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Get in touch with the fascination and Peculiarities of Leather


By Artisan 

Portable Tablet Leather Stand.

By raising your gaze.

There are experimental results that show an increase in concentration.

Viewing angle of 0° to ±10° from a tablet

Field of view from 10° to 60°.

It is said to reduce the burden on the neck, shoulders and upper limbs.

With no cover.

Put your iPad in portrait or landscape mode.

It can be used in two levels, approximately 62° and 48°.

Place your tablet approximately 8.5cm higher than your desk or table.

This is a stand that allows you to place.


iPad Air. 

iPad Pro.

iPad mini

[For vertical installation, a 62-degree tilt is recommended with the charging cable plugged in.

[In the case of vertical installation, a 62 degree tilt is recommended when the charging cable is plugged in].

Smart Folio.

iPad Smart Cover, etc.

It doesn’t come with a keyboard.

It can be used with a thin cover (total thickness of 5 mm or less).

Height (overall) approx. 19 cm

Bottom side diameter 16cm

Round from the side where the logo is imprinted and close the button to become portable.

Made of natural leather.

There are tigers, blemishes, blood vessels, scratches, uneven color, etc.

No initial maintenance (additional oil, etc.) is required.

The leather is tanned, so the more you use it, the more it will get used.

You can enjoy the change of color and texture over the years.

The white color is combination tanned.

 Tochigi saddle leather Black 

 Tochigi saddle Leather orange-brown 

 buffalo Leather 

white leather


Continued exposure to the sun may cause discoloration due to sun exposure.

Be especially careful with white leather.

Do not leave the leather rolled up for long periods of time.

Button marks may appear due to pressure or other causes.

Water, strong rubbing, etc. may cause the color to fade and

It may cause color transfer.

Please note that the color of this product may look different from the actual color depending on your monitor’s environment.

Depending on your monitor, the actual color of the product may look different.

Do not bend the leather in any direction other than the direction of the rounding.

Every 3.4 months, apply a thin layer of leather care oil

Take care of the leather by wiping it off after leaving it for about two minutes.

Be careful not to add too much oil, as it can make the leather too soft.  

The rewards are

Type of leather, color, and

They are separated by the time of completion.

Please note. 


Applications open October 4, 2020.

Mid-October 2020: Advanced ordering of materials with long delivery times

Late October/November 2020, mass production to begin

Application deadline is November 1, 2020.

Late November 2020, shipping to be completed in November.

Shipping will be completed in late December 2020

Late January 2021: Shipping will be completed in January.

Please note that schedules are subject to change depending on the availability of leather and other items. We will do our best to ship ahead of schedule, but in the event of a change, we will notify you in our activity reports.

Depending on the progress of production, December shipments may be sent ahead of schedule in November.

How the funds are used

We will use part of the funds to research and develop new works to expand the series.

Thank you for your support.

Please note that the design and specifications may change in order to improve the quality of the product.

If the number of supporters exceeds your expectations, the delivery date of the product may be delayed due to delays in leather delivery and manufacturing processes.

Refunds for your support will be accepted as long as it is an initial functional defect. Please contact us within two weeks of receipt of your return. 

If we receive more support than expected and we are able to set up a mass production system, there is a possibility that the official selling price may be lower than the planned selling price.

Due to the nature of crowdfunding, we ask for your understanding and understanding of the above points and thank you for your support.