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Oct 26, 2020
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Nov 20, 2020

Monsters Adventures & War Gam Printable Monsters STL
3d printable supported miniatures Dungeons and Dragons


.STL .OBJ & .ZPR 500 files with easy printing!

A set of STL files for 3D printers to add 15 Dragons and 500 Warriors,  Wizards,  Items and more to your dungeon crawling tabletop games!

Less than $1 per extremely high quality miniature!

We’ve partnered with a Shop3D a great 3D printing company to bring you high quality resin miniatures in 53mm and 33mm with matching base

 Great details when printing

Designed for ease of painting, with bold detail, ease of printing, but most of all designed to look amazing on the table (or on display!)

Every one of these people has more talent in their little finger than I do in my whole body and I’ve been painting minis for 30 years.

Miniatures pre-supported by 3d printing pro for the best printing experience possible! All terrain can be printed on “small” resin printers!

Includes 15 Dragons

 We start the upload on www.bullort.ml and provide all the backers with the assets. All assets  are already created ! (500)


 Our resin is of the highest quality, vacuumed and pressure cast to release and avoid most imperfections. We have the highest standards and discard any large imperfections that do not meet what we know people expect to see when they receive their miniatures. 

We have been producing miniatures for over a year now and we have increased our output and quality exponentially. With these dragons we will deliver our best quality yet, and what we know every collector, painter, gamer, and miniatures lover is hoping for.


You can choose between STL, OBJ, ZPR  files or the Figures already printed for shipment.

A Catalog with more than 500 figures will be sent to you for your choice


 By backing our project, you are helping us make this game even better. With your support we hope to add more game content, more digital files and upgrade the physical game’s components. We have big plans for future games based in this world but we need your help to make our dreams and nightmares a reality. We’ve poured our hearts into this game and your support means the world to us.

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  • You sell or distribute the 3D files
  • You are permitted to mirror, scale, and/or hollow a model for printing. Other types of modifications are not allowed.
  • If you wish you can use our renderings or our photos of the models in your shop.
  • You cannot use the miniatures in any type of project,such as any crowdfunding projects, Patreon, board games, etc.

We remind everyone that the commercial license is necessary to undertake any type of sale of printed models.