$4,042 raised out of $200,000

360° Full Head Protection, Protected within 0,1 sec, Automatic trigger mechanism, Integrated in recycled backpack


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The helmet construct consists of seven lightweight safety bars that spread out to enclose the entire head including the face and neck. A Kevlar-sheet on the top covers the gaps between bars, offering seamless protection of the top of the head. 

Given the all-embracing nature of the helmet, it also delivers comprehensive protection of the cervical spine by preventing over-twisting of the head upon angular impact. As the invisibel system is integrated into a backpack with back cushions and a robust inner casing, the spine is also optimally guarded.

Pretensioners for reliable protection

Two pretensioners along the shoulder straps of the backpack tighten around the shoulders upon helmet activation to pull the construction into place. This guarantees precise opening of the helmet over the cyclist’s head. 

By utilizing the mechanism behind seat belts, the pretensioners and therefore the position of the expanded helmet can not be changed by force. By properly folding the helmet back into its casing, the pretensioners regain their original state. 

Easy to handle

The invisibel  helmet is integrated into an easy-to-handle backpack that offers enough space for all the necessary items of daily life. Closing the waist belt sets up the system, indicated by an ensuing audio signal for confirmation. 

Smart fall guard

Integrated position sensors monitor the cyclist’s movements at any time, always ready to detect unforeseen motions leading up to a crash. In the event of an accident the integrated Software will instantly transmit an electric signal to the activation trigger. Within 0.1 seconds after activation the helmet construct will be completely expanded. After the helmet has been expanded, the safety mechanism can be restored by folding the construct back into its casing and the ride can continue. 

As a manual activation trigger, we supply you with a button that can be easily mounted on the handlebar and placed in a position that is easy to reach. 

With this you can activate the helmet on your own whenever you recognize a dangerous situation early on.

Customize the invisibel backpack to your needs by adjusting the shoulder straps. An integrated scale with space markings along the shoulder straps gives you orientation and ensures that you always stay with the correct adjustments. 

This allows you to find your individual configuration based on our standard size, without needing to work through a number of sizes to find the most appropriate one. To achieve the perfect fit to your size, simulate the helmet activation by pressing the manual activation button or in the invisibel App.

 Receive your invisibel helmet integrated in a limited tarmac black backpack edition! 

The idea of a new automatic bike-helmet generation originated from the common problems we all associate with the current options for safety helmets. 

They are bulky, uncomfortable and are all too often simply forgotten when we are in a rush to leave the house. And honestly, they never look very great, which is a common reason for many people to ignore the whole issue and just hope for the best when being out on the road. 

But in reality, no matter your riding skills, some accidents will just happen without your fault. It could be the weather conditions, other road users or just a short distraction at the wrong time. In that moment, you would have been grateful for any protection.

What if there is a solution that combines bike safety with style and adds the convenience of a daypack on top, so you never forget to bring your helmet with you?

With the ingenuity of two former Mercedes-Benz constructors and their idea to develop an automatic helmet that borrows its mechanism from a convertible, the invisibel system was born. 

By implementing a vastly accelerated opening mechanism and fitting the geometry to a human head this resulted in the breakthrough to give a robust helmet that is even able to cover the neck and face. With their help we continued to develop this innovative idea further and produced our functional prototype. 

The fully developed helmet construct was integrated into a daypack to make the vision of a new generation of automatic bike-helmets a reality.

Hello there, we are invisibel! We are a German Company from Tübingen established by a great team of product designers, engineers, project managers and creative students. Together we are working with focus and excitement to bring forward our idea of a new automatic bike helmet generation.