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Customizable the plate | 42 designs plates | 8 designs glasses | Easy to replace with Japanese technique | High quality lenses |


Why don’t you change your glasses design everyday, every situation according to your feeling and activity?

Hello world from Japan! We’d like to introduce our amazing customizable glasses, “kasane”.

I don’t want to wear the same eyeglass design as others…..

You want to change your eyeglasses according to your business and private life, but you don’t want to carry many eyeglasses in your bag…..

This is the perfect pair of glasses for such people! Let’s wear kasane and solve all your problems!

The “decorated plates” on the temples can be slid on and off to change the design to your favorite! If you have one frame as the main body, you can replace the plate with additional ones to customize it to your liking!

You can change them without affecting the fitting adjustment of your glasses, so you can enjoy your stylish look while maintaining the best fit!

The plate can be carried in its own case, so you can even enjoy the magic of “The atmosphere of the glasses is different before and after opening the door! You can even enjoy the magic of it! 

We know, you are asking us, “Oh you want to introduce just customizable glasses?”

Our answer is NO! We use Japanese traditional technique.

The stopper that securely holds the plate and the body together is made using the traditional Japanese “Shippo” technique. It’s a beautiful and secure stopper.

What is Shippo (七宝) ?

Shippo is a metal craft in which metals such as gold, silver, and copper are fired at high temperatures using a beautiful glassy glaze, and is one of the traditional craft techniques. The name “Shippo” is said to have originated from the beauty of the seven jewels (Shippo) found in Buddhist scriptures, such as gold, silver, pearl, agate, lapis lazuli, shako, and maiye.

In Shippo, glass powder called glaze is placed on a metal base made of gold, silver, copper, iron, etc., and then fired at a high temperature of around 800℃.

What a beautiful Shippo pot!

Feel not only the fashion, but also the traditional Japanese technology!

Very easy step to customize your glasses!

You can choose plate from 42 designs! Flower, Tiger, Spider etc…Pick the designs you need!

Want to wear more unique plate? You can! Choose the plain one and add decorations by yourself!

Just like decorating your nail polish or phone case, you can create a pair of glasses that is unique in the world.

You can choose glasses 2designs (square or oval) & 4colors (black, brown, Navy and Red) as well! Pick the best one for you!

We use high quality lenses from a manufacturer with a 70-year history of lens manufacturing.

 You can put prescription lenses in these glasses! Comfortable and fashionable glasses are here for you! Please give us your prescription information after our project was over.

Prescription is self-reported and no claims will be accepted. If the power is not correct, please go to your local optician for correction.

Want to make your glasses fit better? Do you have long eyelashes that might hit the lenses? No need to worry!

We can process your nose paddles with a cling arm.

We are working to spread Japanese culture, traditions, and products around the world. Our goal is to make people around the world feel the beauty of Japanese culture through our products, and to preserve Japanese culture for future generations.

Backers are at the heart of our success and growth.  We’d love to hear from you at any time.  Have product related questions? Shoot us an email to info@yorozuya-jp.com for quickest response. Love this glasses? Give us a virtual high-five by sharing this campaign! 

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