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Butterfly Profile/Hot-Swappable Cherry RGB Switch/PBT Low Ball Keycap/Backlit RGB/Support customization/2.4G & Bluetooth & Wired


Kemove —Keep Motivated

Kemove K68 butterfly metamorphosis, entirely new and exquisite design.

KEMOVE K68 is inspired by the butterfly, which means courage in many cultures. The courage of transformation, the courage of rebirth, the courage of love.

There is a romantic myth in China, called Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai,

The couple is trying to break through the class Gap for their love.

Ultimately they stay together forever by becoming butterflies.

To be with each other, the couple needed to overcome the class gap.

KEMOVE K68 Mechanical Keyboard: Ultra-thin/Cherry Switch/Wired 65% Keyboard


Sophisticated design in classic black and white. The design was inspired by butterflies, which led to the creation of Kemove’s first ultra-thin 68-key keyboard. The independently encircled light strip is integrated. With Five sets of independent light strip lighting effects and 19 keyboard RGB lighting effects, K68 will create a rich visual feast for you.

Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard

PBT Low Ball Keycap(Designed by KEMOVE)

With the PBT two-color light-transmitting low-ball cap, K68 is the first keyboard with the best ergonomic low-ball cap. It is as thin as 1.6mm and as low as 6.34mm, providing a bran-new input experience.

Kemove K68 PBT Low-Ball Keycaps
Kemove K68

Cherry & Gateron  RGB Switch

Incorporating the world-famous Cherry &Gateron RGB switches, K68 provides the smoothest and most authentic mechanical using experience.

Cherry RGB Switch
Kemove K68 Butterfly Cherry RGB Switch

Silicon Gasket

The silicone gasket is made from imported high-quality silicone. The material of the silicone gasket used in K68 is strictly controlled at 40~55 degrees to achieve maximum noise elimination and noise reduction effect to improve your experience.

Silicone Gasket

19 kinds of RGB Lighting Effects

 With 19 gorgeous default onboard lighting effects and 5 novel RGB lighting effects of the light strip, K68 creates an immersive e-sports atmosphere together.

KEMOVE K68: Ultra-thin/Cherry Switch/Wired 65% Keyboard


K68 adopts the Hot-swappable function that 5pin is compatible with 3pin, which is compatible with 95% of standardized mechanical switches on the market. you can use the switch puller to easily replace more different switches. Different Switch, instant experience.

KEMOVE K68: Ultra-thin/Cherry Switch/Wired 65% Keyboard

3 Ways to Connect

K68 supports wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth connection modes.

K68 Bluetooth uses the high-speed chip of the American Broadcom Corporation,  fast response to various wireless devices. K68 achieves a return rate of 1000hz in 2.4G mode, 0.8ms high-speed communication response, which brings you a faster gaming experience.

Kemove K68 Mechanical Keyboard

System Support

In order to meet the needs of the users, based on maintaining the original windows system,K68 develops the MAC system and IOS system. Therefore, it improves the experience for MAC and iPhone users.

Ps: Partly compatible with MAC and iOS.

Kemove K68 Butterfly Mechanical Keyboard
Kemove K68 Butterfly Mechanical Keyboard

Usage Scenarios

Not only for Gamers, 

Also for Typing, Working, Editing video.

KEMOVE K68: Ultra-thin/Cherry Switch/Wired 65% Keyboard

Support customization

As the driver of K68, Kemove control hub is easy to use.  you can easily achieve the full key custom key change, key combination settings, and macro command recording settings through Kemove control hub .K68 also supports five groups of custom light settings. With 4 groups of profiles, it is easy to expand the possibilities of “infinite”.

KEMOVE K68: Ultra-thin/Cherry Switch/Wired 65% Keyboard

After-sale Service

We provide intimate after-sales service:1-year warranty, free return or replacement for the faulty product. 

If you have any questions, please contact us: support@kemove.com

About Us

We are KEMOVE, a team deeply committed to the research and development of mechanical keyboards. The one thing we do for years insists on producing the superb mechanical keyboards that our family also uses.

“Can we do more for our customers to improve their experience?”

This is the question we ask ourselves every day.

With the best quality, the most minimalist design, and the most attentive service, KEMOVE is simple enough to pick up quickly, yet also has depth and replay value. We defined KEMOVE as the combination of High-end materials and innovative original design

We’ve been focusing on improving the quality of mechanical keyboards for 4 years. The power of KEMOVE comes from our love for the keyboard and the Customers’ trust. We have dozens of our factories which can provide sufficient supply stably. We will uphold the concept of making customizable keyboards affordable to every gamer and keep pushing towards the goal of forging the No. 1 mechanical keyboard brand. We look forward to receiving wide support from the backers.