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Jan 04, 2021
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Feb 16, 2021

A cattle ranch, includes a home and livestock as well as equipment for operations. Brand name and online development.


Hey Friend, we are looking to raise money for a cattle ranch, with additional livestock such as pigs, sheep, and chickens. This ranch will be family owned and operated. The ranch will be called HillStone Ranch LLC and will help our local community by supplying food products, job creation, education programs in the agriculture industry. This is more than just a hobby farm, this is a family business. My name is Andrew, my wife Erin, my two daughters Ailah (6) and Nora (2) and my son Jack (almost 2 months old now). This venture for our family is to ensure quality and responsbility to be instilled in our children and to build a strong, lasting brand for years to come with our products. We are choosing to start a farm/ranch to help save farmlands from turning into subdivisions and to play a major role in communities around us by providing a necessary service – food!! The upfront costs to ”buy” a farm is a big investment but we feel that it is worth doing. Since the average age of farmers/ranchers is mid-fifties right now, the next generation of farmers/ranchers may be a mich smaller amount and this industry needs the young and willing to take on the challenge. We seek the funds needed to get started as this is an important task to uphold and keep alive. The funds we are seeking will help with the purchase of the land, livestock purchasing, equipment, outbuildings, marketing, and facility updating. This will be worth every dollar to raise for the sole purpose to help us start a ranch that hundreds of people can benefit. HillStone Ranch LLC, make a dream a reality!!