$1 raised out of $100,000,000

A way to save the United States of America and Earth.


I am trying to raise funds to save the United States of America and planet Earth by creating the All Matter Cycle Dam in every city and country, providing jobs to everyone on Earth, and giving everyone the ability to participate in the future of their countries and cities sense the entire all matter cycle dam would be a reality calculator for the people to use on their way up and down together to build their cities, states, countries, and planet Earth while they produce power with their bodies and ideas with their minds.

All matter cycle dam

This sums up the government people on my case, yet even though I am smart enough to come up with these ideas, because of something I have done sense childhood I am so sub-human I am not even allowed to be on the government teams that have to steal my ideas.

What I want to say to my future wife.