$2,050 raised out of $120,000
Start date
Dec 14, 2020
Close date
Jan 24, 2021

Iona is the only two-part air purification system that can capture viruses, including Coronavirus.


Iona captures Viruses including the Coronavirus.


Hi Backers – We have a mission to improve people’s wellbeing with safer air using ionization technology. We are looking to raise $120,000 to develop our a unique two-part Ionization system that we call Iona.

We believe that the world needs Iona now because it is proven to capture and render harmless airborne Viruses.

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Help us bring clean air everywhere!

With Iona we are bringing the same technology that has been used for decades to protect the medical & high tech industry into the home. 



With Iona you plug it in and you’re good to go.


There are no filters to replace and it costs only pennies a day to operate.




In the eye of a needle


Iona captures the smallest particles; .001 -.3 microns, the most dangerous and the ones others cannot get.



The Challenge of Ultra Fine Particles



Ultra Fine Particles particles are so small that they go right through our lungs and right into our bloodstream. Those tend to cause the most irritation and ultimately disease. Iona captures ultra fine particles in your indoor space and destroys them.



Sphere of Influence



Unlike other air purification devices that push air through a single unit, Iona creates a Sphere of Influence between two units, a negative (emitter) and positive (collector).

This is more expensive to produce, but it creates more coverage and is of much higher quality. We have chosen quality instead of cost cutting. 



Iona Captures Viruses


Iona’s two-part air purification system captures particles as small as viruses. When viruses are drawn to ions released by the emitter they are taken to the collector where they are obliterated upon impact. It’s similar to insects being zapped on an electronic insect killer device but with viruses its smaller than the eye can see and silent. They are rendered dead when they come into contact with the collector.


Iona Kills Mold & Bacteria


Iona kills airborne mold and bacteria. An average person breathes on average 12,000 breaths or 200 cubic feet of air on a daily basis. This includes floating mold and bacteria with each breath. With Iona mold and bacteria are drawn to the collector as they take on a negative charge and are killed when they come into contact.


Iona Clears Smoke & Odors


The Iona clears spaces of smoke particles and odors. As Ions flow between the emitter and collector they attach to pollutants such as smoke and over a short period of time remove it from the air. In an enclosed space smoke will eventually disappear as the Iona is left running.



Get a more restful sleep



We are interrupted often from challenges with breathing clearly. You want to have the cleanest possible purest air you can have while you’re sleeping. Purify your air with Iona and get better more restful sleep.



Breath is life. We can only live a few minutes without it.


Help us bring clean air everywhere!






How does it work?

Everything that’s a particle, whether it’s a bacteria, mold, smoke, virus-infested particle, is going to be affected by the negative charge (emitter). Therefore, it can be collected from your space and drawn to a positive charge (collector) where it is destroyed.


Does Iona capture the Coronavirus?

Yes, Iona does capture viruses such as the coronavirus. It is a great supplementary device to use along with CDC recommendations such as social distancing, mask wearing, and washing hands.


Can I use more than one set?

Yes, you can add it dynamically and add more collectors and emitters to your space to add coverage. 


When will I receive my Iona?

The Iona is in development now with the first run of devices anticipated to be completed by March 2021. You can follow the production process on our Blog where status updates will also be posted.


Does Iona have any filters?

No. This is one of the main benefits with Iona over other Air Purification systems. With Iona every 3-4 months you simply pull out its collector surface and wipe it clean, then reinsert it. There are no extra parts to keep it going.


How much does it cost to operate?

Only Pennies a day. The Iona is designed to plug into any standard home outlet costing only pennies a day in electricity costs to operate. You simply plug it in and turn it on.


Does Iona create Ozone?

No. The system does not produce or generate any ozone. 


Does Iona have a warranty?

Yes. Iona Solutions warrants the Iona-branded product contained in the original packaging against defects in materials and workmanship when used normally for a period of two years.


What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with the Iona you can return it within 30 days of delivery using our self addressed stamped return sticker. Just close the box up and apply sticker and send it back. You will receive a full refund.



Quality & Safety




Iona will meet all UL requirements for electronic safety.

It will be tested by industry standard CADR, which is a Clean Air Delivery Rate Test that is done by the American Home Appliance Manufacturers Association. 



Our Story



Ted Flittner has had a lifelong quest to understand breath, breathing, and how to breathe easier. And in so doing he has come across some of the technology that enables everyone to breathe easily, healthily, and effortlessly.

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Bill Kunde has over 30 years of clean room design and management experience. He has travelled the world installing clean rooms. He has worked on the design and build of clean rooms for Apple and IBM. His dream has always been to bring an Ionization consumer product to life based on best practices from his lifelong experiences in clear room design and engineering.

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