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Jun 06, 2022
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The ultimate beautiful bicycle headlight is born! USB rechargeable and bright.


The bullet light is an unusual existence while many of the general lights are “brighter and more compact”. The bullet light was the standard for the traditional style, before a few more years ago. Nevertheless, the shaping that makes you feel nostalgies, including young people, has attracted many ways.
This new and old fused design is not limited to classic style bicycles, but from modern cromoric frames, it matches a lot of cars from a crossbike. It is the existence that can take a custom leading role of the love.

The most characteristic of KILEY light is that design, the point we saw. However, rather than “ornament”, it is a role of KILEY, as long as it is a write-for-vehicle light. Therefore, we included the specifications required for your daily ride scene.

Corresponding to USB rechargeable while classic design. The battery can be removed with the body side by changing the front. This allows the body to remove and charge the battery part as needed while the body is fixed to the bicycle body.


The material is made from a block of aluminum alloy, which is formed by CNC cutting. To reduce the weight, the inside of the body is hollowed out, resulting in an approximate 110g weight reduction.

The horseshoe is believed throughout the world to wish travelers safety on the road and as a lucky item for road safety. Weaving the horseshoe design into the design is also meant to wish cyclists safety during their rides.

While most bicycle lights claim to be “brighter and more compact,” bullet lights are unique. It has been several decades since cannonball lights were the standard bicycle light. Despite this, their nostalgic shape has attracted many people, including young people.

The new design, a fusion of old and new, is not limited to classic bicycles but can be used for everything from modern chromoly frames to cross bikes. The new “Bike” is a perfect match for many different types of vehicles. As the name “simple is best” suggests, the longer you use this product, the more you will love it.

In 2012, I was visiting Europe, not yet in the bicycle industry, and working as an interior designer.

In a town called Lindau, Germany, I suddenly found an antique store that caught my attention. There was a very old bicycle there with a very old simple light on it.

I liked the design of the light so much that I told the owner, who was in his 80s, that I wanted to buy it from him, but he refused. The owner, who was in his 80s, refused to sell it to me because he said that the light was his grandfather’s treasure.

However, I could not give up the light, so I visited the owner’s store for three days in a row.
On the fourth day,

I said, “I am a designer and want to design bicycles in the future. I need inspiration for that, and I really need this light to give me strength. I want to combine the simplicity and beauty of this light with modernity.”

When I told him this, the owner finally sold it to me.

After that, I returned to Taiwan, combined with other products available in the market, and launched the first headlight “LM-001” in 2013.
I revisited the antique shop in Lindau with the light I had made to report this to the store owner. When I arrived at the store, a young man opened the door.

I asked, “Where is the owner?”

He said, “My grandfather passed away…”

I was and still am very sad, but I want to carry on the trust that his grandfather entrusted to me.
I want to do something for the bicycle industry and carry on the concepts of my predecessors.

This is my own true story and I want to share it with you.

– Louis – Founder of KiLEY –


The aluminum interior is being scraped to reduce weight.

We, GEEK TRADE Co., Ltd. signed a sole agency agreement with KiLEY as their distribution partner in Japan in 2020. We have received requests from all over the world for the LM-018 USB rechargeable bullet-shaped light, and have participated in the development of this new product, which is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Our brand concept is “KiLEY dress upcycle life”. Our goal is to continue to develop and produce products that contribute to both.

We have developed the LM-018 USB rechargeable bullet light in hope that it will increase the number of KiLEY fans by introducing more people to the wonderful design and quality of the “KiLEY” brand. Please feel and use it. We believe that you will be able to experience the perfect excellence of this product.

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