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An interactive tool to help learn Music Theory


Learning music theory has never been so simple.

The perfect companion for any musical Instrument.

The Jam Cyphr reflects the fundamental concepts of Music Theory along with the common vocabulary and symbology used to describe them. This is presented to the user in a unique interactive layout designed specifically to allow the student to investigate the relationships, consistencies, and permutations of these concepts.

Jam Cyphr Diagram

 How Does it Work?

The Jam Cyphr is ideal to be used 

  • as a reference tool in unison with a music lesson 
  • to explore different musical keys, their scales and relative chords
  • to decipher a song you’re learning from a melody or a chord progression
  • to identify key changes within a song
  • to transpose a composition to different keys

Jam Cyphr C Ionian “Major” Example
Jam Cyphr A Aeolian “Minor’ Example
Jam Cyphr Front
Jam Cyphr Internal

Built to last

The Body is constructed from 100% Sustainably Sourced Queensland Hoop Pine Plywood, with a durable leather spine (a natural fibre webbing is also available as a Vegan alternative). The protruding dials are Laser cut from stainless steel and brass sheet metal for the ultimate quality feel and finish.

Our Goals

With your much appreciated support, our goal is to raise the capital necessary to fund our initial production run of the Jam Cyphr and to tool up a workshop to meet larger production requirements to assemble and finish the Cyphr to the highest standards. While importantly leaving enough left over to continue the development of the Jam Cyphr for digital platforms.

What will the future hold

  • Once we’ve fulfilled the orders of our brilliant backers, we’ll dive straight into the next production run.
  • With the helpful feedback of all you fantastic early adopters, we’ll work to further explore the application of the Jam Cyphr.
  • Looking at different materials and manufacturing processes to offer the Jam Cyphr at a more widely accessible price point.
  • And Of course getting the Digital App Online ASAP with a plethora of added features.

All Intellectual Property pertaining to The Jam Cyphr in its Physical and Digital embodiment is Pending Patent Approval. 

Australian Patent Application no. 2020903623