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Dec 21, 2020
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Jan 23, 2021

Ever thought why your workout at home can´t be fun as gaming? Well, we might have something for you.


LIMBIC is the first home fitness solution that keeps the whole family active while you’re having fun. Our interactive system features your favorite ball games, a variety of fitness classes in different genres and lots of entertaining games to develop physical and cognitive skills.


So, whether you want to work out, make your kids move regularly, or just want to have fun with your friends in an active way, LIMBIC is ready to unleash your physical activity.

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Real fitness. Real fun.

Limbic works with any projector or display (not included) and comes with more than 30 preinstalled exergaming and fitness applications to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, and motor skills. With high-precision motion tracking technology, you get instant feedback allowing you to train effectively and safely.


–> All perks come with the FREE premium lifetime subscription (normally 29,90/ month) 

This means that our first backers get all future apps for free. What? Yes – free, forever 🙂

Your favorite tennis pro creating a tennis training app? – no cost for you. That stunning influencer making a workout app? – no subscription fee for you. Big ass game studio launching big titles on Limbic in the future? Guess what, they can’t charge our backers!

This is our way of making sure the people that believed in us first are with us all the way. For how long? FOREVER! So maybe even your grandchildren will have a free account on the Limbic-X launching in 2045.

Kids Love to Play.

Help your kids to develop social, cognitive and physical skills while playing. It is a natural part of all of us and we are born to learn new abilities and develop our skills by playing. Limbic comes with educational games to learn math, geography or improve memory skills, hand-eye coordination.

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Create your own exergaming app

Since we know that many of you also have great ideas for creating cool apps we also opened up our platform. With so many possibilities to make people play, learn and train, we invite developers and designers to have fun with us. Therefore, LIMBIC works with our existing marketplace of physical gaming apps, enabling anybody to develop applications using the Unity and Godot game engines.

Track your training and compete on global leaderboards

The app will change the way you train and enables you to access your workout results with an analysis of your progress. You want to challenge your friends and family? Join the Limbic community and participate in Limbic tournaments worldwide.

How does Limbic work?

You simply attach the system to the wall, connect a projector via HDMI cable and you’re ready for fun. Please note: A projector is not included in our perks but we will have a buying guide with you soon if you don’t have projector yet.

Limbic tracks the wall and the area in front of the system in real-time to provide a completely new physical gaming experience. Together with our experience of creating engaging applications over the last years we are now able to make you move, jump, throw and kick objects to not just have fun, but also get your blood pumping – all that in a device the size of a shoebox.


About us – the team and story behind Limbic

About four years ago we decided that physical activity needs to be more fun and engaging to stay relevant in our digital age. For that, gaming was our blueprint to make people more active, using gamification to make them move and complete.



Since then we had great success with our products MultiBall and interactiveSQUASH turning sports facilities into super cool mixed reality locations. From shooting monsters with a football to playing space invaders with a tennis racquet, we boost participation and fill sports facilities with new fun and new players.


But for the B2B world our systems have always been very complex. After all, we need to deliver a highly precise and super durable sensor system that can become the backbone for a completely new stream of revenue for our operators.


So over the past years, hundreds of our users wanted the same experience to also play, train and have fun at home. Until now this seemed like an impossible task. But after many months of R&D and the creation of our own like of sensors, we are now able to take our proven operating system and all games into your living room.


Let´s have fun.