$1 raised out of $80,000

A peer to peer rental marketplace for everyday items from neighbors and local lenders.


The sharing economy is set to reach $335 billion by 2025. Users are able to rent houses through AirBnb, cars through Turo, yet there is no marketplace for everyday items.

Renter: You may find yourself searching for a surfboard, jet ski or bicycle for a fun day outdoors yet don’t know where to rent from. Wedding and party planning isn’t easy with so many Pinterest ideas and so few choices to find an exact match. Lendli bridges the gap between ideas and planning, to renting and making your special day happen!

Lender: Lending should be safe and simple. As a lender you can run and manage your business through Lendli. Allow renters to view your inventory and book it immediately, checking availability and booking the same day. Any Lender can also share items they own with other and make some extra cash. 

Lendli aims to have strategic alliances with small businesses first, and help bring them referrals, and grow their business while building up a user base on the platform. 

We offer rental listings free of charge. Lendli takes a small success fee when an item is rented out. It is really a favorable situation for both parties because the service deducts its share only when the payment is obtained by the lender, and they, in turn, are paid only when renters are satisfied. The 2 revenue sources are:

How it works: 5-step model of interaction.

  1. Lenders list their items details via the Lendli app along with description of product, location etc.
  2. The lender photographs the item in an aesthetic fashion (tips will be provided)      and posts it on the app.
  3. Renters search for the products in their vicinity or near the location they are      traveling according to price, reviews, quality etc.
  4. Bookings are processed through Lendli where a renter pays the amount asked plus the transaction fee (app profit).
  5. Lender approves the reservation. The renter then uses the product and the lender      receives their profit after the app deducts it’s commission.

Apart from this, the app’s users can also:

  • manage the listing directly from the mobile app or website
  • update the calendar availability
  • build their profile credibility through reviews
  • find lenders on a user friendly map
  • and more