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Live this whole new experience of filtered air flow all in one helmet


iik’ sak is a lightweight, easy-to-breathe, anti-pollution helmet that filters dust, pathogens, allergens from the air you breathe, and overall pollution while protecting you and others from contaminating particles all over your face by creating a seal of fresh and clean air.

All the flow air that comes from the outside is filtered by a HEPA level H13 filter, which removes up to 99.95% of particles down to 3 microns. 

Why do you care?  We want to provide a great solution for our planet, committed to our environment, our project minimizes the daily waste of disposable face masks.

Who are we? iik’ sak is a company of innovators who believe that our health is the greatest treasure. That is why we decided to create a personal clean air flow system.

Our product: iik’ sak is a personal, clean air flow system, and everyone who uses it experiences the best protection in any environment, eliminating odors and particles of up to 3 microns through a highly efficient HEPA system.

PCF “Protection, Comfort, Freshness”

  • Protection
  • Full face coverage
  • Perfect seal
  • HEPA H13 Filtering
  • Amazing comfort
  • Prevents the accumulation of moisture in the area of ​​the mouthpiece
  • Does not irritate the face
  • Does not fog up glasses
  • Light
  • Keeps you fresh all day while protecting you and others
  • Maintains a pleasant internal climate
  • It gives the sensation of a light breeze on the face 

We have worked hard in the design and prototypes of iik’ sak 1.0 and it has worked very well in the tests. We are certain that you will love its use and its comfort, together with the safety it offers you and those around you.

Like the person below, wearing the helmet to protect himself, you can also get that for yourself just by supporting this project and choosing the right perk for you.

 “iik’ sak” means clean air and it has been taken from the millennial Mayan language… and today there is nothing more valuable than “iik’ sak”

  • Healthcare Workers
  • Airline Industry
  • Restaurant Industry
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Education
  • Public Transportation
  • Food Industry
  • Business Enterprises

Every penny you donate to this project will be highly appreciated and you will be rewarded for it. Thank you.