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Unleash Your Body in VR with the C2!
ALL-Action Personal VR Treadmill for ANY SteamVR, Oculus Home, and PSVR Free Locomotion Games!


Virtual Reality revolutionized the way we game. But even with the recent technological progress, the old limitations rooted in traditional VR Locomotion remain very actual: 

Limited spacePhysical ObstaclesSeparate standing and sitting areaSafety Issues Hands busy with locomotion controlLow ImmersionHigh motion sickness!

We need an all-in-one solution – One which does not only solve all the problems but also redefines the entire VR gaming experience. Our answer – The KAT Walk C 2!

KAT Walk C 2 is a 2nd-Generation Personal VR Treadmill – First VR-Gamer-Optimized device that unlocks ALL PHYSICAL ACTIONS IN ALL FREE LOCOMOTION GAMES across different platforms! Providing 360° of infinite and natural movement in VR from a single spot at your home, C2 enables the missing ways of intuitive Human-VR interactions. 

Forget about annoying limitations of the guardian boundaries – Use a single device to unlock realistic exploration of the Virtual Worlds in any way possible!

How does it compare to traditional methods of VR locomotion?  

With each step we took on our C2 development journey, we have always aimed to achieve one goal. To create a single solution for gamers that fills all the gaps, enhancing the entire VR experience!

A VR TREADMILL MUST not only allow you to perform any actions in VR – it must support your entire VR experience all day through, from the moment you set off for your virtual adventure till the moment you return. Within that time, it must enhance each aspect of your experience and provide all you need in a single spot – without unnecessarily getting off, looking for other peripherals, changing the gaming area. 

The C2 achieves that goal because it has been created entirely by gamers for gamers. We’ve equipped it with all the functions we ourselves need on our virtual adventures!

But that’s not all… we have decided to go a step further – Meet the KAT Walk C 2 Plus!

C2+ is a more advanced version designed to meet the needs of the most hardcore VR lovers! We are thrilled to present the new revolutionary functions:

Integrated Haptics, Sitting Posture Module and the first ever VR Vehicle Hub with adjustable LED lights – together the wonders of C2+ open up the new dimension of immersion and bring countless new possibilities! 

VR Locomotion should be as natural as in real life, but more efficient than in real life. 

C 2+ takes this idea up to a whole new level! All-action support evolves into an all-posture and all-scenario support. 

Whether you just want to a break or experience our immersive VR vehicle simulation functions, you can now explore the virtual world naturally in each way!

To define anew your VR gaming experience, we have polished the KAT Walk C 2 on multiple fields and ensured it can offer you the greatest experience from five crucial perspectives which are a MUST for a VR Treadmill. 

A VR TREADMILL MUST provide universal compatibility to let you play all of your favorite games with your own headset, not just the few integrated with our technology. So first of all we have made sure you are never going to run out of great titles to beat! After all, what would be the meaning of that all without the world’s finest content to experience it with? We all know that in the end, everything comes down to gaming!

Play your favorite games! To let you play all of your favorite games, we have ensured a cross-platform compatibility for the KAT Walk C 2. Get fully immersed in any Free Locomotion VR games on Oculus Home, Steam VR and PlayStation VR! Despite the lack of API access, we are also working on a complete way for the Quest Standalone support.

ALL THE OCULUS HOME PC VR exclusives are now compatible with our technology – Stormlands, Asgard’s Wrath and many more games await you to explore them on your own feet!

ALL THE STEAM VR titles are compatible – walk into Skyrim, Half Life: Alyx and other AAA masterpieces!

With a special PSVR 1 adaptor, you will be able to PlayStationVR games that support free locomotion – such as Resident Evil 7!

Knowing we have managed to support Oculus Home, we believe we can successfully develop support for the Oculus Quest standalone platform as well! It is now in development.

Use your own HMD! Besides the support of all Free Locomotion games on most popular platforms, we also designed KAT Walk C 2 to operate as an independent “controller” allowing it to directly work with any major headset including Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift-S, HTC VIVE, HTC VIVE Pro, Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, PSVR*, and Pimax. It is also compatible with the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 through Airlink and Virtual Desktop.

A VR TREADMILL MUST let you traverse virtual worlds more naturally and even more importantly – with less effort! Play longer, walk further, and discover more!

Our improved Duplex Kinetics Walking Solution and re-optimized walking inertia grant an even higher locomotion simulation realism than ever before. Supporting a complete and authentic gait cycle, and providing more stability in movement, the C2 allows you to use your legs in the most natural of ways!

Realism is not everything – VR gaming should bring relaxation with a bit of workout, not the opposite! Movement must be achieved with less efforts to let youadventure for however long you want! C2 achieves that through propulsive walk-power assistance making the movement easier and smoother, and flattening the learning curve for new users! Get on and enjoy increased immersion in Walking, Running & Sprinting in 360°!

Each single one of us desires a different type of experience. Some seek the feeling of going completely wild on the virtual battlefield, others look forward to a casual stroll in Skyrim. Not only each player but also each game may require a slightly different experience! The C2 dedicated footwear covers all of these needs, letting you adjust the walking experience to your preferences with 5 levels of kinetic friction!

 A VR TREADMILL MUST provide a complete locomotion system. In this system, the mechanical structure becomes a body, sensors become the brain, and the algorithm becomes the soul. 

Our new locomotion system incorporates revolutionary optical tracking solution that allows for highly precise 2D Foot mapping in 360°.  And there is more – the entire C 2 is a comprehensive piece of technology capable to accurately capture each of your locomotion actions with imperceptible latency, and 1:1 speed, distance and angle accuracy.

The C2 locomotion system pushes the boundaries of precision and accuracy further than ever before – we know that small details define your entire experience, the smallest mistake means death on the field of virtual battle, and the end of your immersion.

New Standard of Latency Reduction (≤ 10 MS) 

Start and stop to move instantly! You’re going to need it not only to avoid traps and dangers awaiting you on each step! With 2D foot tracking, we have achieved an imperceptible level of latency ≤ 10 MS which will make you more competitive in multi-player gaming as well! 

New Standard of Distance Accuracy (≤ 0.12 mm) 

Move EXACTLY as far as you need to – the new sensor and algorithm system allow you to walk in VR with distance accuracy never seen before: ≤ 0.12 mm. Make small, careful steps to move a tiny little bit, and larger stride to achieve regular walk!

New Standard of Foot Tracking: 2D Optical Technology (SPI 1200) 

With the C2, Natural walking backwards, strafing and in any other direction becomes possible!

Our optical tracking technology and new algorithm let you achieve highly precise and efficient micro-operations directly with your feet. Whether you need to take a full step forward, or move just a little bit in any other direction – you can now do it with the same speed and efficiency as joystick!

New Standard of Speed Accuracy (1:1 Movement Speed) 

 The C2 sensor system detects your actual speed, letting you walk and run with different velocity, which will be accurately replicated in all games that support analog speed (non constant speed levels).

New Standard of Body Direction Precision: Decoupled Directions  (≤ 0.3°)

In reality, you don’t always move in the same direction you are looking at. But in VR that is still the ‘standard’. The C2 challenges it, providing decoupled directions and making movement in VR as real as in RL! And not just that – it makes it with unparalleled precision of ≤ 0.3° to let you easily navigate even through the most narrow spaces!

A VR TREADMILL MUST let you carry out all physical actions safely and smoothly! No more compromises! It’s time to unleash the entire physical potential of your body in VR. 

Different games need different actions. The C2 open and unrestrictive ergonomics let you achieve them with a full limb freedom. And you’re gonna need it to explore the virtual worlds naturally!

Use the full range of your arms and legs to walk, climb virtual structures, fly, and carry out any other actions you might need on your virtual adventures!

When facing your opponents, you’re going to need all the movements – including the full range of vertical actions. The C2 provides that, letting you react to any situation in the most natural and intuitive way – with your body. 

Go all the way up without worrying about security – The C2 will keep you safe & sound as you jump to shoot your enemies or peek from behind the cover. 

Get all the way down to hide, pick up items or crawl through narrow spaces. Extra pitch DOF in the waist area grants extended body freedom, allowing you to lean forward and increase the range of all of your actions – crouch deeper, lean further and reach more!

On your journeys you’ll need more than just your legs and arms – Upper body freedom is a MUST. The C2’s flexible close-contact waist harness provides that, keeping you secure in the least invasive of ways. Lean forward and tilt to the sides with maximum freedom in upper-body actions!

Don’t wanna take any risks? Peek from behind a corner to look for enemies before you take your next step!

Couldn’t stop yourself from killing that chicken? Now you have to get rid of the witness! Keep your head down and sneak to her through the shadows! 

XD Fit enough? Time to prove you got some belly muscles – you’re going to need them for more fun~  : P

A VR TREADMILL MUST do more than just support the actions you can carry out in reality. To truly enhance your experience, it must set you free from any limitations and allow to go absolutely wild whenever you want. With support of smooth rotation in 360°, and without boundaries, obstacles and safety concerns you can become a ‘super-human’ in VR and outperform yourself!

The C2 keeps you safe and stable with a flexible waist-harness that closely touches your body. 4 Layers of protective belts provide the feeling of full security and synergy with the device. Ensured for users of a wide variety of body types – from 62 – 130 cm (24.5″ – 51″)

The integrated Counter-Gravity Mechanism ensures the feeling of weightless up & down movement. Together with the C2’s unrestrictive waist harness, it creates a complete human-machine interaction ecosystem in which you can move freely without feeling any resistance from the device. 

: D If becoming a dancing king is your life goal, the C2 lets you move so seamlessly you can even dance on the device – without burden and without restrictions~  

PS: Watch above video with sound if you can XD

The C2 harness structure is designed in a way that you can move it effortlessly even with a single finger.

Although stronger than steel, and capable of keeping you safe and stable even when you go full crazy in VR, the C2 supporting structure feels almost weightless. Its Lightweight Barycenter Concentration and Center Axis Design lets you start and stop turning around effortlessly!

 With the C2+ you’ll be able to smoothly turn around in a seated position too. Be sure to use that to have some fun! 😀

The structure can be put into rotation so effortlessly that it could be turned even by a cat! Don’t trust us? Our CEO tested it herself. 

After the test, our CEO felt like scratching the sofa and falling asleep under it. It was a hard testing day for THE KAT CEO. 

With the C2+, we have decided to go a step further and give it something extra! What is the function a VR treadmill doesn’t need to have, but how wonderful if it does have it? What is still missing from the locomotion experience


DIVE DEEPER and explore a whole new dimension of immersion through our integrated haptic feedback system. Multiple haptic modes will enrich your experience in all situations!

Feel the physical interaction with the virtual environment! When shooting a gun, being impacted by an explosion and much more! Base-integrated haptics are compatible with the hand controller signal, meaning that any game events designed by the game developers to trigger controller vibration will also enable the KAT Walk C 2 haptic system.

The new dimension of immersion opens up right under your feet! Vibrate-on-touch step simulation lets you feel each step you take as you journey through the virtual worlds! Feel the ground under your feet more realistically and immerse yourself deeper than ever before. What’s more, the haptic system provides a highly personalized experience! Adapt it to your own liking to enjoy it even more!

DIVE DEEPER and explore new dimensions of immersion! With the C2+ all action support becomes all posture and all scenario support! Walk in the natural walking position, and sit in the natural sitting position – a VR experience is not complete if you can’t do both!

AAA games are just like the real life – They give you an entire world to explore. And to do it efficiently, you have to take different modes of transportation! Like in the reality – you may walk around to look for a new mission. But once you find it, you will have to get fast and efficiently to the mission point! You will have to drive a car, a tank, pilot a plane and much more! Standing in the guardian prison, pushing joystick and clicking buttons does not cover these scenarios, therefore…

C2+ makes VR interactions as natural as in the reality but what’s equally important, it gives you more efficiency and convenience than the reality. Use this opportunity to sit and take a break at any moment, without looking for any extra chair in your gaming space. The sit will automatically retract when you get up, making the single spot that C2+ takes a 2 in 1 – Walking & Sitting Spot!

VR games require your avatar to sit down at multiple occasions. Whether to interact with the virtual environment in a natural way, or just to relax with your friends at a bar in VRChat! It doesn’t matter – what does is that you should be able to do it without coming back to the reality to find a place to sit. The sitting posture module on C2+ fills up that gap!

Sit down like a real human being! Enjoy your party with the girls in VRChat~

Let us ask you a question. Do you stand when in a car? Do you stand when riding a horse? (we know some of you may be able to, but please don’t show off!) The C2+ fixes the problem of unnatural body postures in which we usually experience virtual vehicles!

The capability to sit down makes your experience continuous and complete. Get to your horse, ride it and get off, all from a single spot, all with a single device.

DIVE DEEPER and get more immersed than ever when interacting with virtual vehicles! We have combined the benefits of haptic feedback simulation, and the sitting posture module to create the first ever VR vehicle hub!

C2+ redefines your VR vehicle experience letting you not only sit as you drive, but also feel the physical feedback! Equipped with simulative capability to generate haptic simulation of different vehicles, as well as road events typical for them, the C2+ becomes more than just a VR treadmill – It becomes a real VR vehicle hub that fills up a huge gap in the VR locomotion, making it more realistic than ever before!

X SERIOUS DANGER WARNING X : Once you try the C2+, you won’t be able to return to VR without it. Think twice before you choose it XD!

The KAT Walk C technical specifications are tailored for gamers and were carefully selected to support us in our mission – to find a new definition of VR Treadmill!  

 According to the current project development stage, we are planning to begin the shipping of your rewards in July 2022, letting you enjoy your KAT Walk C 2 soon after the campaign wraps up! 

 As an early backer and true KAT supporter, you get to join our community and receive early exclusive updates about our development progress. All pledges in this campaign are priced to be lower than the final retail version, the goal of this campaign is to take our supporters’ input and suggestions for the final retail version. 

The standard package of KAT Walk C 2 & KAT Walk C 2+ comes with a VR treadmill, a pair of dedicated shoes and a pair of sensors. But we can also provide extra accessories to aid you in your VR locomotion adventure!

And we got some exciting news! If you wish to share your KAT Walk C 2 experience with family and friends, extra pairs of shoes will be delivered to you FREE OF SHIPPING CHARGES!

And if we manage to reach certain levels of campaign funding, we are going to develop some extra features for all the KAT Walk C units on the Kickstarter platform! 

We must let you know, however, that we are only going to deliver functions and features that have been properly developed, tested, and ensured flawless. In order to stick to our principles and at the same time avoid delays of the KAT Walk C 2 delivery, some of the C2 stretch goals may be developed after you receive your rewards.

 KAT VR stand for Kinetics & Algorithm Technology in VR. We are an independent company dedicated to the research, development, and sales of VR Locomotion products and solutions. Formed in 2013, and officially on the market since 2015, we have quickly grown to become one of the world’s leading professional developers of VR Gaming and Simulation Equipment. 

Rooted deeply in the gaming community, we have always dreamed to make the VR world a better, more immersive place with more possibilities. Our direction and path are clear to us – everything starts and comes down to gamers. 

Our mission is to provide impeccable solutions to break all limitations, allowing to experience VR naturally in all ways when carrying out any actions! Current VR technology provides realistic control of vision and hand operations and still requires to unlock the freedom of body and legs. We aim to accomplish that to discover new meaning of the word ‘immersion’ and set the new standards for realistic locomotion in VR to allow gamers to experience it in the best way possible.

You might wonder why a well-established company would take the Kickstarter way again with all the risks involved. There are many reasons -firstly, this project is dedicated to gamers and we’d love to take all of your input and feedback into perspective. Kickstarter can also help us get a better understanding of the market demand and better prepare ourselves for the commercial launch with optimized production lines. Please, feel welcome to share your honest feedback with us! 

To realize a true technological leap and meet the needs of the modern VR gaming, we have made down-to-earth efforts and put much work into the development of the KAT WALK C 2. After hundreds of hours of testing, perfecting and polishing it, we finally got here and are ready to share it with you. We feel excited to give you some insight of the product development process! 

Thanks to our broad experience with international delivery of our solutions, we can provide the KAT Walk C 2 in a standardized package fitting the requirements of various delivery companies around the world. The package provides maximum transportation protection to the device to ensure your rewards arrive in perfect condition. 

By now, we have also successfully tested our pre-production capacity and are performing extensive quality tests on the manufacturing samples to ensure your flawless experience!

To ensure smooth and flawless operation of the device, we have tested the final prototype for hundreds of hours in our factory – both in terms of the device functions and the mechanical structure.