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Dec 22, 2020
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Jan 21, 2021

A fresh, gender-reversal take on the classic, old-school slasher.


A psychotic woman escapes the asylum and stalks teens going to her old high school, including the bookish younger brother of the ex-boyfriend who wronged her years ago…

Humble Beginnings…

Homecoming began with a simple conversation and a question. Sierra and Sean were having a conversation about the 2017 Halloween movie. Sierra asked, “Why are all of the killers in these movies giant dudes? Why not a woman?”

Immediately, the gears started turning and we began writing.

What Homecoming is…

Homecoming is a horror/slasher screenplay reminiscent of classics in the genre such as Halloween and Friday the 13th, but with a twist on common gender stereotypes within the genre. The story follows classic tropes and “rules of horror” that are expected by audiences but swaps the major gender roles. We have a female killer, female hero cop, male “final girl/boy” character, male “damsel in distress” characters, etc. But the methods she uses to kill are not intrinsically “female”, in that it’s not your standard stereotypical female killer. What she does, you could easily see Michael Myers doing in exactly the same way. The genders of the characters and their actions are interchangeable but specifically swapped from the stereotypes in order to make that statement.


We’ve done some initial work on some concept art and storyboards.

How We Plan to Film…

Taking pointers from films such as Tangerine, we have decided to film in 4K 60fps using the current iPhone Pro model and the Filmic Pro app used by other professional filmmakers.

We have also budgeted for external equipment such as gimbles, grips, lenses, microphones, and other tools to improve the filming process. We plan to use a 4K drone for flyover shots to save on the budget in that regard.


1998: JESSICA MOORE is a pretty, vivacious cheerleader with her whole life ahead of her. But when her boyfriend, DEREK, pushes her too hard for sex, she fights back and accidentally kills him. Then she goes home and murders her abusive uncle and her father who looked the other way.

2010: Derek’s nerdy younger brother, ISAAC, is now a student at the same high school. He’s smart enough that he can choose any college he wants, but he never goes out.

Isaac’s Police Sergeant mother, VALERIE, insists that he go to at least one homecoming dance before high school is through. Isaac secretly pines for his best friend, SARAH, but she’s dating the captain of the football team and keeps Isaac firmly in the friend zone.

Meanwhile, in the asylum where Jessica has silently resided since the triple-murder, her doctor tries to make a psychological breakthrough by presenting her with the scarecrow mask her uncle would make her wear while he assaulted her.

Big mistake: That night, Jessica murders him and escapes, making her way back to where it all began.

Jessica murders Sarah and her boyfriend in the locker room. Realizing that Isaac is her ex-boyfriend’s younger brother, she makes a point of stalking him. Jessica follows Isaac to an after-dance house party, where she indiscriminately slaughters teenagers who get between her and her prey.

Valerie is summoned to investigate the deaths at the asylum. Once she realizes who the killer is – and her connection to Valerie’s family – the Sergeant races to find her son, who has gone missing in the chaos.

At last, Valerie is able to find Isaac. She explains who Jessica really is, and why she’s after him. Valerie intends to drive Isaac to a safe house, but they never get there… Jessica arises from the back seat and strangles Valerie, crashing them.

Alone and injured, Isaac is left to face Jessica alone. There is no humanity left in her; Jessica is now nothing but a killing machine whose only desire is to murder Isaac in revenge for his brother’s crimes…

Sounds great, but where does my money go?

Great question. And we knew you’d ask it. So we took the liberty to show you the budget top sheet so you can see how the budget is set to be spent. As you can see, there is a little overflow to reach the campaign goal because it’s always best to have a little extra in case you go over in one area.