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Oct 01, 2020
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Nov 28, 2020

A community based social media network that allows customers to shop and buy products from their favorite local small businesses.


Our Mission is to help save our small businesses.

About Me

 My name is Larry Majette. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. During this time, I built numerous relationships with local business owners. Due to the pandemic, over 100,000 small businesses have closed their doors forever. Along with the civil unrest our country is facing, a lot of businesses have been destroyed. As I watched feeling for all the people affected, I began to think about how I could help them. After doing some research, I realized that their biggest problems were advertising and time management. I thought about using existing technology we all use everyday, social media and online shopping. What if I built an online community around our local small businesses, I thought. Where people could shop and buy products but also have an option of pickup or delivery. I also want businesses to be able to advertise their products or services. It also has to be fun, so what if users earned trophies for their activity and I also create a live chat experience. In the end I put all of those great ideas together and began building Local BoB. I wanted to build an essential tool for our small businesses. Something that is devoted to them. One place where you can find them all. The B.o.B. in Local BoB stands for ”Building our Businesses” which I am eager to do. I want to help as many communities as we can strengthen the support for our local businesses. Local BoB needs you but our small businesses need all of us. Local BoB, ”Creating a small world for our small businesses.” 

-Larry Majette


Local BoB is a social media shopping network to help people in our local neighborhood connect with businesses and individuals in their local community. Users create a profile and they can connect with other users, or view businesses in their area. They can browse businesses near their current location, view individual business profiles, check out live community activity (ads, posts, reviews, checkins, purchases, etc), view their favorited businesses, and view their personal activity. They can even purchase for pickup/delivery and even do live chats. Everything they might need to connect and grow with their community.


The Local BoB Pages were individually created. By tailoring each page to be used as a tool, we hope to maximize usability among our Business owners and Local Users. There are 5 main pages to interact with on Local Bob. The Pages included are shown below. 

*All graphics used are only examples and do not reflect final app quality or design.

BoB List

 The BoB List is a list of local businesses closest to your location. Businesses will be shown on this list to expand their exposure to their local communities. It will also serve as the Homepage. The top spots of the list can be reserved for ad space and businesses with high ratings. Tap on any business to see their page that contains their products, and content. The BoB List features include:

  • Top closest businesses
  • Cover Photo and Logo of business
  • Business Category
  • Distance from current location

Discover Page

 The Local BoB Discover Page allows users to find businesses as well as individual products and services. Here we will also highlight trending products, unique businesses, and utilize our Shop with a Friend feature. The Search Page includes:

  • All Small Businesses Listed 
  • Search bar for keywords
  • Lists of Products and Services
  • Trending Products 
  • Shop with a Friend
  • Trending Businesses

Community Page

 The Community Page is where Local Users and businesses will post and see all social and business related activity. This page is especially important to businesses, this is where they will post all of their ads, special products, and even commercials (upload videos). Our Local Users can share posts, write reviews, and post pictures and videos. The Community Page will include:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Shared Products/Businesses
  • Business Ratings
  • Promotional Material (Ads,Fliers,Commercials,etc.)
  • Trending Businesses
  • Trending Products
  • Business Posts
  • Business Daily operations, Tips, etc.

Local User Page

 The Local User Page allows us to see our favorite businesses content, suggested products, and posts from friends. Local Users can personalize this page with pictures and videos. We will also be able to share personal information and show earned Trophies. The Customer Page includes:

  • Profile Picture and Cover Photo
  • Tagged Photos and Posts
  • Name, Hometown, Occupation, D.O.B.
  • Favorited Businesses Content
  • Suggested Businesses and Products
  • Social Activity (photos, tags, check ins, reviews, etc.)
  • Invites from Friends (to products and businesses)
  • Acquired Trophies

Business Page

The Business Page allows our local small businesses to list and sell products with the option of pickup or delivery. Here we can create a virtual storefront and post product related content. Post a welcome video to engage with customers, add detailed descriptions to products, and answer any frequently asked questions. We can also see new or existing orders, keep track of sales, and gain access to all of our business tools. The Business Page will include:

  • Logo Pic and Cover Photo
  • Ratings
  • Business Name, Category, Date Opened, Location, Owner
  • Product List with Prices and Pictures
  • Saved Files of Content (photos,videos,etc.)
  • Virtual Calendar (for appointments)
  • Acquired Trophies 
  • BoBViD Feature

Business Features

 The Business Features are designed to maximize exposure to local customers. By using the customer’s location, all surrounding Local BoB connected businesses along with their content are shown on the Bob List as well as on the Community Page. The Business Features includes:

  • Create a Business
  • BoB List
  • Search Page Listing
  • List Products and Prices
  • Set Paid or Free Shipping
  • Manage New and Previous Orders
  • Inventory and Sales Reports
  • Run Promotions
  • Add Multiple Users
  • Direct advertising
  • Invite Customers to a Business
  • Huddle
  • Take Appointments
  • Boost Ads (flat rate)
  • Acquire Trophies
  • BoB Blast (Businesses can boost ads and send a notification to all customers within their specific area.)

Local User Features

The Local User Features are designed to increase connectivity among users.  Our Local Users can add/invite friends, share reviews and business related content, and even live chat using CONVO. The Customer Features include:

  • Create a Profile
  • Invite/Add Friends
  • Favorite Business/ Products
  • Check-in
  • Tag Businesses
  • Write Reviews
  • Rate Businesses
  • Post Pictures, Videos, Other Social Content, etc.
  • Acquire Trophies
  • Live Chat 
  • Shop With a Friend
  • Tag Friends
  • Create Chat Groups
  • Invite Friends to Businesses
  • Star(Like), Favorite, Share


CONVO will connect people who are local and beyond. Our Users can create themed chat groups for open discussions. There will also be a Community Page where our Users can share ideas, tips, or advice.  This is another tool to help us connect with our communities. CONVO will also include:

  • An Open discussion format
  • Post Pictures and Videos
  • Invite Friends to Groups
  • Send Messages
  • Post Social Content (memes, trends, etc.)

Trophy System

  The Local BoB Trophy System is made to boost sales and social activity, and create fun achievements for our Users.  The Trophy System is based on all activities and ratings performed in-app. Businesses can acquire a trophy for great customer service, while our Local Users can recieve a “Foodie” trophy for ordering takeout numerous times. The Trophy System includes:


Businesses will be rated in three categories quality, customer service, and overall experience. Ratings are based on the percentage of customers that give high ratings against the amount that do not. 

Trophy Rating:

  • Bronze – 15% rating
  • Silver – 50% rating
  • Gold – 90%+ rating
  • Diamond – Gold in all 3 Categories for 60 days. If ratings in any category fall below the Gold level during said time, the countdown will start over once gold status is attained.


Trophies are based on quantity of spending habits and other social activities. Trophies are rated in Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Businesses can also qualify for these trophies. Here are some examples:

  • Foodie Trophy
  • Beauty Trophy
  • Healthy Trophy
  • Travel Trophy
  • Social Activity Trophy
  • And Many More….

Expansion Updates

Local BoB will be looking to expand our services in the near future. We have even more tools that we believe will help our small businesses. We want to give them the best chance for success as possible. With these added tools businesses can have a reliable delivery service, engage with customers virtually, and our local users can share a shopping trip with a friend. 

Huddle Call—Video Calling Service 

 The Huddle Call system is a video calling feature that allows businesses to take video calls through the app. Local Users can use Huddle Call to video call businesses with questions, help finding or selecting a product, or even a free consultation from a professional service. Another tool that will further help build the relationships between business owners and customers.


RUSH is a Local BoB delivery service that uses local drivers to make pickups and deliveries for businesses. Whether it’s a restaurant, clothing store, or an office supply depot Rushers can deliver it. By using a flat rated scale, the delivery option will be more affordable for businesses as well as customers. Drivers will be rated on their performance to ensure consistent customer satisfaction for the business owners and local users. They’ll be rated by time, customer service, and business service which is based on their driver to business relationship. Local BoB is deeply invested in supporting our small businesses and providing as many tools for them as we can. Being able to create jobs, will certainly help us strenghen our local economies. 

Shop With Friends

 The Shop With Friends feature allows our Local Users to video chat with up to two friends while they shop on the app. Users will be able to video call friends from our Discovery Page. There they can shop together, discuss new products, and share an online shopping trip. This creates a virtual group shopping experience that everyone can enjoy. 

Business Model

The Local BoB business model is simple and affordable. Our pricing reflects the idea that, any and everyone that wants to start a business should be able to with us. We want to make the Local BoB experience as affordable and easy as possible for all small businesses. By using a lower price point, we hope to help as many struggling businesses as we can. Local BoB is here to help.


$7.99 per month

8% Transaction Fee 

*Rates are subject to change.

 Local BoB is being developed by UpCode Studios.


Larry is making a social media platform to help folks in any neighborhood connect with businesses and individuals in their local community. Users create a profile and they can connect with other users, or view businesses in their area. They can browse businesses near their current location, view individual business profiles, check out live community activity (ads, posts, reviews, check ins, purchases, etc), view their favorite businesses, and view their personal activity. They can even purchase for pickup/delivery and do live chats inside the platform! Everything they might need to connect and grow with their community.


UpCode Studios is a mobile app and website development company working with startups and established brands to create unique mobile and online experiences. Since the beginning (2012), UpCode Studios has been focused solely on developing iPhone, iPad and Android apps. In the 8 years since its inception, UpCode Studios has served dozens of clients all over the country in various industries.

We work together with our clients to build compelling apps that provide lasting excitement and value to their customers. Our understanding of mobile and web based technology empowers us to bring a level of expertise to your company like no one else. We know how to build products that can scale to your business’ needs, regardless if you’re a startup or an established company.



We work with clients to understand their business and we merge their initial concept with everything the UpCode Studios team knows about mobile. We’ll assess the possible challenges and identify the ways to overcome them.

Features & Architecture

We establish what features go into the product and how they will work together. Here, we’re drafting a skeletal framework for the app in the form of wireframes.


When it comes to first impressions, it’s all about design. We’ll put our passion for good design to work and based on approved wireframes we’ll design all screens.


The development process is broken down into sprints based on feature sets. Our agile-based development process will allow you to regularly review and assess what we’re building.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team will test the app after each development sprint and once all major functionality is implemented, we’ll prepare a Beta Build.


After passing the Beta Build through a final round of QA and refinements, we’ll have in our hands a Release Candidate Build. We can either submit the app to the App Stores or provide you with everything you need to do it yourself.


We provide our clients with a 3 months bug fixing period, free of charge, and maintenance packages that cover everything from small updates all the way to whole new versions.

Approach to meet requirements

The purpose of the software is to build a social media platform to users with businesses and other users in their community

In order to build this system we will need:

• Design work for smartphone app

• iPhone/Android hybrid mobile app

• Integration with third-party services

• Backend (server, databases, API)

Web and App Social Network Software


Before starting the actual designing and coding, we will need to build a fully functional requirements document. This document will contain everything the system will be able to do with higher level of details, because it will be the way to check and compare everything needed to be done. The designer, software architect, software developer, QA team, product owner, and project manager will know exactly what to build and what to expect from the system. This part should not take more than 1 week and will require communication between our technical business analyst and the product owner.

After this scoping week, the designer and the software architect can start working. After having the architecture, the developers will also be able to start developing. During the development, we will have two important milestones: alpha milestone and beta milestone. For the alpha milestone, around 40-60% of the features should be working and for the beta milestone 100% of the features should be working, but with minor chances of bugs.

After the beta milestone, the apps will be sent for QA testing and fixing discovered bugs. After fixing these bugs, the apps will be ready for your user acceptance testing. After the user acceptance testing is ready (which means you’ve tested and found that everything is ok), it starts a warranty period of 3 months.

The total estimated time of development is between 6 and 8 weeks. We are able to deliver this faster than most native apps because we are able to use code from some already complete social network source code.

Our Recommendation

When planning these approaches and building this proposal, we wanted to prioritize important features of the app while keeping costs in mind and preparing for scalability. This is made possible by using a combination of code from our previous projects and tools made available from third parties. With this in mind we dug into further research and were able to find a solution that will keep your budget pretty consistent while greatly expanding the amount of features that you will have access to in this early version of the platform. Our approach allows you to focus on the professional features that drive the platform, include some of the custom profile fields, monetize with ads, and have access to many features you may not have originally considered. It also comes with a website along with iOS and Android apps. Local BoB will take approximately 6—8 weeks to be developed.

Thank You UpCode Studios!!!!