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Eco Friendly XO Tic Tac Toe Double Lucky Game with New Unique Twist


Double Lucky Tic Tac Toe Gemstones Best Amulets Pocket Game

  We have been running our business for almost 15 years now and have been enjoying it since then because we invent and design unique products that are positive and inspiring.

  We came up with this unique XO game to help our business sustain it self during the pandemic and at the same time do something naturally positive for anyone who loves simple, but fun games. We have faith that idea we came up with will help us keep our business strong and at the same time offer new and creative way to play this favorite game for anyone who loves pocket and cool games.

  BTW, we have zero skills with making videos and what you see was created by us to avoid spending precious resources on anything but the product itself. One thing we want to mention is if it wouldn’t be for the obstacles, we would not have learned the things we know today:)

  Here is the concept. It is no secret that whoever starts the game does have absolute power to win it. So, we thought of great way to make this game more exciting and came up with cool idea to pick who play first through lucky chance. The first thing that came to mind was the popular “flip a coin” option and considering our major is inspirational jewelry and gifts, the lucky coin was designed as a cute gemstone medallion necklace.

  Our Tic Tac Toe Game comes in cute drawstring pouch and is embroidered with game art work so it can last. This makes it a pocket game which you can take with you anywhere you go due to its small and easy to use design.

  And here is why we called it “Double Lucky”:)

  As you already know, each individual game comes with Flip Coin Gemstone Necklace and also includes cube gemstone crystals. The Flip Coin necklace is engraved on each side with ancient or good luck symbols. Each player picks its own symbol and then you flip it as a coin to find out who plays first.

  There are 10 Gemstone cubes included with the game and they come in two different stones (5 pieces for each). One gemstone will match with Lucky Coin Necklace and the other one is always going to be Rock Crystal Quartz gemstone which we picked for a reason. Crystal Quartz is a powerful gemstone naturally which is why it is widely used in watches, electronics, jewelry and many other industries due to its frequency qualities. Many ancient and most precious artifacts are made from Crystal Quartz and it speaks for it self. We find that our customers love products made from natural quartz crystals and decided to use it with each set just to keep the spirit and the energy going.

  When you don’t play a game, you may wear your Lucky Coin Necklace as Good Luck Amulet. We love ancient and sacred symbols and you can pick various options available for any taste starting from Animal Totems to Vikings and Tibetan Amulets. Cube crystals will stay in the pouch and will energize both stones naturally. You can carry them with you as your little pocket totems.

  We will work with passion to provide highest quality for the value and your support will get our business back on track. this idea was born out of necessity, but through absolute love to natural gemstones, ancient cultures and passion for creativity:)

  Our goal is $50K for a reason. Most of it will go towards production efforts and the rest will support our business going forward. We offer reasonable price so everyone can afford and enjoy it. We value your support and would greatly appreciate if you may share it with your friends and family,

  We designed this game in such a way so it would be fun and interesting to play for any age group and perfect as conversation starter. It is Double Lucky because you get to pick who plays first and keep cute stones with you for good luck. So, let’s Play? Thanks:) Sincerely, Inka and Mark Gaker.

Double Lucky XO Game in Various Gemstones by BestAmulets Brand
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BestAmulets Brand Unique Double Lucky Chance XO Game