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Nov 13, 2020

A horror comedy starring some of your favorite TikTok creators.


INSIDE a horror comedy starring some of your favorite TikTok creators.

Six college students go to a cabin to celebrate New Year’s weekend…what could go wrong? Three serial killers, The Haunters, break in to pick them off one by one. However, the tables are turned when one of the killers ends up with his head turned around 180 degrees, and these bad guys learn that no matter how bad you think you are there’s always something bigger, stronger, and so much…worse.

The awareness and reflexivity of YOU’RE NEXT (2011), CABIN IN THE WOODS (2011), THE BABYSITTER (2017) and READY OR NOT (2019) meets the utter terror and mystery of THE THING (1982).


“Creators” ProdCo is an up and coming collective of writers, actors and producers who are tired of everything they do being put into quotation marks. For example, Victoria Annunziato has 5 million followers on TikTok, but she’s and “actress” and a “fashion designer” despite making over hundreds of hours of content by acting, and launching her own fashion line. It’s insane. We’ve decided to take the quotations back. We are “Creators” because, well, if no one else is going to create the content we want to see…then we will.


You already spend hours on TikTok, what’s 90 minutes? This is a legitimate horror feature, that just happens to be populated with some of the most popular TikTokers on the app. This is hopefully the first of many feature projects “Creators” plan on producing. “Creators” is developing and producing a bevvy of other media content such as hybrid shorts, hybrid series, and podcasts in order to create a mass amount of intellectual property to show the world–we are legit, and we didn’t come here to mess around.

INSIDE is the ideal arena for TikTokers to flex their acting chops–bringing their comedic abilities, and honing their dramatic ones in order to create a story that feels familiar and entertaining, yet still fresh…and downright horrifying.


Lexx Fusco – The Writer, Director & Producer

Fusco graduated from Drexel University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in screenwriting–that’s right, a literal BS in story. She has over 10 years of writing experience, alongside 5 years of industry development experience that has allowed her to not only be a great story teller, but be on her grind to make her projects, and others’, happen.

Victoria Annunziato – The Star & Producer

Victoria has built a social media empire unlike any other. She gained five million followers in less than six months with her popular Stacy sketches, dancing, singing, and acting videos. Victoria now aspires to use her platform to set a good example for young women that no matter what your dream may be, it’s absolutely possible. In 2020 alone, she’s not only garnered fame on TikTok, but she’s launched her own clothing line, and is a member of an all girls influencer collective that is said to redefine “TikTok house” by utilizing their content beyond the app. Victoria is an actress, dancer, fashion designer, producer, and entrepreneur plans to take the entertainment industry by storm.

Nina Gortinski – The Producer

Nina Gortinski is a true jack of all trades. When she’s not producing features and television shows, she’s a kick ass California attorney at law, dabbling in running multiple companies, and trying to change the world through innovation and creativity.

THE CAST (Stats as of 9/20/2020)

Victoria Annunziato (king_victober, 4.8m) as Sabrina Dylan

As previously stated, Victoria is an absolute force of nature. When she’s not mining comedy gold as her character Stacy, she’s flexing her acting chops performing in all kinds of skits, sketches and scenes.

Sabrina Dylan has all of the earmarks of the perfect final girl. She’s the girl next door who loves wholly and completely with her heart, and would do anything to keep her friends safe. She’s recently engaged to Wyatt, and hopes to make this weekend memorable.

Sebastian Betancur (iamsebastianbetancur, 1.1m) as Wyatt Masters

Sebastian Betancur is an actor born in Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in the small town of Honea Path in South Carolina, and moved to LA to pursue his acting career. He was always the class clown and was voted most likely to succeed in his high school. He quickly realized school was not the path for him and started creating video content at a young age. At the age of 14 he won a contest and got to speak with Gary Vee and Logic the rapper. They gave him some crucial advice and that day changed his life. Since then he’s amassed over 1 million followers across his social media platforms, and is now a full-time content creator. His dream actor to work with is Leonardo DiCaprio.

Wyatt Masters is your classic afterschool special heartthrob. He’s sweet, charming, maybe a little too broody, but hey, they like that kind of quality on the CW. Wyatt is studying to be a pediatric heart surgeon, and has a serious white knight complex. He has been best friends with Beau, Robbie and Lilah since elementary school, and they have had this New Years Eve celebration every year practically since they met. Wyatt loves Sabrina unconditionally and cannot wait to spend the rest of his life with her, no matter what anyone thinks.

Cooper Niedecker (filmcooper, 82k) as James

Cooper Neidecker is a filmmaker/actor from the fast paced state of Kansas where activities are limited to either dying in a corn field or hanging out in a Walmart parking lot until it’s late enough to go cow tipping. He wrote, directed, produced, and starred in his first feature film “Scarecrows” that released on Amazon Prime in 2020, and has recently wrapped production on his second feature, “Deeply Depraved”. He’s used to wearing many hats on set, because there are approximately 3 people in the entire state that want to make movies. Cooper’s plans for the future are to move to a city with more than 1 stoplight, and hopefully form connections with other creators that want to make films just as badly as he does.

James is your garden variety CRIMINAL MINDS unsub reject. He just wants to cause pain for the sake of causing pain. Why is he doing this? Well, he’s a monster…it’s in his nature.

Kim Fernandez (angelknives13, 983k) as Faith Sterling

Kim Fernandez is a quadruple threat. Not only is she a cosplay TikTok sensation, but she’s also a popular streamer (16.7k on Twitch), gamer, and musician! Kim is from a small suburb just outside of Chicago. Currently, she’s halfway through a four year acting program, and plans to move to LA once she graduates.

Faith Sterling is an e-girl, anti vaxxer for clout, vegan who loves Chick-Fila. But that’s not all, folks! Faith and Robbie have been hooking up on and off again for a few months now. She’s more interested in Robbie’s weed than Robbie…but she’s even more intrigued by Wyatt. And she’ll do anything to get his attention.

John Sand (rapsquatch, 10k) as Carter

John Sand is a small TikTok creator hailing from Indiana. After growing up as strictly the funny kid for most of his early years, Sand has blossomed into something of a renaissance man owning the titles of actor, writer, rapper, comedian, music producer, and many more.

Carter is a drug addict who grew up in an emotionally abusive home, and his life changed forever when he got his hands on his father’s oxy. However, Carter has run out of money and meth is expensive…but he’s found a new kind of high–murder. He looks to James for direction, and is totally under his spell.

Ozzy Francis (kookyhippie, 614k) as Robbie Jeffries

Ozzy Francis boasts over 600,000 followers on TikTok where he creates niche art house content for his audience. Ozzy is an artist in the truest sense, as he acts, models, draws, and can turn anything his imagination desires into a reality. He attended performing arts school for two years, and utilized his experience in order to turn his passion into a craft.

Robbie Jeffries is the stoner with a heart of gold. Robbie just wants everyone to have a good time, whatever a good time entails for that person. Robbie has absolutely never been one for peer pressure, and would rather accomodate you and your needs versus trying to get you on his same page of fun.

Josh Fleming (joshfleming4, 1.7m) as Beau Donahughe

Josh Fleming is an army veteran from Tampa, Florida. He was a complete nerd in high school and only ran (track and cross country) and played video games but when he joined the army back in 2016 everything changed. He got to travel the world and meet many people. He heard that tik tok was the new vine so he downloaded it and uploaded just for fun and accidentally blew up when talking like a girl. Now josh has over 1.7 million followers on tik tok and is in college. Josh is ecstatic for his opportunity to be in a movie and can’t wait to see where life takes him now.

Beau Donahughe is an all American alpha male jock, but a big ol’ softy at his core. He’s like a big brother to Robbie and Wyatt, and treats them as such–he’ll tease and bully them a bit, but if anyone messes with them, Beau will put them in the ground. Beau is very much a throw punches first, ask questions never kind of guy. He and Lilah are the perfect power couple, who just also happen to be soulmates.

Gabrielle Chase (gabschase, 1.7m) as Lilah Summers

Gabrielle Chase grew up in a small city in Texas where she spent most of her time either in school or at her dance studio. She attended a private Christian school where she definitely did not fit in due to her loud personality and love of Benedict Cumberbatch, but dance helped her express herself and find a community. It wasn’t until high school that she discovered theatre and found her new passion. She went from doing Kim Kardashian impressions to playing Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion and then realized that this wasn’t just a passion, it was a dream career she wanted to come true. After graduating high school she attended Baylor University where she studied Theatre Performance and Professional Writing for a brief period of time before dropping out. She went from a theatre kid and dancer to a nanny and a salesperson trying to figure out what to do next. Eventually she went back to school attending a community college to study English  before dropping out again. Although some might see her as a failure, she played multiple roles in many theatre productions, wrote plays that she co directed, danced for 17 years, and has a TikTok following of 1.6 million. Her goal is to be an actress, screenwriter, and dancer with or without a degree.

Lilah Summers wears the crown of the “slut” quite proudly, and actually gets kind of a kick out of it–as Beau is the first and only person she has ever had sex with. Lilah uses her sexuality not as a weapon, but part of her arsenal of complete self security and confidence. Lilah can appear vapid, but like her Beau, she knows how to level a situation real fast.

Read Choi (readchoi, 1.2m) as Harold)

Read is a content creator. Only starting content creation at the beginning of quarantine, he is just trying to find his feet in a new industry.

Harold is the third in the serial killing trio who is one violation away from landing on a sex offender list. Harold is aggressive, manic, and heavily reliant on James for direction. Think of him as an anthropomorphic version of the crazy hyena from THE LION KING.


With your help, we can make this dream a reality. We are hoping to shoot this project in December on the east coast. We know you want to see your favorite creators on screen together, making something amazing, and this is your chance to help! Let’s make this happen.


We got tired of waiting around for someone else to do this for us and decided if we want this movie to be real, we have to make it so. TikTok has such a resoundingly engaged community, it just made sense to create a project for you guys, and have you be a part of it.

Every amount you contribute, every time you share this link to your social media, you are helping us make a Herculean effort come true.

2020 is the year that time forgot. We’re not letting it stop us from achieving our dreams.


We obviously want to make the best movie we can, but have very limited resources to make it happen. However, we are hoping for tons of contributors to be not only donating, but spreading the word of this incredible endeavor and we can hit BEYOND our current goal.

We have some awesome stretch goals in mind such as enhanced practical effects, a full movie premiere in Los Angeles, and more! Let’s hit our goal and go beyond, shall we?

More info to come!