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Healthy , vegetarian , Bio & stylesh brand of fast food


In my youth I have studied business administration and in the meantime I have worked in my family’s business selling machines and restaurant equipments where I got experience and knowledge in the field. Then I worked and invested in a group of restaurants in Istanbul for 3 years. Afte that, I traveled and lived in Sweden fo 2 years then to  Paris where I settled down since 4 years. Being a Parisian now, I noticed that estaurant like my idea (healthy and vegetarian) is lacked in the city, so I decided to put all my experrience and my ideas into this project.

The idea is to open a healthy, vegetarian fast food restaurant, with principally meals based on hummus and falafel, where people can choice the type of falafel they want (I’ll be making new receipies) with the filling they like. I see this project as a baby which will grow up to be the future of the healthy food.