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Oct 29, 2020
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Nov 29, 2020

ICH is developing the smartest motorcycle helmet to save lives and enhance a rider’s experience.


Intelligent Cranium Helmets LLC (ICH) was started in 2015 with an idea for a helmet which will help save lives and enhance a rider’s experience. Currently motorcycle riders (including a number of ICH team members) have a huge blind spot around them that has left them vulnerable and susceptible to life threatening accidents, however;

ICH has solved this problem by integrating custom and currently available technologies into a motorcycle helmet that alerts and allows the rider to see danger before it’s too late.

Further, our patented technology and design enables the rider to leverage custom and existing mobile technology to take advantage of everything their smartphone has to offer. 

The Problem – Blindspots


The Solution

iC-R Dual Rear Camera Blind-spot Elimination w/Proximity Sensors


TheRideAdvice: “The iC-R (Intelligent Cranium) helmet packs a lot of the same technology that these other products do, but what we like most about it is that it actually seems to make an effort to make these features part of improving rider safety instead of just being there for the sake of it.”

Gizmag/New Atlas: “Intelligent Cranium’s iC-R helmet is the most ambitious high-tech helmet project we’ve seen…”


Motorcycle Safety Stats

  • In 2017 there were 5,172 motorcyclists killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes
  • Of the 5,172 motorcyclists killed in traffic crashes, 94 percent (4,885) were riders and 6 percent (287) were passengers
  • In States without universal helmet laws, 57 percent of motorcyclists killed in 2017 were not wearing helmets, as compared to 8 percent in States with universal helmet laws

Source: NHTSA’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis


The Safety of the iC-R (HW & SW)


Each iC-R model is designed and built with care and the utmost safety in mind.  For the physical build; we’re securing each helmet in Carbon Fiber & Kevlar for the ultimate in durability.  Taking safety even further, we’re pushing the limits for: DOT, SNELL, and ECE 22.05 certifications prior to shipping.  Oh…there’s one other one, but we’re saving that as a big surprise once obtained.

Note: The iC-R will initially be produced overseas due to time and cost, but the HW assembly/functional testing/QA of our helmets will be completed here in the U.S.


Almost every motorcycle rider has had at least ONE close encounter while riding, where a vehicle almost (or in some case did) blind side them because neither the rider nor the driver of the vehicle saw each other. 

The core of our helmets hardware is centered around safety.  The iC-R lineup is unmatched in features and  safety, with critical safety features like:

Dual rear-view cameras that ELIMINATE BLINDSPOTS and provide a 240 degree blind spot FOV; while similar products don’t provide this key safety element and only produce a maximum of 180 degrees FOV

Dual rear proximity/sonar sensors that provide a visual (via the HUD) and audible (optional & can be disabled) alert of hazards within 5-15ft

Ultra-bright rear LED helmet lights that make you nearly impossible to miss to drivers on the road at night/low light settings

[GPS HELMET TRACKER] – Never lose track of where you helmet is with our “Find My Helmet” feature in our companion app

[AUTO TINTING VISOR] – Designed so riders never have to take their hands off  their bikes; see clearly all the time

[INTERNAL SPEAKERS] – We’ve really looked at the placement of our internal speakers as much as the sound.  Instead of the uncomfortable feeling of wireless buds or speakers that constantly push up against your ears in an already very snug fitting helmet; we’ve recessed our speakers a little to take care of that.  Now you can enjoy that immersive sound for longer rides.

[HEADS-UP DISPLAY HARDWARE] – A 1920×1080 resolution and 40 degree FOV waveguide projection module fixed to the interior portion of the helmet, projects the rear-view camera feed onto our HUD as an overlay on the road ahead.  Our HUD is able to be easily removed and stored away if desired. 



[HEADS-UP DISPLAY SOFTWARE] – With our overall software, but specifically dealing with our Heads-up Dispaly (HUD); we’ve taken a different and what we feel to be a much safer approach.  The iC-R is meant to provide you safety first, and an incredible experience.  What you see in the above GIF is where we started, but our new approach to what you see on our HUD is simply to show you only the information that truly matters.  We’re now limiting the information to only the: rear camera FOV, GPS Navigation, unobtrusive proximity alerts, and visual confirmation when you are/aren’t recording your ride; which will be shown in a future updates.


[EMERGENCY SERVICES ALERT SYSTEM (ESAS)] – In the event of an accident, our ESAS will alert not only emergency contacts but the nearest Emergency Services (First Responders) if the rider is unresponsive within 5-20 seconds.

[VOICE RECOGNITION/COMMAND] – The ability to perform tasks hands-free is a huge safety concern, and a huge undertaking.  So that’s what we’re doing.  Not only are we working to provide you with hands-free functionality while wearing your iC-R, we’re personalizing it too with our own artificial intelligence.

[BLUETOOTH W/RIDER-TO-RIDER COMMUNICATION] – Connecting riders with one or many ride buddies via voice activation; on demand.  Now providing you with a stronger, more stable connection via Bluetooth Mesh Network.

[FRONT ACTION CAMERA] – With a 4k@60FPS camera riders can capture, share, and live stream their ride and anything in their FOV; in HD.  Designed to be embedded and replace the use of other helmet mounted action cameras; making the rider helmet that much lighter and integrated.  Who wants to mess around with mounts and an action camera that’s adding a weird amount of weight to one section of your helmet; as well as negatively changing the natural aerodynamics of your helmet as you ride?

[RESPIRATORY FILTER] – Your safety and your health go hand in hand—that’s why we’ve also included a washable respiratory filter to help protect you from dust, allergens, odors, and other invisible & harmful particulates while you’re traveling from place to place.

[MODULAR HARDWARE] – The majority of the iC-R’s components will be modular, and able to be replaced without the need to replace the entire helmet.  This move makes the iC-R even more unique, useful, affordable, and really sets us apart from our competitors.  With this in our design, we look to create a number of jobs within the U.S.; further reducing the repair/replacement timeline (if needed).


Helmet Sizing Chart


iC-R Models & Color Options (All Matte)


Funding Targets


Road to Delivery Timeline 

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The Team & Who Supports Our Success

To be successful, ICH brought together a select handful of experienced US Department of Defense (DoD) Veterans, Development Engineers, and energetic young talent. The core team has over 50 years of experience in development and acquisition programs, over 40 years in riding experience, and is 100% dedicated to bringing this exciting new product to market.

Since our inception we’ve had numerous think-tank sessions, revisions, and alterations within our design to ensure that we develop a product that will:

  • Be safe above all
  • Provide comfort that exceeds expectations
  • Give riders access to the most useful and best hands-free technology
  • Be revolutionary, yet affordable and adaptable


             Ambrose D. – Chief Executive Officer


    Anthony D. – Chief Operations Officer (Ret. Army)


   Robert I. – Chief Financial Officer (Ret. Air Force)


          Deborah J.H. – Product Support Manager (Ret. Army)


Those Supporting Our Success

[Kreatif Design] – the team responsible for the beautiful helmet design you see today, and that you will soon be able to wear and enjoy

[ARH Co] – the team responsible for the physical all carbon fiber prototype, and who has also been helpful in the design refinement process as riders themselves

[Shenzhen Manufacturing Partner] – who has been a very helpful resource and who will be manufacturing our helmets; ensuring all safety standards are met and helmets shipped out in a timely manner.  They have successfully passed ISO9001: 2008 quality certification to fully equip production facilities with advanced equipment to ensure product design, R & D, pilot production, and mass-production quality.  They have over 18 years of experience and are primed to help ICH succeed.

[Adekunle Adepoju] – who served as a Systems Engineer resource for our project

[Vlad Tyum] – who supported us with portions of software/embedded computer vision

[Art Schweiss] – who has been an incredible resource for specific hardware needs

[Dejan Stevanovic & Hallsten Innovations] – who supports our electrical engineering needs, and assisted with main PCB design

We are proud of what has been accomplished thus far, with the resources available.  We are here ready to see this product through to completion, bring it market and into the hands of all riders.  We need your support to get us there.  With your support financially and through spreading the word, paired with our years of developmental expertise and unwavering commitment; success is inevitable.  Support a company that will forever be here to support you!


Risks & Challenges

In any start-up there will be challenges and obstacles to overcome.  Some financial,  operational, and challenges within ones organization; all of which are unforeseen.  The key to succeeding is through perseverance and thinking outside of the box.

Though ICH is not a new company starting our company in 2015, there are many good things about where we are and not being a brand new company; such as:

  • We’ve already gone through the big hurdles of a new organization in finding the right talent and colleagues to see this product through to the end.
  • We’ve dealt with development companies who’s business to business ethics are not where they should be.
  • We’ve navigated through to the right developmental partnerships needed to take the iC-R from concept, to production, and into all rider’s hands.

ICH has endured most of the challenges that cause start-up company’s to give up and close down.  Since our inception, we have minimized any future risks by:

  • Ensuring our core team is solid and has the proper credentials and expertise to get the job done.
  • Critically thought through every part of the design of the iC-R, its features, and affordable pricing so that all can be safe while riding.
  • Aligning ourselves with the proper developmental and manufacturing partnerships to help produce the right product, and on time.

Realistically, no one can predict every possible issue that may arise within a development such as this.  What we have learned through years of experience is to plan and prepare for the worst possible issues; which is what we have done.  With your support and trust in the integrity of Intelligent Cranium Helmets, ALL will enjoy the success of this development and the quality of the product that will come from it.  Our backers have our sincere commitment that we will provide:

  • regular and timely updates
  • complete responsiveness to inquiries
  • our promise and dedication to deliver this product

We  sincerely appreciate the support of our current and future fans, and we can’t wait to bring forth the first TRULY smart and situational awareness smart helmet.

-The Dream Team at Intelligent Cranium Helmets