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Jun 04, 2022
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Jul 04, 2022

Helping to create a safer environment for everyone!


Need help and can’t get to your phone?!

Just N’ Case is a personal safety app that allows the user to call for help by yelling a pre-selected safety phrase!

Why did we come up with this idea? In today’s world of uncertainty, it doesn’t hurt to have an added sense of security. What happens if you fall down, are in a car crash, or are being kidnapped or assaulted by someone and your phone is either in your pocket, purse, on the ground, etc.? With Just N’ Case you never have to worry about that again. The user will simply turn the app on and leave it running in the background whenever they want security, and if they ever need help, just yell any of the 5 pre-selected safety phrases and 5 emergency contacts will get a text with your current location, allowing them to send help! The best part, this app works worldwide and is literally for everyone and is FREE. Since it is free, we need help spreading the word about this life saving app, which is why we are doing a Kickstarter. Therefore, if living in a safer world is a priority for you and your loved ones, donate today and let’s change the narrative! In the meantime, download Just N’ Case on the Apple Store and tell everyone you know about it, it could save their life or yours!