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Love without borders playing cards is a revolutionary way to subconsciously learn geography.


Love Without Borders is an innovative way to teach geography subconsciously. It has been proven statistically that subconscious learning is more effective than any other way of learning. We want people to learn while having fun in the process and incorporate the art of magic to make that a reality. The word love is translated into the language that corresponds with each individual country, further it is placed at the location of that countries capital, echoing love throughout the country. In addition, the deck has features that enable you to spread the love through easy to learn, sleight of hand magic. 10 mind blowing magic tricks have been created by mentalists allowing you to perform miracles. We are also providing detailed facts about each country, original games to improve your memory and giving you a fun-filled challenge to test your skills. By featuring the surrounding borders of the neighboring countries it allows you to expand your knowledge in geolocation. No matter which way you utilize the pack of cards you will subconsciously gain knowledge in geography. It is a perfect gift for all ages. Please note the quality of the cards in the demo video does not reflect the final product you will receive, the delivered pack will meet the highest quality and standards test; long-lasting and ideal for any sleight of hand artist, mentalist or cardist. All parents would agree that this is the perfect Christmas gift!

Aces of Heart with the flags of multiple countries
Limited Edition Gold Cards
Back Of Card Deck v1