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This will be a 2D RPG/Adventure filled with quirky characters and a fun story of a Night Hog trying to get a new start in a new Land.


Hello fellow gamers!

I’m currently working and trying to finalize the game: Lotharus – Bacon, Ale & Repeat for a January 2021 release on Steam for PC and right now I’m putting time and money on art and making cutscenes in the game and it’s a bit time consuming, with the extra help from you I will get time and workers to expand on the experience with more side-quests and artwork stuff inside the game.

If this goes well, I’ll release more games in the same spirit with great storytelling and also try for other platform versions such as Mac and Mobile releases in the future.

This game is filled dark comedy and an angry Swine who just wants to come home to his ale!

Watch this gameplay video: 

This is the Rewards: 

DRM-free copy of full game
Digital Metal Music
Wallpaper made from these as a base but when done (inked and colored professionally)
Digital Sleeve (done with inked and colored art) and characters will become better placed when finalized (with or without autograph)
Your name in the Credits
DRM-free copy of 1st game: Adventures of Motharius (with sleeve)
DRM-free copy of 2nd game: Downfall of Krynto (with sleeve)
Become an in-game character with a side-quest!
Make your own side-quest in game with Sloppy Joe Studios!
All Future released games from Sloppy Joe Studios for free!