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2,048Wh Capacity | 4*2,000W AC Outputs | 13 Outputs | Solar Input | Charge Tesla | High Speed Charge


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Electrical power is the lifeblood of the modern world. When it fails, goes down, runs out, everyday living is severely challenged. No one can afford a loss of power.
Enter LEOCH!  
With an unrivaled 2048Wh capacity and 4 x 2,000W output, it’s a market leader and a force to be reckoned with. Don’t let LEOCH’s sleek lines fool you! There is nothing sedate about this power station – it has the staying power and endurance of a stallion!

LEOCH is the solution to any domestic power outage, or where additional power is required. It’s ideal for fast charging any large or small powered device – from phones to fridges, even your electric car. And you’ll never be truly off-grid again with LEOCH’s solar rechargeable power supply.
 LEOCH features 2x regular USB ports, 2x fast-charging USB ports, 2x 45W PD USB-C ports, 4x AC wall outlets, 2x 300W DC outputs plus 1 car outlet.









You can purchase LEOCH with complete confidence as it eclipses other battery powered technology. LEOCH is equipped with the latest LiFePO4 battery – next generation Lithium batteries that are the safest on the market. 

Being the most stable of modern batteries, they do not overheat, and even if punctured when being recharged, will not catch on fire. The cathode material in LiFePO4 batteries is non-hazardous so you can have confidence that there are no hazards to your health or the environment.

Meanwhile, as well as being safe and durable, LEOCH provides a higher than average capacity of power for its size.

Exclusive to our INDIEGOGO backers, we are offering a 2-year warranty!



Yes, we said 13! That’s how many devices LEOCH can handle with absolute ease! 
Don’t underestimate its portable size. This generator definitely has the ‘unprecedented’ factor!  
Inside the tough aluminum alloy casing, the 2,048 watt battery is securely embedded, offering two regular USB ports, two fast charging USB ports, two PD USB-C ports and four international AC wall outlets – as well as a car charging outlet!


LEOCH isn’t just a backup power supply – it’s a workhorse! As a powerful generator in its own right (with 4x 2,000W AC output and surge at 4,000W), LEOCH keeps devices running – from household appliances to workshop tools and vital equipment, like CPAP machines and your electric car! Just plug in and you are ready to go. 
We offer different versions of AC outlets to suit different countries and regions.


Speed up your journey by using LEOCH as an emergency backup for powering your electric vehicles. It provides a reassuring 10.5 extra miles on a single charge.



Is your workshop underpowered? Are you putting in some hours on an outdoor project? With LEOCH, no matter how intensive your power usage, you have all the grunt you need to run any equipment. 
For example, most electric drills are rated between 5 and 10 amps, which equals 600 and 1200 watts respectively without load. Now you can run your electric drill, LEOCH style, for up to 3.5 hours, Welders too!
We designed LEOCH to be compact, easy to manoeuvre (comes with wheels), so you can take it with you anywhere.  And there are no bulky adapters – one AC input cable is all you need for when you want to recharge. LEOCH is user-friendly technology at its very best!


For those who rely on medical devices such like a CPAP machine or a medical fridge, a power outage could be a disaster. Most CPAP machines are between 30-60 Watts. With LEOCH, you’re always well prepared for the unexpected and you can relax in the knowledge that your CPAP will continue to work for the next 34-68 hours.


Being without power, or without continuous power, is a serious matter. The electronic devices you rely on every day for communications, security and entertainment are at risk as a result of unexpected blackouts, voltage fluctuations or other power disruptions. 

When the power is out or beyond safe levels, LEOCH’s Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), instantly provides backup power, as well as surge protection, for all your plug-in equipment.

The UPS provides continuous power and protection for your connected electronic devices including Computers, Televisions, Security Systems, Gaming Consoles and Mobile Devices.

At the same time, independent charging and discharging circuit modules allow LEOCH to charge and recharge simultaneously.


Power outages are always inconvenient and rarely prepared for, but LEOCH is! 
LEOCH is your powerful yet quiet, backup plan AND it’s maintenance-free! When you need your home appliances to just work – which is always – LEOCH will power them for you anytime, all the time.  So your all-important appliances stay on – your Refrigerator, Coffee Maker, Electric Grill, Electric tools, even your Tesla.


Just as LEOCH is simple to operate, it is also simple to recharge, in one of three easy methods:  300W AC input, 300W solar input and 150 WDC input (through an Anderson outlet). You can recharge LEOCH from a combination of power sources and, with its rapid recharge capability, it can be recharged to 80% in around 3 hours.


Via a regular AC input LEOCH can be charged safely and easily and, unlike other battery generators, LEOCH does not have a bulky adapter to plug in.  A major advantage of alternating current is that its voltage can be modified relatively easily using a transformer, which allows power to be transmitted at very high voltages before being taken down to safer voltages for commercial and residential use.


DC input is the most stable and simple way of charging a battery station when you prepare a backup power for your home or your adventures. Whilst charging LEOCH via AC input is convenient, the effectiveness of charging via a DC output is much higher, which opens up many more possibilities for utilizing LEOCH’s extensive capabilities.


When there is no place to plug in, you can charge LEOCH with 100% green solar power and at the same time help to save the planet by producing 0 emissions. 
Sunlight is a renewable clean energy that is available every day. Even on cloudy days, solar power can be captured by LEOCH at decent levels.




Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is a tracking technology in electronic form. It uses algorithms and controls circuits to search for the maximum power point, so that the converter circuit can obtain the maximum power from the cell module.

LEOCH has solar inputs via Anderson outlet, which are compatible with the majority of solar panels in the market. Through solar input, LEOCH can be recharged to 80% in around 5 hours, while you can rest assured that it is completely eco-friendly.

LEOCH is compatible with other solar panels and installations on the market which means you can fully utilize other solar power systems and store that energy in LEOCH for future use.

With LEOCH, you can power almost everything – at home and at work, in case of a blackout – as well as when you decide to go off the beaten path for an adventure. And when you need to recharge LEOCH you can utilize the portable solar panel, or hook it up directly to your existing solar system. LEOCH is your reliable partner in the great outdoors, as a generator that gives you peace of mind, or the ability to live a completely green lifestyle.


The 2,048Wh LiFePO4 battery pack is embedded in a durable aluminum alloy housing and protected by reinforced ABS+PC shed. LEOCH is built to be tough and secure. Now you’re worry-free, knowing LEOCH will always be with you.

An intelligent BMS protects your LEOCH from power surges and overheating, monitoring and alerting you of any sharp changes in temperature.

LEOCH is equipped with LiFePO4 batteries along with its state-of-the-art BMS which can give you all the benefits above and protect all the cells. It can protect every battery cell group from taking too much/too little load, so as to maximize the batterie life and performance.


LEOCH’s durability and reliability makes it a trustworthy partner in even the worst of blackouts. LEOCH has over 40 international certificates as both a manufacturer and as a product that has an impressive number of safety features, such as Short-Circuit Protection, Battery Overcharge Protection, Output Overcharge Protection, Harsh Temperature Protection, and more.






Made from a shell of waterproof oxford cloth, the solar panel is highly durable and able to be folded into a tiny size, making it light and portable. The higher Solar Energy Conversion Rate, 22%-25% (much higher than the market average rate of 15%), is a result of the finest cloth and the premium-grade panel.

LEOCH is equipped with 2 wheels, which makes it even more portable and convenient. 








in 2020 the Team is inspired by an unprecedented year the Team envisions creating our first battery-powered generator with diamond-cut form factor that is safe and capable for anyone who is preparing for the unexpected or needs extra power through their adventures. 

LEOCH is our first product as consumer electronics. the Team name it after our company’s name to show our good faith with high hopes infused in this product.



LEOCH International Technology Limited (“LEOCH”) is an international high-tech enterprise listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 842). It was founded in 1999. 

Over the years, LEOCH has partnered with many market leaders, including a number of Fortune 500 companies from various industries, suppling battery products around the globe.


For more than two decades, LEOCH has been supplying battery products for established automobile, motorcycle, telecom and electric companies around the world. Our focus is on products that meet industrial standards as well as future-proofing and environment-saving innovations.
LEOCH is a publicly company listed in Hong Kong with $1.5B revenue generated from battery R&D, solutions, and manufacturing, (in the year 2019). As one of the leading battery manufacturers, having 151 battery production lines and 15 R&D centers around the world, we know batteries better than anyone.
2020 has been an unprecedented year as our LEOCH team decided to create a product that was safe and usable for anyone who would wants to be ready for the unexpected, or who needs extra power indoors or outdoors. 

That’s why we are introducing our first battery-powered generator which is also our first product in the consumer electronic market. We named this product after our company’s name to demonstrate our good faith and high hopes we have for this product.
We’d love to hear from you and to work with you during our pre-launch through INDIEGOGO, prior to the commencement of its mass production. Please join us to build the best power station in the world!
No matter where you are, good times or bad times, LEOCH will always be with you.