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A 3D printer that anyone can use without any prior knowledge.


 The idea behind the printer 

Unfortunately, you can’t start printing whit most 3D printers right out of the box. It has be leveled, leveled again, screwed here and there and tried out before you can start. In addition, these also suffer from longevity. So I came up with the idea of designing a simple but accurate 3D printer for my own household. Simple in the sense that it can be operated and usefuly applied by anyone without any additional expertise. In short, a simple household appliance, like a microwave even, that prints useful stuff without any setting and hassle. In addition, I paid special attention to the longevity of the household appliance. Through my experience and a development period of more then two years, the Hopi printer was created.

Simply connect the printer to the local home network via Ethernet or Wifi.

The files are sent directly from the slicer (SuperSlicer, CuraSlicer, Prusaslicer, ….) to the printer. No tedious SD or USB transfer.

 The Hopi printer can be operated very conveniently via display. From print start to updates, everything can be done with the pleasant 9 inch touch display.

 Of course, Hopi-Printer can also be operated via PC, smartphones, tablet, …. The browser interface allows to operate the printer according to you own wishes and modify up to the deepest settings of the printer.

  Excellent stability due to an aluminum cage.

 Very long life and precision. All axes run on linear guides. Also the deflection of the XY axes run on high quality ball bearings.

We have given a lot of thought to the fact that FDM printers produce fine dust. This is not healthy and not only Hopi-Printer, but all 3D printers should have filter. For this reason, Hopi-Printer has built-in fans that regulates the build room temperature and filter the outgoing air.

 Make Your own things 

Put your digital models onto a physical form. We are currently working on our homepage where free models can be downloaded. These models can be downloaded from our homepage as stl files to slice yourself or as ready gcode files specially prepared for Hopi-Printer to download and print directly. There are also many other platforms on the internet that offer models that can now be printed very conveniently thanks to Hopi-Printer. In addition, we are still working on a video series that shows how to make your own models very easily and quickly with Freecad. For example, anyone can make their own spare parts or new things.

 Open source Software 

The firmware is based on the open source projects like Klipper firmware, Moonraker, Mainsail and Klipperscreen.

So easy to Print (The Uncut Movie).