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                                                             BY RONALD TYSON II

Zambian American Cultural Centre

 GOAL/OBJECTIVE: To establish a cultural engagement American CENTER in Zambia for learning with interactive venues exhibiting trendy props, literature, and memorabilia celebrating various art genres.

MISSION: Provide a place for interactive activities and learning combined with an outgoing leisure setting for the general populace.

Ronald Tyson is a United States citizen from Tampa, Florida. Currently in the wonderous country of ZAMBIA on a missionary humanitarian assignment to establish a school and/or orphanage within the city of Lusaka.  Time spent in Zambia, he’s taken special note of recreational activities with personal development venues …or lack thereof available to the general public at large.  Thus, a project was born, the CENTER, to create an enjoyable community interactive place for leisure activities and development.

With the exception of most college campuses, standard libraries are limited in resources and activities. This CENTER will be stocked with academic text books on subject matters like Management and Leadership, Accounting Principles, English literature, art illustration books, and graphic novels. As reading improves one’s vocabulary skills, boxes of Comic books are available for the youth and young adults. Super-heroes and sci-fi are popular here. The CENTER will offer youths the opportunity to read comic books and graphic novels (not available in Zambia or many parts of AFRICA).  NOTE: These will NOT depict GRAPHIC HARDCORE VIOLENCE OR SEXUALITY as is common in today’s mature comic books. These are toned down reading material featuring the likes of Looney tune, Marvel/DC characters specially designated for young children.

This CENTER complements my missionary assignment by providing a wide range of reading material to the general public for further development and understanding in the English language. All which the communities of Zambia will benefit from as Education is a valued sometimes limited resource in this region.  Seminars on these subjects will take place.

The CENTER will exhibit various props, collectibles and merchandise from TV, Film, comics, and local artistry talent and have a separate section for tactical social board games. As something that is new in ZAMBIA, the CENTER offers exhibits and entertainment venues for families and individuals to experience through pop culture props and displays, game playing, and local arts and crafts.

I invite everyone to support this God-given vision. Praise The Lord, there are local city Comic Book shop owners in the US willing to contribute books and material for the project.  The CENTER will need to be self-sustaining (I am including a SNACK SHOP inside). Start-up cost equate to 1) Building rental 2) shipping items internationally 3) employee salaries (yes, we are providing jobs as well – an added bonus) 4) interior components for the museum needed like stands and display cabinets 5) SNACK SHOP EQUIPMENT (oven, registers, tables).

Thank you kindly for your support. It is much appreciated as you are contributing to a project that brings educational and leisure activities to a community in grave need of such.