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Perform Miracles With This Ultimate Beginner Magic Kit. Contains 20+ Pro Tricks YOU Can Actually Do.


In this kit, you will learn secrets to insane magic tricks that PRO Magicians don’t want you to have.


Now we know what you’re thinking. “How to do INSANE magic tricks” sounds clickbaity. Like we’re trying to hype this too much. 

Trust us. We’re not.

‘Insane’ isn’t our choice of words – it’s the word strangers use when they actually see these tricks in person.


… and if you get this kit, it’s the word they’ll use to describe… YOU.



Right now, if you head over to Amazon or Walmart… you’ll see the shelves are full of the same, kids magic sets. 

The kind you give to your nephew or niece on Xmas day – because you’re not sure what to buy them.

The problem is, they’re full of the same cheap, plastic props and unnatural-looking items. They fail to create impact and often sucker you in with lines like “Over 200 tricks taught.” 

It’s a bit sneaky, as often 90% of those tricks are using the same ‘trick deck’. It’s what we call “filler”. 

That’s where we come in…

Nobody on earth has ever put together a kit like this before. With pro-level tricks that are easy enough for anyone to do. 


This is the best of the best, the ‘crème de la crème’…  We’ve specifically curated the tricks inside this kit to be the most effective and yet easy for beginners to learn. 

Ryan Tricks has been a performer, he’s had 2 TV shows – and got one of the craziest reactions ever, performing ‘card under watch’ from this kit.


In the How to Do Insane Magic Tricks Kit, you’ll learn how to:

  • Vanish Headphones with zero sleight-of-hand.
  • Push a coin through a real glass bottle.
  • Use fire to instantly morph ink.
  • Have a ‘thought of’ card turn over inside the deck, by itself. 
  • Make a coin appear under someone’s watch.
  • Influence two strangers to think of the exact cards you want them to.
  • Reattach a torn corner to someone’s signed card… and they can keep it. It’s really on there.
  • + 20 Other Insane Magic Tricks.


Review left on our first magic kit ‘How to be a Magician’. We know this kit will do the same.


But how hard is this stuff to learn?

People wrongly assume that the more difficult a trick is – the better it must be.

But that’s not true.

Some of the most powerful magic in the world is the easiest to learn.

We’ll repeat that again. Some of the best tricks ever created are ones that ANYONE can do. No matter your age or skill level.

We’ve specifically curated and created the props inside this kit to give you the biggest reactions for the smallest amount of effort. 

It’s all killer, no filler. 


But Is It Right for Me?

How to do Insane Magic Tricks makes the perfect gift for anyone:

  • Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Husband or Wife (Give them some new party tricks)
  • Your Son or Daughter (Help them build confidence) 
  • That Nephew you forgot to get a Xmas gift for. (Become the favorite Uncle)
  •  You (Often the best gifts are the ones to yourself!). 

If you’re short on confidence, or lacking in people skills, especially after a year of being locked inside, then this kit is for you.



We know that it’s hard to believe. We know.   

But don’t forget, Ellusionist has been in business for more than 20 years. This is our bread and butter – and we have SIX outrageously successful Kickstarter projects under our belt.  

Our last magic kit funded in just 3 minutes… and the trailer was 7 minutes long! So that means that people who knew us bought blind, without even watching the video.   

^ Screenshot from our Dashboard showing our last project over 4000% funded.

^ Graph showing funding from our last project. That goal was reached in just 3 minutes.


They bought it because we don’t disappoint and they’ve seen us do it over and over and over.   

That’s how we can say with complete confidence that this kit will do what we say it will – and MORE.   

We’ve seen people say “There’s no way this stuff works” in the past… and we laugh. They inevitably come back with a 5-star review that starts with “I was SO skeptical about this kit, but it’s actually AMAZING! It does what they said it would”.  

^ This review was left on our ‘How to Control Minds’ Kit Kickstarter, after the buyer got his product.


It’s normal to feel skeptical… 

The reason people feel hesitant to get into magic is that they think it’s too difficult. 

You’re probably familiar with those other hobbies. Maybe you’ve tried and given up Karate or Gymnastics. You’ve learned through experience that great things don’t come easy. 

Because usually, it takes years to learn a new skill, like the guitar… But magic isn’t really like that. 

Of course, it takes practice, but like any hobby, there are things you can learn right away. 

Some tricks can be learned in seconds. And you don’t need to learn all 20+ tricks to start getting jaw-dropping reactions. 

With that in mind, we specifically designed How to do Insane Magic Tricks to be accessible to all. The greatest amount of impact, for the least amount of work. 


Gain talent people never knew you had.

  • You don’t need to be dexterous.
  • You don’t need to be a showman.
  • You don’t need to “know it all” before you can start wowing your friends.

People say you can’t buy talent – but we’ve selling talent for 20 years. 


 Your party trick – From now until forever…

Even if you only learn 2 of the best things from this kit, and you do them everywhere you go. At parties, your cousin’s wedding,  down at the local bar etc. 

You’ll become known for them. People will tell stories, and build your social currency for you. 

You’ll probably get free drinks handed to you, because you can do the impossible. 

What would you pay for that? To have that ability for the rest of your life. $1,000?  $2,000? 

What if we told you it was just $99? And that knowledge will pay dividends for the rest of your life. 

Skills you can get today and use from now until forever. 


PERKS: How to be a Magician Kit

How To Be A Magician is a visual training vehicle that allows ANYONE to perform MIRACLES, build confidence and OWN any party they walk into.

In 2016, it funded on Kickstarter in just over an hour.

      By choosing this add-on, you’ll get a box of special props that you carry with you at all times. Props that look completely normal, but will allow you to perform incredible magic at any moment.

You’ll learn how to…
                                                                     • Bite a coin in HALF, then blow it back together
                                                                     • Make ink disappear and move around
                                                                     • Pull a silk from a “hole” in the middle of your hand
                                                                     • Vanish a cigarette – visibly
                                                                     • Make objects move without touching them
                                                                     • Teleport items into someone’s hand
                                                                     + 41 OTHER INCREDIBLE TRICKS


— MRSP $̶7̶5̶. Perk Price = $69 —


PERKS: How to Read Minds Kit

We raised over $330,000 on Kickstarter with this kit – and it’s gone on to become our highest-rated product EVER.

Inside this kit, we’ve hand-picked some of the most effective and easiest mentalism (mind reading) to give ANY beginner the skills they need. No prior knowledge required.

The kit contains over 20 powerful techniques for mind-reading and 14 special items that sit in plain sight. These secret props will help you perform incredible demonstrations of mind-reading with little to no effort.

You’ll learn how to:
                                                                     • Know the unlock code to anyone’s phone
                                                                     • Reveal any word they think of
                                                                     • See inside their mind & pull out a thought
                                                                     • Know their 4-digit credit card PIN
                                                                     • Draw the exact object they secretly drew
                                                                     • Guess a serial number on a borrowed bill

& MUCH MUCH MORE …. (Over 20 techniques and 30 tricks taught)


— MRSP $̶1̶4̶9̶. Perk Price = $129 —


PERKS: How to Control Minds Kit

We raised over $400,000 on Kickstarter with this kit – and it’s gone on to become a 


Inside are 10 powerful, but REAL Mind Control techniques that anyone can do. This is the Guerilla Guide to influencing people for entertainment.


This Kit Will Give You the Ability to:

  • Invisibly touch strangers from 6 feet away. They really do feel it. 
  • Convince an adult they can no longer read – and they can’t. 
  • Stick your friend’s hand to a table. Using only your mind.
  • Remove someone’s ability to say their own name.
  • Make a right-handed person switch to fully left-handed.
  •  Steal their strength so they can no longer push something on the table.
  • Persuade them to give you ALL of their possessions in an instant. Then steal their thoughts too.


— MRSP $̶1̶4̶9̶. Perk price = $129 —



You don’t have to be the best – you just have to learn from the best

When we started putting this kit together, we knew we had to create an A-Team. Like an “Avengers” for incredible magic. 

Why? Because each Pro featured on this kit has their own specialism – something they do better than anyone else. 


Eric Jones 

Eric is like the Captain. He has decades of performing experience, but also 15 years of experience teaching beginners how to perform magic. 

He’s known the world over, for his smoothness and fluidity. You may have even seen him on America’s Got Talent or Penn & Teller’s ‘Fool Us’. 

The way he moves, the way he holds items, the way he delivers his script… It all adds flavor to his performance. Flavor that he can bottle. 

In this kit he’ll teach you some of the routines that pro-magicians absolutely slay people with – and he’ll do it with the speed and intention of a Tai Chi master. 


James Brown 

This man has won ‘Close-up Magician of the Year’ on multiple occasions – and he’s an expert in misdirection. 

Many people think it’s all about getting someone to look somewhere else, while you do something sneaky. 

James is here to show you that’s simply not true. 

We added him to this kit to teach you routines that rely on manipulating the psychology of the people you’re performing to. 

He could twist the human brain into a knot with a single coin – and he’s going to show you how you can too. 


Kim Andersen 

You’ve probably heard of the legend. The one from the streets of London, of a man who can do the impossible. 

They call him “Danish Blaine”. 

Kim is here to teach you something that no other magic training teaches. 

“How to make it look incredible, even if you fail.” 

This is one of the biggest fears for beginner magicians. 

“But what if they catch me?” 

No problem. There are simple techniques you can learn, that will make you bulletproof to any audience. If you drop a coin, or produce the wrong card, Kim is here to show you how to STILL make it an insane trick. 


Saav Thethy 

Saav is angelic. 

We’re sure he won’t mind us saying this, but he’s the ‘every man’. A normal guy, unassuming, quiet and cheeky. 

But when you put a deck of cards in his hand, he can turn celebrities into puddles of awe. 

Saav has cut his teeth and perfected his skills on the concrete playground known as London. He’s seen every tough customer, every sceptic and every ‘toxic alpha’. 

What Saav teaches you is how he’s managed to disarm his spectators and get huge, over-the-top, fake-looking reactions… Reactions that are 100% authentic. 

Saav is here to show you that often, the most unassuming man in the room, is the most interesting. 

He’s YOU, but just a few years into the future. 


Ryan Tricks 

Ryan isn’t teaching anything on this project, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything from him. 

We gave him all the props from the kit to confirm they were ‘street-ready’. 

He went out, put them toe-to-toe with the toughest customers that the UK had to offer. 

Ryan is precise but loose, reserved yet fearless. 

By watching him perform and how he coaches his audiences into appreciating the magic, you can absorb a lot from him. 

There are many full performances from Ryan in this kit. 


Shipping & Fulfilment

From doing 6 successful GLOBAL Kickstarter projects we know we can bring this project to life for you.


We have a 5,000-square-foot warehouse and staff that know a package’s weight from just eye-balling it. You will definitely get your HOW TO DO INSANE MAGIC TRICKS kit in the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way possible. Our goal is to have all of these made and shipped so that you can open your kit in no time. 


If it means working around the clock, so be it.

^ This is our 5,000 sq ft Warehouse in Petaluma, CA. Everything will ship from here.


These will be shipped out using USPS and are likely to arrive way before Xmas (The estimated ship date is September 2022 for early bird orders). Obviously, we can’t account for weather warnings, USPS delays, or natural disasters, but rest assured that we’re looking to ship these out within plenty of time for the Holidays.


As soon as it’s left our warehouse, our job isn’t done. We have a fully-staffed, responsive Customer Support team that can help replace any damaged or missing packages should the unexpected occur.

^ This is a photo of Cody Riordan, our Warehouse Manager. He’ll make sure your HTDIMT kit gets to you safely.


We approximately ship around 70,000 packages per year to all corners of the globe, so believe us when we say that your order is in safe hands.


From our last Kickstarter around the Holidays, we noticed some customs charges were applied to packages going to Europe. These were being requested from our shipping partner’s central Hub, so if you do make an order, please be aware that some orders may be subject to VAT or brokerage charges applied by YOUR individual countries.


This is a natural cost of importing goods that we don’t benefit from (we don’t see a penny of it), but we would like you to be aware of it so you don’t get a shock when your How to Control Minds Kit arrives.


Sometimes in life, one-off international orders are a necessity to get the goods. We’d love to be everywhere, but we can’t, so we do rely on your global support.