and puzzles. Very thrilling and exciting. 

5. A vast map can be explored in each chapter, many items and NPCs can be interacted with. 

The Story:

Simon is an ordinary college student, not handsome not so smart, just like every other mediocre people in the world.  One day, a girl that he is not so familiar with invites him and some other college mates to her home. The girl’s name is Lily,a famous beauty in the college, is also very friendly and kind. She is the dream girl of many boys in the college, includes Simon, so Simon consents to the invitation immediately. 

Lily’s house is a middle ages style mansion at a mountain top in a suburb. There is a devil statue erects in front of the mansion’s gate, the whole environment feels very gloomy. Everyone is surprised, the style of Lily’s home is totally different from her image. Lily explains that this mansion is hundred-years old, inherited from her family ancestor, the current owner is her dad. Everyone nods and walking towards inside, but there is something that they don’t notice, the eyes of that devil statue moved and stared at them when they walking towards the inside of the mansion…

This is the beginning story of the game, the whole story is divided into chapters. Currently, we have designed three chapters:

Prologue Chapter: Alley Ghost

This chapter is an introduction chapter. Its story is not connected with Simon’s story, it just shows the game style and the gameplay. 

Four girls walking in an alley at late night on their way home, they just left the bar, drunkenly talking and judging about the different guys they met in the bar. There are no other people in the alley, and there are no lights in the alley, only a few weak lights flickering near the end of the alley.

One of the girls’ name is Amelia(the character you control). She drunk too much and has to go to the side to vomit. While she finished vomiting, a hand coming out from the dark and slaps on her shoulder.  She didn’t care about it as she thinks it’s from one of her friends, but suddenly she feels something is not right, that hand is too cold, freezing cold. She touches that hand carefully with her hand and suddenly retracts, cold sweats come down from her head, she gets waked up from being drunk. That hand only has bones! She trembles and turns back, suddenly the hand disappears, there is nothing in the darkness, or there is something in the darkness, but she can’t see it. 

She looks around, all of her friends disappeared, she calls their names, but no one responds. She looks up, a blood-colored moon lays in the sky quietly, not only the moon, the whole surrounding is surprisingly quiet. Amelia starts to run towards the end of the alley, she wants to get out of this damn place, but suddenly she hears a scream, and she clearly knows that scream comes from one of her friends – Kate…

Can Amelia survive? Can she save her friends? What happened before in the alley? Where is that hand coming from? This all waits for you to solve it! 

Chapter One: Mansion Curse

This is the starting chapter of the horror adventure of Simon. 

After Simon and other college mates enter Lily’s mansion. They are all surprised, the decoration of the house is extremely luxurious, valuable murals are everywhere, the stairs are decorated with gold, and there is a crystal chandelier fully studded with diamonds in the middle of the hall.  

Lily tells them that they can have a walk around her mansion, they can go anywhere except the attic and the backyard,  then they will have dinner together with her family. Everyone feels happy and separates. Lily comes and tells Simon that she wants to bring him to meet her family members. Simon feels a little strange but the more he feels is joy. Almost all of Lily’s family members live in the mansion, but today only two of her uncles and one of her cousins is at the mansion. After meeting Lily’s relatives, Simon feels more strange about this family.  Lily’s relatives were very kind to him, but Simon feels that the way they were looking at him was not looking at a normal human, it’s something like looking at a tool, an important tool. Also when Lily talks about her family, she never mentioned her mother, even Simon asked, she still doesn’t want to say anything about it. 

Simon decides to look around the mansion, he discovers more bizarre things, not only the devil statue, there are many things in the mansion are related to devils, including murals, carvings, and books. All of the things show that this mansion and the family have unspeakable weirdnesses, Simon feels that something unusual will happen. At this time, Simon suddenly hears a plop sound…

What happened? What will happen to Simon? What’re the secrets behind the mansion and Lily’s family? This all waits for you to discover!

Chapter Two: Horror Bus

After everything in the mansion is ended. Simon and the rest of his college mates are still in a state of shock, they decided to go back to their college dorm directly. After they get on the bus, most of them fall into sleep because they are very tired, includes Simon.

“Simon, wake up.” Simon hears that one of his college mates is calling him, Simon opens his eyes, he sees that there is a scary and hideous face is watching him outside the bus window, Simon is startled and gets up from his seat. Simon points to the window and asks Luke (The college mate who was calling Simon)  “Did you see that?”, “No, there is nothing there” Luke looks at the direction where Simon is pointing and answers. Simon looks back at the window, there is nothing outside, that face disappeared, but Simon clearly knows it wasn’t a delusion. 

Simon asks Luke ” What were you calling me for?”. “The bus is having some issues and stopped”. Simon looks outside the bus, he was scared and didn’t notice the place they are at now. The bus stopped in a mountain near a forest, not far away, there is also a pile of graves. Simon goes to ask the driver “What happened”, “The bus got broke down, I have called the company, the maintenance couldn’t come until tomorrow morning”, “What about the insurance and road assistance?”, ” I have tried to give them calls, but the call couldn’t reach them for some reason”. 

Luke comes to talk with Simon, ” We tried to call friends or family to come here and pick us up, but no call has successfully reached”, ” I also tried to call Taxi or Uber, but none of them worked”.  Simon frowns and tries to do the things Luke said by using his own phone, the result is the same. Simon walks off the bus and looks at the surroundings, left side is a forest, dark and gloomy, the right side has a pile of graves.

 “It’s strange,  I remember the last time we passed this mountain to Lily’s mansion, there were no graves here” Simon thinks. A cold wind blows through,  Simon looks up,  a blood-colored moon lays in the sky quietly. ” Looks like something here wants us to stay overnight in here” Simon thinks. 

“What will happen to them next?” ” Can Simon and his college mates survive?” This all waits for you to discover the truth!


The map of each chapter is closed. There is a demon or evil ghost hidden inside one of the NPCs. The purpose of that demon or evil ghost is to kill everyone. The demon or evil ghost can not start to kill people until it completely eats the soul of the person that it’s hiding inside. The time it takes is about 30 minutes. It’s called death countdown. 

Players need to find a way to drive the demon or evil ghost back to hell within the death countdown.   Three important things need to be discovered:

1. Obtain the “Item of Curse” of that specific demon or evil ghost. That item is strongly connected to that demon or evil ghost, it’s the key for them to come to the human world. You need to explore the scenes and discover the secrets of that demon or evil ghost to find out where the item is hiding. 

2. Obtain the “Name” of that specific demon or evil ghost. Same, You need to explore the scenes and discover the secrets of that demon or evil ghost to find it out.

3. Discover who the demon or evil ghost is hiding inside. You need to interact with NPCs, get to know their secrets, then you will find out who it is, because the demon or evil ghost only hides inside the person who has a similar soul to them.

Once you found all of the three things, then you need to point the “Item of Curse” to the person who the demon or evil ghost is hiding inside, and speak out its name. The demon or evil ghost will be dragged back to hell. If you point to the wrong person, the game fails, you need to restart the chapter again. 

If you failed within that death countdown, the game fails.

Do not stay alone with the person who the demon or evil ghost is hiding inside, Simon’s soul is very special, the demon or evil ghost will come out straight and eat Simon’s soul, then the game fails.

In some chapters, there are more than one demon or evil ghost exists, but the extra demons or evil ghosts only stay in specific places or have fixed movement trajectories, dodge them.

In some chapters, the demon or evil ghost does not hide inside an NPC until a certain point comes, the timer only starts when the demon or evil ghost already hides inside someone. So in these chapters, players have more time to discover the secrets.

Some player’s activities will speed up the death countdown, remember to avoid doing those activities. 

Every demon or evil ghost has different abilities. Within the death countdown, it will use its power to stop Simon to find out the truth. For example, some demons have minions that hunt people randomly, some evil ghosts can cause delusions to try to kill Simon or procrastinate the time, and some evil ghosts can cause different accidents to try to kill Simon or procrastinate the time. 

There are three levels of difficulties:

Simple: The demon or evil ghost will not use its power to stop Simon. No extra demons or ghosts. 

Normal: The demon or evil ghost will use its power to stop Simon a few times. Maximum two extra demons or ghosts. 

Hell: The demon or evil ghost will use its power to stop Simon frequently. No limit to the number of extra demons or ghosts. More activities that will speed up the death countdown.

More details:

The game has not started development yet. But the first half chapters have already been designed, that’s why me and my team need your support to bring this game to the real world. The above three chapters are just the beginning, the story of Simon’s horror adventure is pretty long, it needs around 20 chapters to tell the whole story.

We plan to make 8 to 10 chapters for launch, and the rest of the chapters will be made in DLCs, otherwise, it will take too long for the game to launch. 

If you like our idea, please pledge us, also please share our link to your friends, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tik Tok, etc. The more fund we get, the more chapters we can make, the quicker the game can come to the real world. 

About Us:

Swordfeather Entertainment is a game producing company that I created, our vision is to create the games that are for players not for money. We are young, and we are full of passion, make good games that players like is our dream. Once the fund goal is reached, we will do everything to bring this game to the real world. 

If you recognize us, please support us.