$1 raised out of $150,000

Loathing the Irony is a dramatic satire animated series hoping to keep humor in our lives.


This project itself will take some time to complete and I’m more than willing to continue open communication as it progresses. I have the script for the first episode complete just need the equipment and we’ll be all set to really get going on it. 

This kickstarter is to raise funds for the equipment I’ll need to create animations add and edit audio files and record quality voice lines. I will need to supply the other voices with microphones as well since they live rather far from me and can’t afford time off work to fly over 1,000 miles to make audio recordings. The funds will also be used to pay the voice actors for their time and effort they put into the recordings. For any who may need it child care to make quality recordings.

Featuring songs by multiple artists

I care about this project because it’s something I’ve worked toward perfecting the script for years. The story touches on subjects that I, my friends, or others I care about have gone through. These subjects are rather sensitive to some and not talked about enough in our world. I have hopes maybe this series will enlighten others to make the world a little better.

I plan to use any extra time I have after caring for my family to work on Loathing the Irony. If I can afford it I’d hire a babysitter for a few hours every week to ensure I have at least a little time every week to work on it. 

My name is Savannah Jordan I’m a stay at home mom who has prioritized her family. Finally they’re becoming more independent allowing me extra time to work on my project. I have strong passions for creating projects that come from the heart.