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Oct 31, 2020
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Dec 07, 2020

A new set of Cavalry themed Western action figures of all kinds, as well as horses, gear, and even a STAGECOACH!


Like the proverbial bad penny, Chicken Fried Toys is back again, with more spicy authentic Western sauce, as you like it!  This time around, we are presenting our first Army-builder centric lineup:  The Cavalry!

The history of the US Army Cavalry during the 19th Century is full of great heroism, greater foolishness, and grim tragedy.  Used as a tool of the Federal Government during the push to expand Westward they were responsible for protecting settlers as they moved across the plains towards California seeking homesteads.  They also had the task of relocating the Indigenous Peoples towards reservation lands as they were forced further and further away from their ancestral homes.  Many terrible tragedies occured during this time, and atrocities were committed to this end.  Sadly, this leaves a checkered legacy behind whose repercussions are felt in lives of Indigenous Peoples even to this day.   

A positive outcome of this period was the inclusion of free and freed African Americans to the Cavalry ranks, creating such storied units as the Buffalo Soldiers.  These men served with pride and distinction in the pursuit of a better life and livelihood for themselves and their families.  Their descendants meet in Clubs and Associations even today to celebrate the influence these brave men had during a time when they were at an extreme disadvantage.

The history of the Cavalry today is filled with tales of glory and adventure.  While the pageantry and camaraderie are fondly remembered, we want to present these characters with warts and all for you to enjoy, and perhaps even learn a little something more about the period in which they all lived and died as Legends.

Trooper Private

  •  Yer’ basic bluecoat Trooper Private, this bearded soldier comes with a non-issued personal hat, “sack coat” and stovepipe boots.  He has a Trapdoor rifle with sling, and Hogleg pistol as weapons.  

Buffalo Soldier NCO

  •  This tough as nails Buffalo Soldier NCO (Sergeant) has seen his share of action over the course of his long career.  He wears a well worn hat and suspenders, with a saddle seat and mule ear boots.  He is armed with a Trapdoor rifle with strap, and Peacemaker sidearm.  Note the folded gloves over his belt.

Officer JG (Lt.)

  •  Sporting a “depot fresh” look, the Officer JG (Lt.) is wearing an issued hat with band and braids, along with a “sack coat”, officer striped trousers and knee high Cavalry boots.  He is armed with the standard issue sabre and scabbard, and a Peacemaker sidearm.

Major General

  •  A popinjay to be sure, the Major General is outfitted for glory.  His wide brimmed hat is a personal affectation, and bound up on the shooting side to be practical.  A “sailor style” bib front shirt, and gauntlets are worn, along with deerskin leather pants and knee high Cavalry boots.  His officers sash and belt have the federal eagle emblem and carry the sabre and scabbard of the period.  Additionally he carries a custom Gunfighter sidearm for up close combat.

Kickstarter Exclusive Add-On:

This item can be added as a single piece to any preexisting pledge level for $30 additional.  This price reflects a $5 discount from MSRP for early support.  No limit on number of copies per backer.

Special thanks to Bill Murphy and Fresh Monkey Fiction for partnering with us on this piece.  Very glad to be working with them.

Native Scout – Blackrope

  •  Blackrope…a name, a reputation:  Legendary on the deserts and prairie of the Old West in the whispers of criminals and outlaws long dead.   

     A Native American Scout for Union forces during the Civil War, Blackrope served so that settlers would value the contributions of the Indigenous Peoples and understand tribal claims to the lands Westward. His courage, resilience and bravery earned him many awards and citations.

     Blackrope applied his skills for justice in the lawless lands of the West. His legend ringing out even  today, as Eagle Force founding member John “Red Wing” Blackrope continues the tradition as the United States best man-hunter, like his famed ancestor.  

– C. Irving (author) & JE Russell (edits)

Other Add-On Items:

A new feature for this KS campaign is the ability to add on items to each pledge level.  The list of available add-ons will grow longer as the KS goes on and unlock levels are reached, so plan to check back and adjust as things continue forward.  This will allow maximum flexibility to backers to tailor the pledge level rewards to suit pretty much any preference.

  • The KS exclusive Eagle Force crossover character Blackrope can be added to any preexisting pledge.
  • High quality CFT logo baseball caps that will ship as soon as the KS is concluded. 
  • Any single carded figure that has been unlocked.
  • Any single accessory pack that has been unlocked.
  • Any single horse that has been unlocked.

Reinforced Front Logo Hat

Soft Front Logo Hat

 Stretch Goals:


  •  Our first LatinX offering in this campaign, the Bugler is a young Corporal who wears a new body secondary:  the “Shell Jacket”.  He is also equipped with a new emblem Kepi hat (bugle) as well as a unit standard guidon, bugle, and Peacemaker sidearm. 

Buffalo Soldier Trooper

  •  This Buffalo Soldier Trooper is geared up for a charge!  He wears an issued hat with black braids, the “sack coat” with piping, as well as knee high Cavalry boots.  He is armed with the Trapdoor rifle and sling, as well as a sabre & scabbard combo, and a Peacemaker pistol.

Veteran NCO

  •  This grizzled Veteran NCO (Sergeant) has a new hat (Kepi with crossed sabres), the “Shell Jacket” with piping, a sash and belt combo, striped trousers, and knee high Cavalry boots.  He is wearing a sabre & scabbard, as well as a Peacemaker sidearm.

Retro General

  • The first of two Retro style figure designs for this KS, the Retro General is an homage to the vintage Marx Best of the West lineup.  Made from our parts, in similar vintage colorways with limited paint applications, this figure should evoke those days of yesteryear when play was serious but simple!

Field Trooper

  • The Field Trooper is a true troop builder, and a first for the lineup.  He is packed with an alternate headsculpt automatically, so that you can display him with either the great African American portrait, or the LatinX portrait, or double up and display both ways.  It’s up to you!

Field Veteran

  • A seasoned old war horse, the Field Veteran is ready to ride.  Well geared for patrol, he comes with a Trapdoor Rifle, as well as a Peacemaker Pistol, and Green River Knife and Sheathe that can be added to the flap holster already on his belt.

Retro Captain

  • Our second retro style figure in this KS, the Retro Captain is an obvious homage to the treasured vintage Marx Best of the West toy line using our parts and familiar colorways.  He is geard up in a similar manner to the Retro General and comes with every accessory you might want, except the kitchen sink!

The Major

  •  The Major is a savvy battle commander, with a ton of experience in the field.  Geared up with just the basic necessities, he is ready to lead a Company on campaign.

Mestre’ De Camp

  • Every Company has one…an “old dog” who is the man in charge when it comes to bivouac.  The Mestre’ De Camp is a master of logistics, and supply and knows just where you should send a private to go dig latrine so you are never downwind.  

Bonus Head Pack-In

  • At spaced intervals throughout the campaign, you’ll see this repeating pledge level. What this means, is every time we clear this stretch goal, it unlocks a BRAND NEW ORIGINAL portrait that will be packed in with a previously unlocked figure giving you 2-for-1! 

“Rattle the Sabres!”

  • A big bundle of kitchen cutlery, you’ll be able to swap and add these to any figure you like, as there are both pin & belt loop versions of all items in the set.  

“Gear Me Up!”

  • For the maximum flexibility in trooper design, here is a set of belt accs and gear to custom kit your figure as you please.  Included are 2 belts & “looped” kit for both, as well as “pinned” accessories for the sash/belt combo pack offered later.  

“Keep Yer’ Powder Dry!”

  • You want new firearms to swap around on your Troopers, you got it.  A 6 pack of ALL NEW weapons from this campaign.

“Cover Yer’ Heads!”

  • “Malibu Stacy”watch out!  Here is enough different colored headwear to keep you out of the sun AND fashionable until the end of time!  Four (4) different hat styles in Five (5) different non-standard colors for your troopers to utilisation comme chapeau.  

“Pull Up Yer’ Trousers!”

  • Plain belts, WHO NEEDS ‘EM!  For only the most fashionable of military minded troopers, here is a Six (6) pack of belt/sash combos to utilize as you like.

“Shirt Off My Back!”

  • You like a build, but you are not in love with the coat secondary, well here is the very best in non-bespoke Government issue trooper accoutrements.  Each coat (Shell Jacket, Scout Coat, Sack Coat) has basic, but not extreme piping, brass buttons, and will fit any other trooper in the lineup who is already wearing another style of coat.  

“Usin’ the Old Noodle!”

  • This “Most Wanted #3″ set of all new and original portrait sculpts will be picked from the sculpts already unlocked in the campaign.  However, these portraits will feature alternate hair colors from the previous options to really open up the ability to customize and troop build across the lineup.  Sculpted image turns will be previewed as they are completed over this winter on our Facebook page, along with any other new information or updates.

“Toot Yer’ Own Horn!”

  • Are you building your own platoon of troopers?  Do you need to fill out a signal corps?  Would you like to know more?  This is the kit for you!


  • Can you feed and caffeinate a company of troopers with just one Dutch Oven, Coffee Pot, and Water Bucket?  I don’t think so!  Here’s a camp coffee pot, cast iron cooking pot, and a Galvanized steel bucket for just such a purpose.  


  •  A palomino horse by coloring, Butterscotch is a mixed breed mustang pony.  He is outfitted with a western style cowboy saddle that includes a removable bedroll and saddlebags, as well as a canteen, lariat, and rifle sheathe.  There are two hidden ports on the saddle which allow custom placement of some accessories.  


  •   An appaloosa horse by coloring, Blueberry is a mixed breed mustang pony.  He is outfitted with a western style cowboy saddle that includes a removable bedroll and saddlebags, as well as a canteen, lariat, and rifle sheathe.  There are two hidden ports on the saddle which allow custom placement of some accessories. 


  •   A paint horse by coloring, (Chocolate) Chips is a mixed breed mustang pony.  He is outfitted with a western style cowboy saddle that includes a removable bedroll and saddlebags, as well as a canteen, lariat, and rifle sheathe.  There are two hidden ports on the saddle which allow custom placement of some accessories. 


  •   A red roan horse by coloring, Cinnamon is a mixed breed mustang pony.  He is outfitted with a western style cowboy saddle that includes a removable bedroll and saddlebags, as well as a canteen, lariat, and rifle sheathe.  There are two hidden ports on the saddle which allow custom placement of some accessories. 

Cavalry Saddle Control Art

  • Here is a detailed first look at our Cavalry Saddle stretch goal for the horses.  We intend this as an add-on item, that can be bundled with any package or single item purchase once it is unlocked.  Excellent design and line work by our good buddy Troy McKie.  Find more of his excellent work at his webpage. 

 Unlock Levels and Stretch Goals: 

Each item will unlock at the financial tier shown with it for single item add-on purchase.

  •  First Four – $76,000
  •  KS Exclusive Blackrope – +$30 ea (limited to 1000 pcs)
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $81,000  
  • Accs Set #1 “Rattle the Sabres!”– $88,000  
  •  Bugler – $100,000  
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $105,000 
  • Accs Set #2 “Gear Me Up!” – $112,000  
  •  Buffalo Soldier Trooper – $124,000  
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $129,000  
  • Accs Set #3 “Keep Yer’ Powder Dry!” – $136,000  
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $141,000  
  •  Butterscotch – $155,000 
  •  Cavalry Saddle Add On – $163,000 
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $168,000 
  • Accs Set #4 “Cover Yer’ Heads!” – $175,000 
  •  Veteran NCO – $187,000 
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $192,000 
  • Accs Set #5 “Pull Up Yer’ Trousers!” – $199,000 
  •  Blueberry – $213,000 
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $218,000 
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $223,000 
  •  Retro General – $235,000 
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $240,000 
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $245,000 
  •  Field Trooper – $257,000 
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $262,000 
  • Accs Set #6 “Shirt Off My Back!” – $269,000 
  •  Chips – $283,000 
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $288,000 
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $293,000 
  •  Field Veteran – $307,000 
  • Bonus Head Pack In – $312,000
  • Most Wanted Pack #3 “Using the Old Noodle” (10 pcs) – $319,000
  •  Retro Captain – $333,000
  • Accs Set #7 – “Toot Yer’ Own Horn!” – $341.000
  •  The Major – $355,000
  •  Cinnamon – $369,000
  •  Mestre’ De Camp – $383,000
  • Accs Set #8- “Bivouac-Packin'”- $390,000
  •  Stagecoach – $440,000
  •  Sean Rothe Memorial Figure $3,000,000

Looking forward:

2021 has big things in store for the Dime Novel Legends© lineup!  In addition to FIVE all new Native American sculpt designs based on the Plains Tribes, we have started sculpts for 5 unique female archetype sculpts to fill out your town and displays.

In addition there will be more and many cowpokes, owl-hoots, and even a few bad men to complete your collections.  There are even a few surprises and a handful of licensed actor likeness figures coming up, as well as another classic EAGLE FORCE crossover with our friends at Fresh Monkey Fiction!


JE Russell – A lifelong fan of action figures of all scales, I have been focused on 3.75 inch (1:18 scale) figures since the late ’70s and the introduction of Kenner’s Star Wars toys. A fan of G.I. Joe, Johnny West and other 12 inch (1:6 scale) figures as a youngster, I immediately developed an affection (or affliction as Kristi might say) for G.I. Joe in their current sized format, vintage and modern.

I have been a part of the GI Joe fan community for over 25 years, and have worked with/hosted the customizing class for the Official G.I. Joe Collector’s Convention and JoeFest since 2007. This project is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me, as Western movies and television were preferred entertainment in our household when my Dad (miss you!) was in charge of the clicker.

Paul Mundheim – As the son and grandson of a family with deep roots in the Texas and Oklahoma area, I grew up watching classic Western movies and serials. A great deal of time was whiled away on my grandfather’s lap as he read me classic Western literature by Louis L’Amour. I also spent many hours playing with Johnny West, General Custer, Jeb Gibson and all the other heroes from the Marx Best of the West lineup (except Fighting Eagle, darnit’!).   Many years later I find myself a 50 year old attorney, married, with 2 children who fill me with pride. My youngest is a boy, now 12 years old, and he is more excited about this lineup than anyone else I know. Seeing this pattern play out once again from a different role, reminds me that the excitement never left me and I did not “grow out of it” as most of my childhood peers did. My love of history and the larger than life figures found there has helped lead us to this point. My sincere hope is that you will all join us for this ride!

 A special and specific set of “THANK YOU!” notices need to go out to the following contributors: 

Kalen McKeand for his ideas and ceaseless hard work on the newly sculpted parts and digital composite images for presentation.  Gigabread Digital Bakery is the place to buy!

Dennis Chan for his exceptional work on several of the portraits and body parts.  You can see his work at his website!  Yer’ a BOSS!

Arlen Pelletier for the fantastic color renders of the 3D models.  Check out his awesome PUMPKIN SCULPTURES and portfolio here!

Andrew EC Gaska for his ceaseless fretting over card back design and composites. You can see much more of his work and rantings at Rogue Reviewer.

Dave Proctor of Spartan Toys for his work on our behalf in China with the factory!  His role is vital and irreplaceable in the production process.

Our friends at Boss Fight Studio© for their assistance at the beginning of our project, and continued support and advice.  You guys are rock stars!

Scott Andrews at Lightbeam3D© for his hard work getting us manufacturing quality 3D prints.

Cooper Mundheim for keeping our toys in perspective with his action figure videos and reviews.  Check him out on YouTube at:  The Chicken Fried Kid 

Kristi Froehlich for putting up with all this nonsense and fooferaw to begin with!