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LaNuEto is the watch you’ll want to wear on your days off to view art. Van Gogh’s Starry Moonlit Night is the motif.


(Van Gogh’s masterpiece “The Starry Night”)

 Part of the artwork is depicted on the dial, which is the symbol of LaNuEto.

The name “LaNuEto” is also derived from initials of “La Nuit Étoilée,” the French title of the starry night.

 Another symbol is the large 28.5 mm “moon phase” that circles the dial.

 The moon phase is a mechanism that expresses the phases of the moon on the dial.

Invented by Breguet, the 18th century watchmaking genius, it is one of the seven most difficult configurations to manufacture in mechanical watches.

The changing expression of the moon on the dial has always been a romantic attraction for watch lovers.

 Moon phases also have practical uses.

The period of the missing moon (full moon -> waxing moon -> new moon) is said to be a good time for dieting because the body can easily expel excess.

The period of the waxing moon (new moon -> waning moon -> full moon) is a good time to consume vitamins and minerals that are often lacking, since absorption increases during this period.

Physical condition and moods are also associated with the moon.

Knowing which phases of the moon you feel better or worse during will help you find the right life cycle for you.

 LaNuEto uses a self-winding movement that requires no batteries.

The movement is a reliable Swiss-made model (Cal. A4610).

 From the back, the beautiful mechanism of the mechanical watch can be closely observed.

 The moon is sculpted out of metal.

It is not a print.

The uneven surfaces are also sculpted for a realistic texture.

We designed the watch with attention to the beauty of details such as the hands and crown.

 The case is made of beautifully polished “316L stainless steel.

It is also known as “surgical stainless steel” and is used for medical scalpels and scissors because it is resistant to corrosion and does not cause metal allergies.

The windshield is made of “sapphire glass,” which is the second hardest glass on earth after diamond.

It is a special material used for high-end watches and is almost never scratched through ordinary, everyday use.

 The belt is made of soft Italian cowhide leather.

The buckle uses a stylish, easy-to-remove single-lock clasp.

Two color variations, silver and gold, are available. 

 LaNuEto comes with a 2-year warranty.

Any natural failure that occurs within the warranty period will be repaired free of charge (we will carefully judge whether the failure is natural or property damage based on the condition of the item).

The customer is responsible for shipping costs to and from LaNuEto Japan.

If the watch has been repaired by the customer (or by a third party such as a watch repair store), or if there are signs that the back cover has been opened, the watch may not be covered by the warranty.

If the warranty card is lost, the warranty will not be honored.

Q1: Is it unisex?

A1: Women can also wear it, but it is a larger size for men.

Q2: Is there a warranty?

A2: We offer a 2-year warranty period.

Q3: Do automatic watches require battery replacement?

A3: Not required. Before use, the watch is gently shaken to wind the mainspring and start the watch running. After that, the watch will continue to run by winding the mainspring with the swinging motion of the wrist.

Q4: Is the watch waterproof?

A4: It is water resistant to 1 atmospheric pressure and 10 m water intensity. Mechanical watches are delicate, so please refrain from putting the watch in water. The water resistance is just enough to withstand water work, rain, and other watery conditions of daily life.

Q5: Are there any precautions in using the watch?

A5:Please be careful not to shock or swing the watch strongly (e.g., sports). It can be the cause of brakedown, due to its extremely elaborate construction. Also, please store your watch in a place where it will not be exposed to magnetism, humidity, or ultraviolet rays.

Our Vision

We have joined Kickstarter to bring out LaNuEto to the world.
  We are excited to get started on the next phase together.

  The objectives of this project are “mass production” and “establishment of sales channels”.
  The funds raised will be used for the following purposes:

  – Launching the e-commerce site
  – Promotion
  – Improvement of production facilities

  Starting with this project, we will continue to promote LaNuEto to art lovers around the world.

  Thank you for reading this far.