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“The uber for manicures, skincare, cosmetic injectables, men’s cuts, blowouts, massage, and more.”


Business Overview

Executive Summary

Two things have proven over the years to be almost incompatible, particularly due to the current trend in the beauty world, the desire to look nice and the jam-packed schedules of day to day activities of individuals. Measuring on the scale of preference, these activities cannot be substituted for looking good. Looking good is also essential to how people are represented.  These are conflicting interests and in our ever-dynamic world, there is the need to create a platform/medium where people can easily request on-demand for the services of a beautician for their minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, which is why Luxey was established.

Luxey is a beauty service company that will operate from New York City, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach (with the options of scaling out easily), with the aim of offering professional, upscale experience on-demand. ​Over the past few years, the trend in business offering has transformed due to the recent technological advancement in the world. The invention of mobile apps now allows for on-demand services, especially in the beauty industry, the trend of on-demand/home service which affords people to receive beauty services at home, hotel, at work, or any choice of place has simplified this industry immensely.

Our intention of establishing Luxeyis to revolutionize the US beauty industry by leveraging modern technology (mobile app and website) to make upscale beauty services easily accessible at various client locations.

Luxey will be actively involved in the provision of upscale blowouts, makeup applications, massage, skincare injectables, and manicure services by our highly trained professional stylists and aestheticians. Eventually we look to add on more services like: Skincare, Injectibles and massage. Luxey will leverage its user-friendly website and mobile app in promoting its on-demand beauty services to its target market. 

Luxey is a full mobile beauty company dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent mobile services, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price and value relationship. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.

At Luxey, we are passionate in the pursuit of excellence and financial success with uncompromising services and integrity which is why we have decided to start our on-demand beauty business with only professionals and skilled workers; we are in the industry to make a positive mark. We are quite optimistic that our values and quality of service offering will help us drive our business to enviable heights and also help us attract the numbers of clients that will make the business highly profitable. We are a company that will be dedicated to establishing good business relationship with our clients giving them value for their money and reasons for them to hire our services over and over again

Our clients will be treated with utmost priority by the stylists, who will always make sure that they offer customers the best they can get. As a company, we are out to rule our industry, and we are confident in our ability to achieve that.  Asides keeping a well-functioning website to serve our clients, we have also planned to develop an easy navigated app that will enhance our digital visibility.

Mission Statement

Luxey aspires to enhance our client’s natural beauty, confidence and self-worth at any age by delivering effective, high quality, and individualized beauty care, from blowouts, to make-up, and manicures by highly trained providers with expertise and a passion for the beauty industry.

We are out to develop and grow on-demand beauty care services through our online platform. Our core mission is to build an online platform where beauty, comfort, knowledge, and personalized attention, combine to create a totally memorable and rejuvenating experience for both the clients and the service providers.

Vision Statement

Luxey is envisioned towards becoming the first and premier on-demand beauty app to cross both continents by its 5th year of service. We are out to create a platform where people can regularly access on-demand beauty services. Our vision is to deliver convenience as part of a 5-star beauty experience. Our Luxe team is here to combine technology, the power to feel confident, and the inspiration to uplift the people around, hence, we are envisioned towards becoming the leader in the industry, setting the pace for other companies, inspiring other people to become bosses, independent and focused.

We are out to provide treatments and services that accentuate the clients’ natural beauty and enhance confidence and self-worth. At Luxey goal is to put a modern technological twist on how care is delivered with the use of an on-demand mobile app to provide services/treatment that is convenient, readily accessible and high quality.

Business Objectives

  • Our purpose is to build a platform that is solely based on human empowerment and collaboration.
  • Partnering with beauty brands in the industry, and professionals to help pave a way to inspire and realize one’s authentic and highest self
  • To promote self-love and confidence all on their terms
  • To build a solid foundation for the growth of the business
  • Increase the number of clients by 40% over the next 3 years of operations
  • To penetrate the target market
  • To employ professional and friendly staff(s) that will promote the business through a good relationship with customers
  • To run a profitable and sustainable business by increasing revenue while limiting expenses
  • To maintain excellent relationships that enrich and enhance the lives of all those that partner and patronize us.
  • To provide green job opportunity for professionals
  • To ensure a dynamic business structure by continuously seeking improvement, by applying the most advanced technology available and by concentrating investment where it will be the most profitable and enjoy the highest growth potential.
  • To be a good corporate citizen, to contribute where possible to the welfare of society in general, promoting environmental awareness in the workplace and with our work associates, and to adhere to only the highest legal and ethical standards.

Our Core Values

These core values are the pillars to support our Mission Statement. They create the solid foundation, which helps our individual and collective actions:

  • Make a positive difference in every client’s appearance
  • Excellence, Innovation, and Expertise
  • Respectful, honest and authentic
  • Integrity

Among other core values of our company are:

  •  Honesty – We uphold honesty in our services as well as integrity in our business with the purpose to foster full commitment and growth of the business as well as improving the lives of our customers through the offering of quality services. The beauty services seekers can easily trust the profiles of our company.
  •  Continuous Development – Here at Luxey, we are a dynamic company, which continuously seeks areas of innovation and growth. This growth begins at the personal level and sustains into all aspects of the business.
  •  Integrity – We always strive to perform the right thing. Our dedication to the truth is solid, both in words and in actions.
  •  Improvement: We will ensure a regular core safety audit; we also pledge ourselves to our most esteemed clients to promote tactics and practices that will earn us an impeccable image.
  •  Knowledge about Services: we aim to continue to update our knowledge with latest and most professional testing and extraction techniques, and practices that are in compliance with the international industry standards by keenly following the trends in the medical cannabis industry and learning from the best hands in the game.
  •  Highly-trained team of professionals: our company will be built around highly trained and experienced customer service executive, et al. to ensure that we take absolute care of our clients, as it relates to their beauty and serves them the overall best in the industry.
  •  Accountability – A personal choice to escalate above one’s circumstances and perform the ownership essential for achieving key results is to own it, solve it and do it. We will hold ourselves accountable for this keen attention to detail in each of our duty.

Keys to Success

  •  Marketing: our structured strategic marketing plans will be implemented to cover the entire target market. This is essential to maintain the sectors of the target market.
  •  Reputation: Company’s reputation will be built to ensure our continued relevance in the market while we continue to maintain our platform and see to it that issues between the registered stylists and individuals on our app are timeously resolved.
  •  Affordable Price: The prices will be set at the standard rate and will be fixed by the company, and not by the stylist. Once the customers feel the price is not exorbitant for the kind of services they prefer, we are confident that there will be continued patronage.
  •  Excellent Relationship with Customers: This is considered a top priority in our business as the more we maintain an excellent relationship with our customers, the more they would like to use our platform. This will help us to establish a ground for consistent patronage, and unlocking future referrals.
  •  Availability: Luxey app will run every day and throughout each month on our website and app. This will help us to stay relevant and ahead in the market.
  •  Proactive: We will always be proactive and not reactive such that technical issues are anticipated, risks are managed, while the business is quickly solving the problem and gaining ground.