$53,341 raised out of $10,000
Start date
Sep 23, 2020
Close date
Oct 09, 2020

The combat-ready, feature-packed, customizable Lightsaber you want at the price you can afford.





We’re At It Again…


Kyberlight’s story is rooted in successful crowdfunding campaigns after surpassing our initial goal by 1014% and raising over $500K in 2016.

Four years and 15,000+ orders later, we’re at it again with the new Kyberlight V5 Lightsaber.


Delivery Guaranteed


Your contribution with us is a  guaranteed purchase. That means if you order a lightsaber with us, you will get the lightsaber, guaranteed.



For Years, Buying a Lightsaber Meant Compromises…


You either paid for a high end lightsaber you couldn’t or wouldn’t dare use, or you bought something cheap that broke in 10 minutes.


At long last the time to get an affordable high-end, combat-ready, fully customizable lightsaber has arrived, no compromises included.



High-End Features—At Half the Price


No nickel and diming you to get features you deserve. It’s all included.


Not Being Stuck with One Design

Change up the look and feel of your saber anytime with our at-home customizable system.


Don’t Be Afraid to Use It

A durable lightsaber you can use for when you reach out with your anger!


Turn Your Friends to the Dark Side with Jealousy

*Warning* Kyberlight V5 may induce jealousy in friends and family which can lead to fear, followed by anger and hatred… you know what comes next.



Smooth Swing

Immersive sound that responds to each movement lets you feel like you’re holding a beam of pure plasma.


Flash On Clash

Real-time interaction on contact with the physical world ratchets up the intensity of combat.



On-demand lockup means you are always ready to create those dramatic moments that turn long lost family members back to the light.


Blaster Deflection

On-demand blaster deflection effect lets you block blasters and stand your ground.


8 Built-In Colors

8 bright built-in colors with our powerful 10W LED so you can change sides at the drop of hat.


3 Rich Sound Fonts

3 rich sound fonts that transport you into the experience of wielding a saber you will almost believe is the real thing.




Dance with the one(s) that brought you…or hook them up with free stuff. Back the campaign early and get rewarded. The earlier you join, the more you’re rewarded—so what are you waiting for?



  • July 2016 – Kyberlight kicked off by raising over $500,000 and revolutionized the lightsaber world forever

  • 2017 – We released Version 2 and 3 soundboards helped improve an already fantastic lightsaber.

  • 2018 – Version 4 of our soundboard released 

  • 2019 – November – We began work on our version 5 soundboard 

  • 2020 – March – First samples of new V5 arrived and we developed new firmware

  • 2020 – June – Second round of samples arrived and we perfected the design and went with a brighter 10W LED.

  • 2020 – August – We finalized our firmware and production process and went into small scale production. 

  • 2020 – September – We started our Indiegogo campaign to take our small scale to large scale production

  • 2020 – October – We hit our campaign goal and we’re able to multiply our production scale and shipping capabilities

  • 2020 – December 7th – We start shipping on our new V5 to our loyal customers and campaign backers.


Ships 1st Week of December



It all starts with the manufacturing of our aerospace grade aluminum hilts.

We then wire up the hilts with 2 buttons, a charge port, and an LED to get ready for the V5 circuit board. 

We make our hilts in Silver and Matte Black.

The V5 Circuit Board – Where the magic happens.

Once we are all connected, we run extensive tests to ensure quality, durability, and that each V5 lightsaber is working perfectly. 

We package each Kyberlight in a beautiful clamshell box for worldwide shipping.

Blades – Our blades are made of high tensile polycarbonate to make them combat ready and super durable. Here, they are being shipped to our manufacturer for picking and packing. 

Each Kyberlight is then picked, packed, wrapped, and put on a pallet for shipping. 

Ready to go!


  • Hilt Material: 7075 aircraft grade aluminum

  • Hilt Length: 11”

  • Hilt Diameter: 1.5’

  • Blade Material: High tensile polycarbonate 

  • Blade Length: 32”

  • Battery: 400mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery

  • 2 amp quick charger and charger port

  • LED: 10W 

  • Belt Attachment: Covertec Wheel Standard



  • 1x Kyberlight V5 lightsaber

  • 1x 32″ Polycarbonate Blade

  • 1x 2Amp Quick Charger

  • 1x Customization Hex Tool

  • 1x Covertech Belt Clip Wheel

  • 1x User Manual

  • Interchangeable Modular Pieces (Varies with each Perk Level)