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Distinctivos™ are original, alternative cocktails, not knock-offs or mock-tails. Rarefied flavors and intriguing ingredients.


Nick and Jackie

We like a good cocktail but we don’t always need a drink. Sometimes we’re driving, sometimes another is too many, sometimes we’re just not feelin’ it. And there shouldn’t be a question of “why” you’re not drinking – that just shouldn’t matter.

Options like tonic or club soda with lime are boring, soft drinks are unhealthy and too sweet, teas and coffees have their own time and place, and mocktails are complicated and, often, just plain disappointing.

We felt that it should always be an easy and enjoyable option to have a non-alcoholic beverage at your favorite bar or restaurant… or even your favorite home! So…

We cooked, squeezed, distilled. We steeped, mashed, and infused.

We combined, sampled, contemplated. We shared, solicited, improved.

Then, we were complimented, applauded, appreciated, and encouraged.

People loved them. We know you’ll love them too.

We now have formulations complete, ingredients sourced, a bottler ready to press “start,” and our labels waiting to get stuck. We’re ready to make our zero-proof cocktails in a small batch production run and get our cocktails into your hands.

Why Zero-Proof?

We meet and make friends in bars and restaurants, and we want a interesting and healthy option when we are:

  • the designated driver
  • pacing ourselves between drinks
  • maintaining sobriety
  • pregnant or nursing
  • taking a break from alcohol

Isn’t Distinctivos 

We call our drinks Distinctivos™. Distinctivos are original, alternative cocktails, not knock-offs or mock-tails. Like traditional cocktails, Distinctivos are slow drinks. They evolve on the palate and reveal themselves incrementally. Distinctivos are elevated drinks that evoke relaxation and conversation.

Our inspiration comes from flavor-rich and botanically complex spirits like Amari, Kräuterlikör, and gin, as well as the underlying intricacy and nuance of wine and beer.

In addition to flavor, we pay particular attention to texture, aroma, and color without adding anything unnecessary or artificial. Made with natural and organic ingredients, our products have all the advantages of being good for you and the added health benefit of being alcohol-free.

Our first three Distinctivos include the bittersweet, herbaceous, and lightly floral Absence; the bold, rich, spicy, and fruity Mazy; and the tart, fragrant, and effervescent Redessence. They are all meant to be experienced slowly and savored. They are designed as cocktails so you won’t miss the alcohol.

Isn’t Distinctivos are excellent mixers for alcoholic cocktails, as well. 

Absence is…

herbaceous – slightly bitter – hoppy – citrusy – piney

Absent only alcohol, this distillation of a dozen herbs and spices, including angelica root, bergamot, and wormwood, mixes light bitterness with citrus and is balanced with a hint of white grape sweetness. This sophisticated, non-alcoholic, and low-calorie cocktail can be enjoyed straight up or with a splash of soda or tonic. We recommend it shaken over ice and strained – that’s how 007 would do it.

A CBD-infused version of Absence is in development to be available in certain markets. Beverages with CBD are restricted from Kickstarter. Information about availability will be coming soon on our new website. 

Mazy is…

complex fruit – paired tannins – spice dashed – herbal finished

Unfolding at every turn, rich tree and stone fruits cross paths with dry tannins. A hint of peppery complexity joins sweetness at the finish. Created as a red wine lover’s alternative, this drink develops similarly on the tongue, yet you’ll never miss the alcohol.

Redessence is…

rhubarb tart – citrus bright – floral – gingered

A lively color and bouquet as beautiful as the flowers used to create it. Roses, lavender, hibiscus, and elderflowers join ginger and spice to unfold in brilliant arrangement. Redessence pairs exceptionally well with a burger and fries or a fat pork chop and mash.


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We are launching our campaign in Sober October and we will have your cocktails to you by Dry January!


Cost Per Bottle – Small Batch

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  • Product packaging: $0.97
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  • Logistics: $0.56
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Investor opportunities are available. Please contact us with any serious inquiries at info@isntdrinks.com.

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