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Aug 31, 2020
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Oct 30, 2020

Hybrid Electric motor vehicles, Personal/heavy duty trucks & buses that reach a minimal 1000 mile radius.


Hello, i am Robert Poole Jr, i am seeking funding to kickstart my next Project, i have with the help of my recently passed father due to Covid19 have found a way to to get far more electrical charge that lasts far longer then ever thought of before, the Average Hybrid does not get more then 100 miles on a single charge, many teslas do not exceed 300-500 if that at all. 

i have done enough research on Tesla, & many other EV’s i have studied the technology, but they’re all missing are very simple yet technically complicated system that would eliminate the use for a need to recharge or use a Fossil fuel, I have finally figured that portion out. 

My plans at first are to take a Very simple Hybrid vehicle and then retrofit the same system, along with my system and make it work, i know it will work.

once we have the Vehicle & Do proper studies/tests we will have the backing to move onto the next phase as to mass production of either A, Our system on our own line of Vehicles or B, Retrofit Vehicles for other manufactures using our System within their own line of vehicles, we have investors interested, but they want to see the finished product before they are willing to commit, without money we cannot create our first prototype.  

me and my father built a Generator back in 2012 with these same ideas in mind, and it was a success until it caught on fire, we totally eliminated the need for a fossil fuel with that, we just missed a few key points in the cooling system and with those things that take place in the process we learn from them and move forward. 

in 2013 my father was ill, he had come down with COPD and Diabetes, he eventually did not do well in the working environment being in his 60s chose to simply retire, and i simply chose to travel and experience what i could out of life. 

in 2018 i was in a Horrible auto accident, i survived going through a windshield, brain surgery and many other bone fractures throughout my body, doctors were determined as to if or not i would ever be the same again. 

i defeated the odds and walked out of the rehab floor of the Hospital, i have came back to be closer with my father and recovered over the past couple years, my father is a victim to Covid as of April 8th of this year sadly, but his dream lives on and i believe in that very same Dream, too Save our Environment and Progress the world onto the Future of what is to come. 

i am Ready now more so then ever before to take this head on, but i need your help to fund a Warehouse of which i will rent, tools & Electronics necessary, The materials to create our vision. 

We know the system will work within Cars and light/medium duty Trucks, but we also believe our system will make a huge dent in companies as in Tesla, in no way shape or form are we against Tesla, we believe those are more high end luxury line of vehicles but i believe he will end up personally becoming a Fan of ours. 

We Believe in Affordability for the People, not everyone can afford a Tesla, and in order to make big impacts in the Future of our Environment and Climate Change we must make it Affordable for All, eventually eliminating a Need for Fossil Fuels which we can also do further down the Road.