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Nov 13, 2020
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Dec 13, 2020

Infinite Length, Serial Printing, Cloud Capable & Error Detection Software


                                        Open Source Files available via Link below

While that model was not very advanced, we constantly worked on this printer since 2018 to bring it to perfection. 

Especially the belt and the belt system has improved a lot and costs decreased significantly. We will release all the files of the printer on GitHub in the upcoming weeks. This will include all the 3D printed and laser-cut parts, all the remaining standard 3D printer parts, and the source code of the software. The belt will be available as a spare part on our website soon. 

This printer was built with the community in mind to make it easily modifiable and upgradable. We encourage the community to makes this printer even better for everyone.

Firstly, we want to thank all the inventors of belt technology in 3d printing. Credits go to William Steele, Brook Drumm, and Zechy Coyte-King all of you inspired us to release our first Open Source printer in 2018 on Thingiverse

Of course, we printed the Kickstarter Autodesk 3D Printer Test: (30/30)

Time is the most valuable asset. The remote control and support features of the iFactory One allow you to enjoy life instead of wasting your time controlling printers. PrinterGUARD will watch over your printer and inform you about successful prints or potential errors. Monitor and manage the printing process from a distance via a built-in HD camera.

  • Every buyer of the iFactory One receives a free online calibration & introduction session with your personal PrinterBuddy to ensure perfect printer performance (in English, German, Italian & more languages to come)
  • Simple assembly with high-quality manuals and video tutorials
  • Pre-customized slicer profiles for PETG and PLA materials

With the cloud-capable options, enable others to access securely your printer for printing, or order parts from other makers in your area. Thanks to the included Rasberry Pi Model A3+ new business models and interactions for makers with their community are possible. iFactory3D will also support you on that journey, by providing a commercial exchange platform for files and services amongst owners of the iFactory One with external customers. Hereby we collaborate with an external partner from the USA, that has already a working end-to-end system, including payment management.

  • Designed, assembled and quality checked in Germany
  • Parts are easy to customize & repair (available as OpenSource)
  • A complete ecosystem is being built around the iFactory3D printers that you can capitalize on

Finding the right gift for your friends and family has never been simpler, whether you do it online or offline. The iFactory One gives you an opportunity to print personalized gifts like toys, choose pre-designed objects from various platforms, or create your own. Recipients will appreciate your attention and originality.

  • Infinity printing: Print either endless in one Axis or an infinite number of objects
  • Firmware with all features wanted by the community, such as Thermal Runaway Protection and StallGuard

iFactory3D offers a yet simple solution that includes a 3D printer, support (care) service, and the perfect filament. You’ll experience high-quality printing and high service standards from the first day. Our engineers will help you with assembling the kit and will help you with printer calibration. We provide our customers with the best belt and filament on the market.

Enjoy the handiest desktop-sized conveyor belt printer that enables production at scale from home. Turn the iFactory One into your partner for your project, startup, or business, as it just works and works and works.

The iFactory One uses a durable belt and comes with all kinds of state-of-the-art features implemented not only in the firmware but on the printer itself. 

For most parts, we also focused on already established form factors, parts, and firmware-configurations. Also, we are following the trend for silent stepper drivers so the printer will operate as silent as it could be. Buyers are not locked in from buying parts from us they are easily accessible around the world.

Break physical boundaries by inventing objects of infinite length. Print any quantity to realize your craft, hobby, or entrepreneurial idea. The conveyor belt technology makes your dreams come true.

 1. Cura iFactory Edition

We are using a modified version of Cura that is optimized for belt printers. 

iFactory3D Cura*

 *Cura is developed by Ultimaker B.V.

2. Octoprint
  We are using a modified OctoPrint on the included Raspberry Pi for local and remote access via the cloud, for PrinterGUARD, and also for the touchscreen interface. 

iFactory3D Octoprint version

3. Marlin Firmware 

Our printers ship with Marlin that is modified for the iFactory One. Also, functions like Thermal Runaways and StallGuard are active by default.

  • Germany: €15 
  • European Union: €29
  • Worldwide (rest of the world): €139