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Due to the rising rate of unemployment in Africa, this app encourages Africans to work for themselves. Make-up, Farming, etc.


The unemployment rate in Africa is at an all-time high, and many Africans do not have the financial means to pursue further education in order to qualify for white-collar jobs, therefore they have chosen to sustain themselves through self-employment. These jobs include fishing, farming, make-up, cooking, event planning, and so on. Most employment applications categorize these positions as “others.”

The truth is these types of jobs are the most common among African citizens .

As a result, I created this mobile application to encourage Africans to be more entrepreneurial in order to help them reach more clients and define themselves as individuals.

The software provides translations in Arabic, English, French, and Portuguese, as well as each country’s currency. The images below display categories in Arabic and Portuguese.


The mobile application also includes each country’s currency.