$1 raised out of $100,003

InstantBan will deliver faster response times for handling live situations of cheating and toxicity in video games.


We are raising funds to develop a universal software that aims to eliminate active cheating and toxicity in video games. Video games offer many great experiences for gamers, but sometimes that great experience can be ruined by a cheater or another gamer that wants to make someone’s experience miserable. Gamers should not have their current gaming session consumed by those things. We already have to overcome many challenges in the game itself, even though we enjoy the experience a game brings! Another gamer with malicious intent should not ruin someone’s time they spend gaming.

We plan on working alongside games in the gaming industry by supporting them with our software that will offer live support for issues such as cheating or toxicity. With the help of InstantBan, many video games will be creating a more positive gaming environment for gamers who play their game(s).

Website Landing Page

Starting, users would go to InstantBan’s website, where they will be able to download InstantBan for Windows, Mac, IOS, or Android. Once they download and install InstantBan, they will open up the software where they will find the login page.

Login Page

InstantBan’s user interface is both easy to navigate through and very eye-catching. We pour deep thoughts and constant revisions into our designs to make them look stunning and easy to navigate.

Sign up Page

Signing up is very simple, but we would love to implement login in with Epic Games, Steam, Apple ID, Nintendo, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and many others to make signing up simple and easy to track. By “tracking,” we mean, for example, an Xbox User already has a clip recording of an incident that occurred, and he wishes to publish it on our software. He can do so by connecting his Xbox Account to InstantBan and submitting the clip he hopes to publish by simply selecting and transferring. InstantBan does not sell any privacy of our users to any company whatsoever.

Profile Page

Once users are signed up and logged in, they will see many features inside InstantBan. One feature is the Profile Page. The user will be able to change their Avatar, Username, email address, and password at any given time if they signup with email only. If a user is signed up with Xbox Live, Apple ID, Steam, and other alternative logins, they will not be allowed to change the settings for their account. Any changes on the platforms they signed in with will update in InstantBan.

Changing Password and Email

Changing Email

Home Page

The home page consists of games supported by InstantBan services, recent recordings the logged-in user has, and recent games the user has played. Each ‘Show More’ option displays a new window containing more from the section clicked.

Show More tab for Games We Support
Games We Support About Page

Every game within InstantBan will have an about page. The about page will consist of the Game’s Name, description, website, rating, reviews, release date, last update, developers, publishers, and a few keywords. This helps developers find customers based on the customers’ liking, and customers find the perfect game that they can enjoy with friends. 

Report Page

Users will reach this page after clicking ‘Make Report‘ on the left side. Here they can upload images or videos and select a reason for filing the report (based on the game determined). Once the information is sent, users can follow up with live support in the ‘Check Status‘ tab on the left. If some games do not have live support, users will be notified in the ‘Notification’ tab on the left and email.

  • Submitting Report

Users will be presented with a field for the Game, Player name(s), and a description. For example, clicking Game will open a drop-down list of games supported by InstantBan. Users can type the game’s name and select from the list instead. This helps with correctly sending the case to the correct company that supports the game the user was on during the incident. 

Check Status Page

The Status Page is where users can reply to or live chat with support members. There are four primary Statuses in the ticket system:

  • Open – Waiting for support to reply
  • Pending – Waiting for the user to reply
  • Solved – Dispute has successfully been handled
  • Unsolved – Not enough support material
Check Status Detail

When clicking on any of the four primary statuses, the user will be able to message support either live or throughout specific time intervals. 

Recorded Videos

Displays users’ recent recordings and the most current status on a report tied. Users will have options to delete videos that have not been filed with a report. Additionally, videos will have options where the user can modify details such as Title, Description, and Game the video is associated with.

Deleting Videos

Users can delete videos by checking off the box and clicking Delete Forever.

Uploading a video

Uploading videos have never been so simple. First, enter the Title of what you would like to name the video and a description. Once you have created those essential elements, you will move on to letting our systems know what type of game it is that you were playing and hit publish once all the steps are completed. 

Capture Video Page

Don’t have your capturing device? We have you covered. InstantBan has a built-in free-to-use video capture that records live audio and gameplay between users. You can click Start Recording to record live up to 3 minutes or click the up arrow icon by start recording. You will see options for recording the last 3 minutes, 1 minute, or 30 seconds. After the recording is finished, you will be able to review the recording before publishing it to Recorded Videos.

Notification Page

The Notification page is where users will receive desktop notifications on specific alerts such as new games, status reports, offers, and more.