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Aug 29, 2023
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Oct 14, 2023

Telephoto Expansion | 1.5X Constant Squeeze | Amber/Blue/Silver Flare | Oval Bokeh | 9 Mounts


TINIEST Anamorphic Series is BACK!!!!

The most compact anamorphic series, Nanomorph, is back with new focal lengths: 65mm & 80mm T2.4. Your support made the previous Nanomorph 27mm, 35mm, and 50mm a success, surpassing a funding milestone of over 750K USD!!

Now, we’re expanding our lineup to provide a comprehensive range for professional cinematography and commercial work. Order your set with CRAZY discounts and get ready for your epic cinematic journey!

Enter the Anamorphic World with the INSANELY COMPACT Nanomorph!

Experience the captivating world of anamorphic cinematography with our affordable, compact, and versatile Nanomorph lenses.  You can now shoot Hollywood cinema-grade movies and embark on a specular cinematic journey.

©Kristoffer Davidson – 65mm T2.4 1.5X (Silver)

©James Matthews  – 80mm T2.4 1.5X (Silver)

Patented Anamorphic Design

Revolutionary patented anamorphic design, meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional lens quality while prioritizing lightweight construction and maintaining a consistent squeeze. No anamorphic mumps are caused thanks to this unique anamorphic design, and the lenses are fully usable in professional shootings with consistent anamorphic characteristics.

Full Span GIF

©Eros D’ Antona – 65mm T2.4 1.5X (Silver)

Super35+ Coverage

Suitable for cameras with Super35+ or Micro Four Thirds sensors, and it also enables Full Frame cameras to work with minimal vignetting.

©Victor Laforteza

©Laik Knows  – 65mm T2.4 1.5X (Silver)

Cinematic Flare Colors

We are now offering 3 flare color options, elegant amber, classic sci-fi blue and neutral flare for DPs to adapt to different scenes in your movies.

Silver flare offers the unique capability to adapt the color of flare in response to both the light source’s color and intensity.

Flattering Oval Bokeh

Our Nanomorph 65mm & 80mm can beautifully render a stretched oval bokeh effect, adding a distinctive artistic touch to every movie you shoot with regards to a 1.5x squeeze ratio.

With a maximum aperture of T2.4 and due to their telephoto nature, the 65mm & 80mm effortlessly achieve dreamy depth of field and offer a seamless organic focus roll-off.

©Michal Palikot  – 65mm T2.4 1.5X (Silver)

©Mellow0807 – 80mm T2.4 1.5X (Blue)

Cinematic Widescreen Ratio

Our Nanomorph 65mm & 80mm lenses feature a consistent 1.5X squeeze ratio, making them the ideal companions for 16:9 sensors, which are widely prevalent in the market. In comparison to 1.33X anamorphic lenses available, our Nanomorph lenses provide a significantly more pronounced anamorphic and cinematic aesthetic.

It’s important to note that opting for a 1.8X or 2X squeeze ratio would result in considerable lens size increase and wastage of image when paired with a 16:9 sensor.

Why Anamorphics and Not Spherical Lenses?

Because it is cinematic! Everything you shoot can now be cinematic with a golden aspect widescreen ratio of 2.4:1.

While spherical lenses can provide a more realistic texture to your movies, it is still undeniable that anamorphic lenses can make them more visually intriguing and engaging due to the distortion, oval bokeh and flare. The extra space of view also reveals additional details and information about the scene.

Short Focusing Distance

Short focusing distance of 2’3″/70cm on both the 65mm and 80mm lenses, enables you to effortlessly capture dramatic close-up shots and shoot in tight spaces without any limitations. Whether you’re seeking stunning detail or working in confined quarters, these lenses deliver exceptional performance to meet your creative needs.

Telephoto Compression

When it comes to shooting close/distant objects, the 65mm and 80mm lenses excel by compressing the sense of depth within a scene. More distant objects are now brought closer and covering a larger percentage of the frame.

©Laik Knows  – 65mm T2.4 1.5X (Silver)

©Somnang Vann  – 65mm T2.4 1.5X (Silver)

The 65mm and 80mm T2.4 Nanomorph are undoubtedly enhancing the versatility of the Nanomorph anamorphic series and providing cinematographers with the ability to capture captivating close-up shots. These telephoto focal lengths offer significant advantages for close-up photography, allowing for enhanced depth of field and stunning bokeh effects.

Various Mounts Available

For Mirrorless version, Canon RF, Sony E, M43, DJI DL, Nikon Z, L mount and Fuji X mount are also available and interchangeable.

For PL/EF version, both PL & EF mounts are included in the box and the mounts are interchangeable.

Professional Cine Housing

COMPLETE Series for Professional Cine Work

The Nanomorph Series is now a complete offering to meet all your shooting requirements. With five focal lengths at your disposal and covering wide to close-up shots, you gain the full capabilities for supporting any cinematic production.

Best Affordable 2X Anamorphic Solution

Laowa is also introducing a 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter as a standalone perk or as an add-on! Priced at a mere US$699, the adapter is a must-get for the anamorphic shooters. Get it now and mount on our Nanomorph for a 2X anamorphic experience! (PERK Q3)→

Minimal Loss of Aperture Stops & Image Quality

One of the challenges of using an anamorphic adapter is that it can result in a loss of aperture stops and image quality. This means that the image may not be as bright or sharp as it would be without the adapter.

©Brandon Li  – 80mm T2.4 1.5X (Silver)

To provide our filmmakers with the maximum performance of the adapter, we have created a special design to ensure the loss of aperture stops and image quality are minimal, allowing filmmakers to achieve the desired anamorphic look.

©Cam Mackey – 65mm T2.4 1.5X (Blue)

Button-controlled Rotational Mechanism

Enabling the rotation of the lens element internally to ensure correct image compression and horizontal flare alignment.

Compatible with Full-frame Lenses

©Cam Mackey – 65mm T2.4 1.5X (Blue)

The 1.33X Anamorphic Adapter is compatible with our Ranger Cine Zoom lenses and can be mounted seamlessly, working as an anamorphic zoom lens while providing functionality across a focal range of 48mm to 100mm.

Sample Footage


Specification (1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter)

Name Laowa 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter
Squeeze Ratio 1.33X
Lens Structure 5 elements in 5 groups
Focus Throw 200°
Focus Indicator Foot & Meter (Dual Scale)
Min. Focusing Distance 2’4” / 73cm
In-focus Driving Mode Manual (MF)
Front Diameter Ø90mm
Filter Thread Diameter Ø86mm
Max. Diameter Ø96mm
Rear Diameter Ø77mm (55mm /62mm /77mm step-up rings are included)
Dimensions Ø3.78”*2.76” / Ø96mm*70mm
Weight About 1.83lb/830g
Flare Colour Amber/Blue/Silver

What’s included?

For both PL/EF & mirrorless version of the 5-Lens Nanomorph set, you will get the following items:

  1. 5-Lens Set (Nanomorph 27/35/50/65/80)
  2. Warranty card X5
  3. Certificate of Conformity X5
  4. Product Manual X5
  5. Product Brochure X1


  • EF Interchangeable Bayonet Mount X5
  • Interchangeable Bayonet Rear Cover X5
  • M2 Mount Screws X30
  • Lens Bracket X1

  • 0.9 Hex Tool X3
  • 2.5mm Hex Tool X1
  • M3 Screws x4
  • Lens Bracket X2
  • 3mm L Shape Hex Key X1
  • 1.3mm L Shape Hex Key X1
  • Screwdriver handle X1
  • PH0 Bit Head X1
  • H1.5 Bit Head X1
  • M4X6 Screws X2
  • M2X9 Screws X6
  • Focus Handle X2
  • Shims

Perks Overview

Sample Footage


To learn more about previous focal lengths (27mm/35mm/50mm), please visit our website at laowacine.com

Development Journey

Risk & Challenges

Risk and innovation have always been at the heart of Laowa’s mission. We strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in lens design, and our latest Nanomorph lenses are no exception.

Our team of experienced professionals has poured years of research and development into these lenses, using cutting-edge technology and innovative design to create a truly unique and high-quality product.

But as with any innovative product, there are always risks and challenges. Our goal is to deliver a lens that surpasses your expectations and provides a truly exceptional cinematography experience. We are committed to doing everything in our power to achieve that goal.

However, there is always the possibility of unforeseen challenges that could impact our ability to deliver on time. We may encounter unexpected manufacturing or shipping delays that require additional time and resources to overcome.

In these situations, we promise to keep you informed every step of the way. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive your Nanomorph lens on time and with the highest level of quality.

We are excited to share our passion for cinematography with you, and we ask for your ongoing support as we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible with Laowa cine lenses.

About US

Laowa is an innovative camera lens brand that offers distinctive photo and cine optics. We strive to enhance our products and inspire a new generation of filmmakers and photographers.

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