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Sustainable, durable, water-repellent, compact in size, and fashionable.
We say “I’M POSSIBLE” to common impossibles.


We are proud to introduce to you a long coat that is sustainable, durable, water-repellent, compact in size, and fashionable. If our long coat could speak in the human tongue it would have one message to convey. That is…    “I’M POSSIBLE”

 We are all free. The world is beautiful and adventurous. Every day can be filled with excitement and thrill. Not one person was born to be strapped down by lists of impossibilities.  Our mission is simple as can be, to create a long coat that can change your impossibles to POSSIBLE.  

The I’MPOSSIBLE Long Coat is packed with fascinating features. Crafted with four pockets, hood with a mini-brim, drawstring waist, adjustable cuffs, and a packable stuff pocket. It is also designed and tailored to beautify your silhouette.

100% Water-repellent

I’MPOSSIBLE Long coat blocks rain with a 100% guarantee. We use a newly developed original water-repellent fabric, also made environmentally friendly. 

We have cleared international inspections to prove our water-repellent/moisture permeability.  

Say “Good-bye!” to your umbrellas, because you probably won’t be needing them anymore! 

Pockets with Large Storage Space

Going out on a rainy day holding a bag and an umbrella is full of limitations. That’s why we made our pockets extra-large, to give you the option to walk out of your house with both hands totally free.

We offer two large pockets (Long-wallet / Tablet storable), a hidden chest pocket for your cards and cash, and an extra-large back pocket that can store an 11-inch laptop!

Self-stowing Pocket

With all its functionality, The I’MPOSSIBLE Long Coat becomes as small as an A4 file (22cm×31cm/ 8.7inch×12inch) when folded and stored into its self-stowing pocket. It also makes a great pillow/cushion when you are on a trip. Due to our special manufacturing method, the fabric is anti-wrinkle so you can always look fresh.


I’MPOSSIBLE Long Coat protects you from unexpected accidents like spilling drinks or food. ↓Seeing is believing↓

Releases Humidity and Blocks Wind

The high neck collar and mini-brim on the hood are structured to block the wind. The hood is also adjustable to fit around the face and prevent winter chill. Our newly developed original water-repellent fabric blocks water from the outside but allows vapor to pass through from the inside keeping you free of moisture droplets and helps the body stay warm and dry.  

The I’MPOSSIBLE Long Coat is designed and sized for a slimming, yet comfortable fit. Please refer to the size chart below for garment measurements by size.

Your support is what makes this project POSSIBLE.  We have poured our energy and our soul into this project, hoping that those who join us will receive joy and satisfaction through the product and our service. We are always seeking to grow and improve so please send us your thoughts and insights. We are planning on further projects in the near future, so please stay in tune.

With much love 

The I’MPOSSIBLE Project Team. 

Our Team

The Manufacturer: Cheers To Your Youth

A manufacturer based in Taiwan. Pursuing every day to meet the needs of customers and produce products that are comfortable as can be. We are particular about the quality of our products, that is why we use high-quality materials. We also focus on providing products that are effective and kind to the environment.

The Distributor: For You

For you is a small, passionate team based in Tokyo Japan. We are on a mission to maximize life’s possibilities by making the world’s most versatile items for all. No matter how you live, work, or play. We answer our customers’ questions honestly because we want to stay as transparent as possible.


How to Care for Your I’MPOSSIBLE Long Coat

• Recommended use: Wash by hand or use the reverse side to put into the laundry bag and throw it into the washing machine for cleaning. If you need to use detergent, it is recommended to use a neutral detergent.

• Recommended use: Do not overuse the dehydrator to stir and twist. After cleaning, place it in a cool and ventilated place to air dry, avoid direct sunlight.

• Avoid using: softener, bleach, soda powder, color protection products, strong acid or alkali detergent of soap, and brushes with rough bristles such as bristle brush or steel brush. Also avoid the use of Dryer, Iron. This is to protect the water-repellent function.