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Help a single mother expand her farm to table mobile business to a storefront where everyone is welcome!


Locally sourced. Scratch made. Family Owned.

Introducing Kin Cafe

Kin Cafe is a cafe and market located in the heart of downtown Bishopville. It is a place to meet friends for brunch or have a cup of tea while you study. It is a store that offers scratch-made baked goods, gourmet coffee, comfort foods, wine and locally grown produce. It is a space to host a private happy hour or cater a lunch for your office. It is a beautiful building and concept this community has been longing for.

Why Bishopville? This is my home. I have love for Bishopville, and would not only like to watch the city grow, but also take part in that growth.    Downtown is starting to blossom again, with Main Street at the heart. To have the opportunity to be a part of downtown’s revitalization, and to have our business be in the iconic landmark, the Levenson’s  building, is a dream come true.    With the expansion of downtown centred events, paired with recent growth of downtown business, I believe this is the perfect time to open Kin Cafe.  The cafe will offer a duality of services, operating as a bakery and coffee lounge with a menu, including homemade desserts, smoothies, soups, salads, sandwiches and hand crafted cocktails.

The Vision

A unified Bishopville. A bustling and busy downtown. I  have worked in downtown Bishopville for a while and have witnessed the vision of what this city can be, and what it’s people want it to become. The area has such a wealth of culture and pride, and I want to be a conduit for the expression of what this community has to offer, whether it be, the abundant local produce I can utilize in products, or the local artists that want a venue to showcase their hard work. I can’t wait to offer a place for the community to come together, where newcomers can meet their neighbors, where neighbors can become friends, and where visitors can catch a glimpse of what our city is all about!

The Concept

Kin Cafe came from a marriage of passions, years of conversations  filled with ‘what if’ ideas that combined my love and talents of baking and restaurant management. Opportunity struck, and now my concept that started scribbled on napkins and scrap paper is becoming a reality.    As much as we all would like to survive on cake, I know that’s not realistic, so I’ve consulted with locals on what food items they would like to see in a cafe setting, bringing in the missing link that will tie the business together. A menu crafted from scratch, utilizing every fresh and local resource I have will be the icing on the cake of our original ‘cake and cocktail’ concept.

Who is Ty?

Hi! I am Ty Atkinson, the brains behind Kin Cafe.  About three and a half years ago, I  was at a point in my life where I was burned out working three jobs and trying to manage my family as a single mother, and I started looking for businesses I  could do with my family. I wanted to focus on something that was about food, was lifegiving and would serve my community.

My passion for baking starting at a young age when I would bake with my Great Grandmother, Betty Jean. Some of my earliest memories as a child are baking with Grandmother in her country kitchen in Nichols. My rustic and comfort food style of baking is inspired by the many years I spent in the kitchen learning from my Great Grandmother. I have been in the food service industry and baking cakes for restaurants, private events and weddings for over 10 years. All of these experiences have allowed her to develop strong skills in event and business management, sales techniques, marketing, staff management and most of all making amazing pastries and cakes.

When thinking about starting a business, it made sense to open a cafe, and to bring heritage recipes from different cultures, to share with my town. And that’s how Kin Cafe was born. In June, 2020, I rented a shared kitchen space at the old Binks on Main building and became part of the local Farmers Market scene.

After establishing my customer base doing pop-ups, farmers markets, and offering curbside pickup and delivery from my shared kitchen, I have now out-grown the shared kitchen space and home baking ovens. My next big step is moving into a physical location of my own where I can continue to grow the business and where customers can come every day to buy products. I currently have a beautiful building under renovation at 230 North Main Street in Bishopville, but I need your help in order to finish the space and make the move.

When I first toured 230 N.  Main Street  I immediately saw the promise of the location. It is a centrally located building in downtown Bishopville. It is on the same block as the Bishopville Public Library and surrounded by hundreds of homes. The building has a unique charm in its design with its large windows and high ceilings.

The scope of work needed to transform this space into a restaurant is immense, but there was no other building that appealed to me like this. In January I will sign a lease with a purchase agreement and in January we will get to work.

The buildout and funding

Kin Cafe requires a full buildout. All of the plumbing, electrical,roof, security system, HVAC system, flooring, equipment , signage and merchandise will have to be purchased or completed.

Needless to say, the amazing crew of contractors and materials used to complete this work will not come at a cheap price even with myself and my family completing all of the design projects themselves. I have quickly exceeded our budget, due to many unforeseen challenges during the process, I need an extra financial push to acquire some key items before I open the doors.

Why Kickstarter?

Due to the scope of the project, I am dealing with more than usual when it comes to opening a restaurant. The funds that I raise from Kickstarter will allow me to take off some of the financial burden that would be accrued during this process. Kitchen equipment, plates, silverware, glassware, our custom bar, tables, chairs, and lighting are all things that these funds would be used to purchase.

I appreciate your consideration to pledge money to this business. I realize this is an unprecedented time and if you are unable to help us financially, your attention to this campaign is still worthwhile because it gives a glimpse into what I am up to. And if you find yourself in a position where you are able to help, I have some fun plans to thank you for your pledge.

Funding Goals

My goal is set to $50,000. This will help me with the enormous process of converting this beautiful store into an amazing restaurant.

When will the cafe open?

Since we have such an extensive project ahead of us, turning this early 1900s  clothing store into a 2021 restaurant, it’s hard to keep to an exact timeline. My best estimates and current progress put us on track to finish the build out and open for business mid summer of 2021.

I already feel so supported by my customers and would never have come to this point without the encouragement and support of my community. Thank you so much for supporting me in any way you choose. It’s our honor to serve you.