$1 raised out of $85,000

Wind E-scooters will make short commutes an enjoyable ride/experience. Get to class/work on time. It’s great for the planet too!


Navigating through a massive college campus was a big challenge for me. I honestly didn’t want to be seen riding a “kid’s” electric scooters (the only E-scooter available at that time) to class.  Therefore I dreamed about having a better, faster, attractive electric scooter. Coming from a minority low income household, that idea of manufacturing Wind E-Scooters was just a dream. 

Few years later I became a Biotechnologist, moved to an extremely busy citi where dealing/navigating through traffic became/is/was an adversity/difficulty/frustration. So the day, I was stuck in grid lock traffic came, and I reassured that dream and what is now my passion.  

With a more steady income, I invested my entire life savings in the design and manufacturing of this product. As a scientist, I truly care about the environment, therefore providing an emission-free way to travel short distances is forefront/a goal and an accomplishment. Wind E-Scooters is an electric scooter that will make short commute an enjoyable ride/experience. It’s easily foldable, easy to carry (perfect for downtown traffic, getting to class on time or commuting to buses and trains’s stations).  Wind E-Scooters features a digital speedometer, front and rear built-in suspensions, front and rear disc brakes and front and rear lights (including brake lights for safety). Made out of strong durable magnesium alloy. Wind E-Scooters also features cruise control at any speeds (just set it and go) with a digital odometer reading. It also has 3 different speed limit control. Lastly, Wind E-Scooters scooter has a walking mode where it drives with you at walking speed.

The funds will help us bring our first batch to market in the fourth quarter of 2022. Let’s Grow together! Let’s Save the Planet! Let’s “Move Like The Wind”!

Perfect for commuting to the Bus/Train Station. Commute to Class, Work or Through Busy traffic. Forget about Parking fees
Easily Foldable, Easy to cary. Fits in the trunk, car, bus, train, underneath you desk, etc.. You get the idea 🙂
Front and Rear- suspensions, disc brakes, lights (including brake lights). Be comfortable while saving money and the planet! “Move Like The Wind”

Together we can make this Happen!!!!!!!