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Sep 26, 2021
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Oct 27, 2021

Subversive comedy to ridicule fossil fuel supporting parties in the upcoming federal election.


JokeKeeper: A $1,000,000 fund to hire satirists, creatives and producers to make ads and content ridiculing our fossil fuel supporting political parties. Just in time for a crucial election. Get angry and chip in!

This will include but not be limited to:

  • Billboards that we’ve already designed and funded as well as new ideas.
  • Using robust data science to target satirical comedy videos mocking incumbent politicians who are beholden to fossil fuel donations.
  • Pranks: Like the Capital Empathy College. A pop up store in Cronulla where visitors can learn empathy in under an hour.

  • The Brass Plaque initiative: We’re going to be making 100 Brass Plaques that say “During a National Crisis — Prime Minister of Australia Stood Upon This Spot And Did Nothing” These will be sent all over Australia and Hawaii.

  • Australian Government Against Humanity: We’re going to make an expansion pack for CAH where you can throw in the dumbest solutions to Australia’s most pressing problems.

$1,000,000 isn’t a lot to build a team of 30-40 master sh**stirers to work for three months.

Here’s other things $1m can buy.

  • Approval of a $60b coal mine
  • 1 day in court of a defamation trial that you started and decided to end but definitely didn’t lose.
  • 1/6 of a Car Park in Kooyong.
  • 1/3 of a Rugby league change room in North Queensland.
  • 1 episode of Ted Lasso.

See — if just 1000 people give $1000 so a bunch of comedians and filmmakers who have been out of work for two years have the opportunity to make certain ministers regret not replying to an email from Pfizer — so that they can help get some climate action for the 7 billion people that live on this Earth — It’ll all be worth it.



UPDATE 28/09: We met our initial target in 2.5 hours and we’re now on the hunt for bigger billboards and more billboards, not just in Glasgow but around Australia.

We’re also trying to get on to the roster for motion projection of the SEC Armadillo where COP26 is being held . If we do that, we’ll need to hire a few motion graphics designers to build out animation to fit this incredible building!


In November Australia will be heading the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. This is where the entire world gets together and tries to workout how they can stay on track with the Paris Agreement so the world doesn’t end in a flammable meat ball, as it is currently on trend to do.

And the number one enemy at these talks — is Australia.

Australia is famous at these talks for cheating, lying and giving fake commitments. But this time it’s different, the world’s most powerful governments aren’t buying any of our b******t.

So the Australian Government is about to spend a tonne of money on ads to tell the world how much they’re investing in climate action and how much they’ve lowered their emissions, and spin up language and terms of phrase to make it LOOK like Australia has done something. When in-fact Australia has gone backwards over the last 15 years on climate action.

So we’re going to buy 3 Glaswegian billboards during the Climate talks to set Australia’s record straight and to let the world know that the people at the talks representing Australia don’t represent Australians.

We have two Billboards ready to go —

Cuddle A Koala! (Before we make them extinct)
By Brisbane artist Nordacious 

And Australia: Net-0 Emissions by 2300

And the 3rd billboard is up to a generous donor — maybe you?

These Billboards are EXPENSIVE and we need your help to make it happen.

It’s going to cost $12,225 to get to get them up for 14 days during the Climate Talks 


If you give more than $150 or more you’ll get a sticker pack of the billboards you financed.

If you give more than $500 or more you’ll get your name around the border of a billboard.

And if you give $4000 you can decide what goes on the 3rd billboard — Let’s talk!

So instead of getting angry that Australia is lying to the world on your behalf, the only responsible thing to do as a good Australian citizen is to tell the truth.

Be a part of something funny, powerful and  help us show leadership to the people that should be leading us.