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Picklestone & T-Unit are products to enjoy Japanese savory oatmeal “Ochazuke”.


About “Picklestone“& “Picklestone T-Unit“

“Picklestone” is a glass pot that makes it easy to create Japanese traditional pickles called “Tsukemono“. We want you to enjoy pickles even more, so we’ve developed a new product!

That is the “Picklestone T-Unit“

 We invented picklestone 5 years ago and have succeeded in bringing our products to many people. We really appreciate your interest in traditional Japanese pickles.

The third challenge in the Kickstarter is to further deepen the understanding of Japanese food culture.


 Have you ever heard of “Ochazuke”, a dish made with pickles?

To put it plainly, it is like savory oatmeal, but in Japanese style!

 This dish, in which dashi or Japanese tea is poured over rice and eaten with pickles, is the most popular food in Japan. Surprisingly, “Ochazuke” is a dish with a history of more than 1,000 years.


With the T-Unit we developed, you can easily make “Ochazuke”.

First, place tea leaves or dried bonito, dried small fish, dried shiitake mushrooms, and chili peppers in a silver cup.

Then fill the glass pot with fresh water and close the lid. Just leave it overnight in the side pocket of the refrigerator for a wonderfully clear soup.

Why use “Cold water”?

In fact, it is the same method used by professional Japanese chefs.

The key is to use cold water. You will enjoy a clear, sweet taste with no bitterness. Dashi broth is usually heated and used in Japanese hotpot dishes and miso soup. However, when the dried fish is soaked in cold water and the flavor is slowly extracted, the true deliciousness emerges. It is an elegant, clear taste, free of any cloying flavor. 

In fact, top-level Japanese chefs use this same T-Unit method to make dashi broth. We would like you to taste its taste in your kitchen. And of course the broth tastes great warmed up! When served warm, you can enjoy a very good fish aroma.

About the recipe

We will, as always, include a booklet with many “Japanese pickles” &“Ochazuke” recipes. There are many ways to enjoy T-Unit. In summer, we recommend Ochazuke with cold dashi broth. In winter, the dashi soup stock is delicious warmed up.

So whether you are using picklestone for the first time or trying “Ochazuke” for the first time, don’t worry!

Of course, you can use not only dashi, but also tea, fruits, spices and herbs to make wonderful drinks. We are sure we can deliver a great recipe book. Can’t wait!


About Picklestone

Just place the diced vegetables into the pot, cover with salt or soy sauce , put the stone on top and wait. With only these three steps, you can easily take in fermented foods into your diet. In addition, Tsukemono reduces food waste. Did you know that 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away every year in the world? Vegetable skins, roots, and leaves that are usually thrown away can also be pickled. Let’s practice zero waste life with Picklestone!

There are pickles that can be made in just one night.

A common way of making pickles, requires soaking the vegetables in brine and waiting for them to ferment – which can take a long time. However, the Japanese pickles “Tsukemono” only take overnight. With Picklestone, it’s surprisingly easy to make.

To make Tsukemono, you need to first drain the water from the vegetables and make a bacteria-free environment for the vegetables by using salt. Preservation power improves by salt entering the vegetable fiber, and the number of lactic acid bacteria increases, and the sourness of the pickle is produced. Easy as that, now you have Japanese style pickles.


How to use


Why put a stone?

Why can pickles be made in just one day? The secret lies in the weight.

By applying pressure vertically to a cylindrical glass pot, the speed at which water is drained from the vegetables increases, and this is how the pickles get their unique texture! Pickled vegetables are completed in about 4 hours for finely cut vegetables.

In addition, when we seal the container with the stone, the pickles do not come in contact with air and the preservation power improves.

Health benefits of Japanese pickles

If you can’t eat a large volume of raw vegetables, pickle them and you can get plenty of fiber and vitamins. In addition, the effect of lactic acid bacteria improves the intestinal environment. Japanese-style pickles are the perfect vegan superfood. Why not make them a part of your daily diet? 

Smart design without waste

1. Picklestone can be stored in the refrigerator door

Its smart design saves space even in a small kitchen. Pickles can be made even for one person.

2. Simple structure

Stones and wood are hygienic, and easily removed for cleaning. After use, dry it and store it in the shade.  

About the stone

For the Picklestone sold in Japan, we use the highest quality “Aji stone” from Kagawa, Japan’s which is known for stones. Used in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Torch, garden stones of the Prime Minister’s Office, and hot springs dedicated to the Emperor, we use precious stone mined from a that has lasted for the past 400 years.


Here are the rewards!

We have lots of rewards to suit different lifestyles! Picklestone has won two international design awards. It will look great in your kitchen!

 ■【Picklestone150】Bottle Size : d100mm×H135mm

■【150 T-Unit 】Bottle Size : d100mm×H135mm

■【Starter kit】Salt, Red chill, katsuobushi ×1pc

■【Picklestone220】Bottle Size : d100mm×H215mm

■【220 T-Unit】Bottle Size : d100mm×H215mm

■【Starter kit】Salt, Red chill, katsuobushi ×1pc

■【Picklestone115】115 Bottle Size : d65mm×H185mm

■【Picklestone150】150 Bottle Size : d100mm×H135mm

■【Picklestone220】220 Bottle Size : d100mm×H215mm

■【Starter kit】 Salt, Red chill, katsuobushi ×1pc

■【Picklestone115】115 Bottle Size : d65mm×H185mm

■【Picklestone150】150 Bottle Size : d100mm×H135mm

■【Picklestone220】220 Bottle Size : d100mm×H215mm

■【220 T-Unit】Bottle Size : d100mm×H215mm

■【150 T-Unit 】Bottle Size : d100mm×H135mm

■【Starter kit】 Salt, Red chill, katsuobushi ×1pc

 ■【Starter kit】 Salt, Red chill, katsuobushi ×1pc

  ■【Japanese roasted tea & Dashi Broth Set】】

We have put Japanese roasted tea, dried bonito, dried small fish, dried shiitake mushrooms, etc. in easy-to-use bags and put them in a set.

 ※We intend to prepare better packs. We may change the package and set contents in the future.

※We intend to prepare better packs. We may change the package and set contents in the future.


T-Unit is made in Japan

The quality of our products is high. Japanese craftsmen check each product individually to maintain the quality.

The material of T-unit is made of copper. Copper has anti-bacterial work and can keep food fresh. However, its surface is plated with tin because of its tendency to discolor due to moisture.


Tin is known as a very rust-resistant and stable metal. Therefore, it has the property of maintaining its beautiful luster for a long period of time with little change in color. Tin has long been used for decorative purposes. Its resistance to rust means that it is a safe and secure material that does not dissolve toxic substances.

T-Unit is not a cheap material like stainless steel. It is a material that has a solid weight and can be used for a long time.

Enjoy your Pickle life!

We hope to introduce Japan’s pickle culture to the world! We hope so!

We have delivered Picklestone to over 3,000 people so far. Now it’s your turn!