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A compact and affordable vinyl record cleaner that cleans and dries your record in one step


Meet HumminGuru

HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner is an extraordinary lightweight cleaning machine for record collectors and vinyl lovers. For individuals who are seeking an all-in-one and compact cleaner that provides effective cleaning, HumminGuru is your best option in quality for price and value.

The Importance of Cleaning

A clean, static-free vinyl record brings rich and lush sounds emanating from your turntable. Both used records and brand new records are always contaminated with dust, dirt, or even some release agent on the surface during the manufacturing process that can harm the stylus of your turntable. The static generating from the friction between the stylus and the record groove will also constantly attract new dust from the environment. It creates sparkling sounds and reduces sound quality.

Proper and regular cleaning becomes very essential to provide high audio quality and preserve your records that can last significantly longer.

The turntable stylus encounters more dust and micro-debris with the dirty record than with the record cleaned by HumminGuru
Cleaning by hand could cause inconsistency of effectiveness
Current ultrasonic cleaning machines in the market are either expensive or difficult to use

We Hear Your Needs

We do hear and understand your needs and concerns. For individuals who have a limited budget or space for a record-cleaning machine, physically cleaning the records by hand is time-consuming as it involves many steps. Steps involve the cover-up for the record label, the removal of all dust and static using detergent and brush, and rinse and dry overnight, and more. The result of cleaning effectiveness is inconsistent as it depends on the correct formula and methods. It is acknowledged that an ultrasonic record-cleaning machine is a better option because it is highly effective and requires zero contact with the record, but unfortunately, the ones found in the market are usually very high priced.

 Introducing HumminGuru 

HumminGuru, a professional ultrasonic cleaning machine, not only brings your dirty records back to life but also designed in ways that bring you a pleasant cleaning experience. Its auto-cleaning process makes it quick and simple while it is also compact, lightweight, smart, and quiet.

All-in-one Cleaning Machine 

HumminGuru is intuitive and easy to use. With one press of the ‘start’ button, its all-in-one design allows the cleaning and drying functions to run automatically in just 7-10 minutes.

Ultrasonic Cleaning System   

Ultrasonic cleaning is an approved process of using sound waves to create cavitation bubbles in a liquid bath of water that requires zero contact with the record during the cleaning process. HumminGuru applied a duo 40khz ultrasonic system. With 40khz, it is powerful to remove the contaminants and dust on your vinyl record without causing any damage.

Auto-Draining System 

Instead of releasing water manually, the cleaner automatically drains all water from the basin to the water tank and ensure the record is being dried in a water-free space. This auto-draining system simplifies the cleaning process.

Duo Fan System  

To increase the effectiveness of the drying process, a duo fan system is applied in designs that dry the vinyl record from both sides. Getting the vinyl record dry quickly in just 5 minutes.

Rotation System 

To make sure the vinyl record runs smoothly and rotates stably during the cleaning process, a two-point rotation system is designed to support the record firmly from the edge while ensuring no damage to the record itself.

How to Use

The machine is simple and easy to use. Simply plug in the power, fill up the water basin with 350ml water or liquid of your preference, choose the modes, and press start. HumminGuru will work for you all the way through.

Open the lid
Pour in 350ml water or liquid you preferred into the basin
Insert your record
Select your auto mode and press start
The machine will start cleaning automatically

Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose to change the cleaning/drying time duration to your preference through the mode settings available.

There are three function modes: Cleaning, Drying, and Auto 

In Auto mode, you can choose from two different time settings, 7 minutes or 10 minutes. If you want to do a quick cleaning before listening to your vinyl record, choose the shorter duration. If you have a very dirty vinyl record or a brand new record, choose the 10 minutes duration and give it a deep clean.

For individuals who want to clean or dry the record separately, choose the Cleaning Only or the Drying Only mode.

Feel free to add detergent that is specifically created and used for your vinyl record.

Cleaning Effectiveness 

Before and after cleaning the record with HumminGuru under a 100x zoom microscope


HumminGuru cleaning machine is designed to fit and store perfectly into your record shelve. The size of the product is 34.2 x 15.2 x 27.4cm (13.5” x 6” x 11”). If you are looking for the best compact record cleaning machine, HumminGuru is your best & only choice.


The cleaning machine only weighs about 3 kg, which equals 2 bottles of a 1.5-liter water bottle. It is lightweight and easy to carry around 

Power Cord Storage

A good design should also take cable management into account. Humminguru is designed in a way that you can organize and store the power cord inside the cleaning machine under the lid.

Customized Power Cord

It comes with a customized power cord depending on your region (shipping address) with no extra charge.


What Comes in the box 

  • Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner
  • Cover Lid
  • Power Cord 
  • 350ml Removable Water Tank
  • Manual Instruction / User Guide

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Behind the Scene  

The Company Happy Well

The project of Humminguru is supported by Happy Well International Enterprise Ltd. A well-established and vertically integrated company that has been engaged in the entire value chain from product research & development, production, to marketing and global sale of toy and infant products under the brand name Happy Well for two decades. The company is extending a sub-brand as Happy Well Tech that aims to develop innovative products that solve real consumer problems in the technology industry. Humminguru is our first launch. 

Our Team 

Our Design and Development Process

Our Own Factory

Happy Well owns and operates the factory in Zhuhai China that is established in 1988. With a total area of 45,000㎡ manufacturing plants, a team of over 1,000 employees, and the capability of processing 20+ product lines with well-equipped facilities, our ability to meet production deadlines and high product quality is assured.

What we need is your support to the project, hoping to create more affordable and good design products for you in the future!