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Jun 02, 2020
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Jul 02, 2020

Wireless or Wired | Hot-swappable Option | Gateron or Optical Switches | For Mac and Windows | Tenkeyless Layout | 15+ RGB Backlit


The Keychron K8 is a versatile wireless mechanical keyboard engineered to maximize your productivity, with the most popular tenkeyless layout among keyboards. Available with Gateron or Optical switch. The K8 is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems and best supports multitasking needs by offering the capability to connect with up to 3 devices via the latest Bluetooth 5.1. The hot-swappable option allows you to personalize your typing experience, making the K8 the perfect tenkeyless keyboard.


Designed with simplicity in mind, the K8 can connect both via Bluetooth or with the provided USB Type-C cable. Supported by the latest Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset, the K8 can be used for home, office, or light gaming with its superior capability to connect up to 3 devices and easily switch among devices swiftly.


Engineered with cross-system flexibility, the K8 provides versatility with compatibility for both macOS and Windows. Additionally, the Keychron K8 is one of the only few in the market that comes with a Mac multimedia keys layout to enable Mac enthusiasts to experience a tactile typing experience.

Included keycaps for both Mac and Windows (four, respectively) that allow you to switch between operating systems effortlessly. For Linux users, we also have a dedicated user group (here) to help with the experience.


Connects up to 3 devices wirelessly and seamlessly. Press Fn + 1 / 2 / 3 to pair up your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Then, switch between screens with ease for an enhanced multitasking and productivity experience.


Personalizing your typing experience is one of the most important features that make the Keychron K8 a perfect tenkeyless keyboard. You’ll never need to buy an entirely new keyboard to try other switch options again with the K8 Hot-swappable version (pre-installed Gateron switch). You can alter every switch in 5 seconds without the need to solder. Just pop them in and you’re done.

*Available with Gateron Red, Blue, and Brown switches. Compatible with most of the MX style SMD-LED Mechanical switches on the market; including Gateron, Cherry, and Kailh switches etc. *With Plate mounted stabilizers.


The K8’s tenkeyless layout is one of the most popular among mechanical keyboards. It offers convenient access to all the essential multimedia and function keys for Mac and Windows in a compact size.

And it’s convenient enough to be customizable with alternative keycaps on the market as we use standard size keycaps.


Designed with versatility in mind, you can access your smart assistant with the dedicated Siri or Cortana key on the K8.

The two adjustable angled rubber feet are greatly enhanced productivity.


The K8 gives you the option to choose between Gateron Mechanical or Optical switches depending on the functionality and typing experience that you prefer.

Crafted for the fans of a precise, smooth and reliable fingertip feel. Whether you are looking for linear (Red), clicky (Blue) or something in between (Brown), the reputable Gateron switches are your best choices.


The Keychron Optical switches (co-engineered with LK) are crafted for those who demand millisecond precision at a competitive price. The 0.2ms latency lets professional gamers play at warp speed whether they prefer the linear Red switches, clicky Blue switches or in something between (Brown switches). It’s 100 million keystroke lifespan ensures long-lasting durability; which is double that of competing switches.

*The Keychron Optical switch version is also hot-swappable and is compatible with a selection of Optical switches. We are planning to increase its compatibility by releasing 3 more variants later this year.


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The K8 is engineered with more than 15 types of RGB backlight options as well as a static white backlight. A keyboard that is always in sync with your mood, easily cycle through the different backlight themes using the Light Effect key. Above is a video to show some of the RGB backlight options.

The K8 comes with a battery capacity of 4000mAh, which is the largest among mechanical keyboards. The K8 can last up to 4 weeks with the backlights disabled depending on your daily usage. The rechargeable K8 battery supports the quickest charging speed among mechanical keyboards and only takes 3 hours to fully charge.




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From our previous experience, the following countries haven’t been charged for import tax: U.S, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and other EU countries ship via YunExpress such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom ( Additional cost may apply if your address zip code is in DHL remote area list 2020 here).

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Keychron was formed by a group of enthusiasts who worked in the keyboard industry over the years as designers, marketers, and production experts. We dedicate ourselves to keeping the most sophisticated product simple by delivering modern designs. Our core team member, Will Ye has 10 years of experience in keyboard production and related businesses and Sven Zhu has 11 years of experience in industrial design. We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the most sophisticated mechanical keyboard with a minimalistic design.

We’ve partnered with top-notch suppliers and have successfully delivered the Keychron K1, K2, K4 and K6. We have learned a lot from experiences of our previous projects and we can assure you that the Keychron K8 keyboard will never fail you.