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Jun 21, 2022
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Jul 22, 2022

Super stretchy,water repellent fabric, comes together as loungewear that is warm and comfortable!


A revival of the samue using traditional methods used to create kimonos, from a maker found in the traditional capital of Japan, Kyoto!

We are Ichimoku (株式会社一杢), and we are a traditional Japanese clothes maker. We look to make and sell samue, the traditional clothes of a monk when they work, as well as other original brands, such as our Kimono suits.

When it comes to the samue, it is slightly different to a Kimono which is a full outer garment, with it being split into a jacket and trousers. It was initially made for zen monks who wore it when working, but after common people found out how easy it is to work in it as well as how comfortable it is, it became more popular as loungewear and even everyday use. You may have even seen people wearing them in restaurants such as soba noodle restaurants or Izakayas (bar like establishments) if you have visited Japan before.

With this in mind, we started from scratch, and looked to redesign the samue. And after much trial and error, we were able to make a samue that is modern but faithful to its roots.

For those that have an interest in Japanese culture or Japanese Fashion, we hope you give supporting this project a chance. We have also made it extremely easy to wear, so for those that have had the extra tough experience of trying to wear a Kimono, please give this a try! It is super comfortable to wear and walk around in, enough that you won’t want to take it off!

Changing the Samue to fit Western Builds[ UPDATE ]

In order to accommodate for those that wish to wear the Samue but have a larger build, we are looking to create an extra size, the 3L.

As Japanese people have a different shape to many people overseas, we have to think not only about the length of the jacket and trousers, but also the width of the chest and hips and so on.

We had one of my foreign friends try the jacket on, but their build especially along the shoulders was quite different, meaning that we had to go back to the drawing board, redesigning the shoulder structure of the jacket. This meant creating a whole new pattern frame for jacket. This isn’t just a size up from the L or XL but a complete redesign to the jacket. We have created a whole new pattern that allows for the jacket shoulders to fit nicely as well as letting the sleeves feel loose. This has meant trial and error in creating this new design pattern.

We hope that by doing so, we can interest more foreigners in wearing Samue, and spreading this amazing piece of clothing all over! 

We also hope that this makes the Samue more accessible for those that are a little larger than others.

We look to be able to use this project as an opening to make the other sizes in different body shapes! 



The front of the jacket can be held together using a cord that is attached, and you can also wear it like a cardigan without closing it. This is great for if you suddenly feel a little too warm, or a breeze picks up and you get cold.

The front facing material is hydrophobic as well as being durable, meaning that it doesn’t let wind or rain through easily, while also being tough to get dirty. It’s great for getting up and heading out for a walk around while keeping you warm.

※ Tested to be 45.8% heat retaining JISL1096 (Company A) General incorporated Foundation

The samue is able to stretch both horizontally and vertically thanks to the elasticity in the material used to make it. You can wear it as loungewear and feel comfortable all day from morning to night!

The inner layer of the samue is extremely warm, thanks to a fleece material. It is also stretchy, meaning that you can work and play and still feel snug while wearing it.

The sleeves use ribbed knit, which gives this traditional piece of clothing a western feel to it, as well as give it a little more functionality. The sleeves don’t move as much, meaning that they don’t get in the way when you’re doing a variety of tasks. At a glance, it gives the samue a blouson-like look.

The trousers use a knitted ribbing, which works well with sneakers as well as traditional Japanese sandals!

Material used: Polyester 90%, Polyurethane 10%

Pockets: 2 in the jacket, 4 in the trousers (2 front and 2 back)

How to wash: After washing on a slow spin cycle, refrain from drying in a tumble dryer, and place on a hanger and dry naturally preferably outside.

We have made returns that include just the Jacket and just the Trousers as well as the full set. We hope that you can coordinate your wardrobe with them in mind!


The Samue Jacket can be set using the inner cord. The trousers are also elastic, and can be tied with the cord that is found in the trousers. We hope that with this we can support various sizes.

As the sleeves and hems have a knitted ribbing, the total length of the sleeves and trousers are set longer than normal, but as we have experience with the JIS  (Japanese Industry Standards) in regards to Western style clothing, we have stated a size that we think should be most comfortable for a certain body size and shape.

Model: 179cm, 74kg | Samue size: LL Size

When wearing the LL size, the model found it a little big.

Model: 160cm | Samue size: S Size

Ichimoku Co (株式会社 一杢)

We have been making samue and kimonos for over 25 years in Kyoto. As a specialist of samue, we want more people to try them out and find how comfortable they are.

In recent years, we have felt that even in Japan, less people are wearing traditional Japanese clothes. Many people may feel when they see Kimono or Yukata that they look beautiful, or cool, but in actuality these people don’t really have the chance or occasion to wear them.

We think that when it comes to the samue, it is one of the easiest of Japanese traditional clothes to wear in a casual situation. It is also easy to fit into today’s modern lifestyle. We hope that we can help to increase the amount of people that wear the samue and start to bring a little bit of Japanese culture into their hearts.

We hope that you can back the project and come to Japan and wear it while you explore!

A Japanese sewing factory you can depend on

To produce this Samue, we are collaborating with a factory in Gunma Prefecture, a prefecture that has a rich history of weaving and sewing! This company has over 35 years of experience when it comes to the creation of yukata and samue. They  do everything in house from the cutting of the fabrics, sewing and weaving, and finishing touches. 

Project Starts June 20th 

Project Ends July 19th

Samue Prepared August-October 2022

Rewards Shipped November 2022

Rewards arrive to backers by Feb 2022